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Beautiful Monroe

Veteran status?

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    Beautiful Monroe

    How long have you had herpes and at what age did you have your first outbreak/diagnosis???

    diagnosed 18

    10 year veteran 

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    Why are u having bad out breaks how old are u now.. Me 42 been having or since I was 19yrs old don' remember how was my first ob

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    Beautiful Monroe

    Im not having bad outbreaks. Tgis is my first in a few years. Im 28 now

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      • Looking4help
        By Looking4help
        Had unprotected vaginal and oral sex Jan 3. Partner was newly infected from separate partner two weeks previous. Partner was not in outbreak when we had sex. 
        One week later, partner had painful lesions on vagina and was officially diagnosed with genital herpes. 
        Took blood test (way too early) which was negative  
        Have no lesions on my genitals. Nor any itching on my genitals. It’s almost 17 days since the unprotected sex. 
        Yet my thighs itch. Inner thigh, but not where my penis touches. Not unbearable but noticeable. Consistent for 3-4 days. No redness, rash, or any other sign of infection, even where it itches. 
        So im confused. Do I have symptoms or no? My thought is no, but I’m ashamed of my behavior and am over thinking everything. 
        Can somebody help me?  
      • Gl182
        By Gl182
        Hi all,
        I was diagnosed with ghsv1 in December and had an awful awful initial outbreak. I have my first date since diagnosis coming up and I’m terrified. I started speaking to the guy before I contracted herpes, and was super flirty with him with plenty of hints that I’d be willing for things to happen on the first date. Now obviously I can’t do that and everything has changed. I’m not handling life too well anymore and have barely left my house but I don’t want to cancel the date as I really like him. Should I disclose on the first date or wait a while?  
        The other issue I’m having is I really DON’T KNOW if I have oral herpes too and it’s driving me crazy. The guy who gave it to me had oral herpes and transmitted to me through oral sex, so surely the fact I also kissed him means it’s highly likely I contracted it in my mouth too? About a week after I first slept with him I got this strange numb feeling on my tongue that hasn’t gone away. It’s been there for over a month and I’m worried it’s a sign of shedding. It kinda feels like when anaesthesia has nearly worn off but you don’t quite have full feeling in your tongue yet. Also I’ve had a lot of red spots above my top lip- but it could just be acne? I don’t usually get acne there though. I’ve added a pic of how they looked and how they’ve faded.
        Does it look like it could be herpes? Because they haven’t blistered, but have been very painful and swollen. My doctor was perplexed by the numb tongue and spots and said he wasn’t sure if it was oral herpes or not, and so to be safe I shouldn’t kiss my date. But what the hell do I say to him after flirting so much if he tries to kiss me and I back away?  
        Any advice would be so appreiciated. I’m feeling so depressed. 

      • Dav19
        By Dav19
        Help , very confused. After my initial breakdown and doctor telling me I have hsv-2 before test results it has now been confirmed that I have ghsv-1. What does this mean for me ?? I can find very little information on the internet about this but can i still give my potential partner herpes if we have sex without oral ??
      • Glitter and Golden
        By Glitter and Golden
        So I just had a dr at urgent care test me for herpes. She looked at my sores and she did a swab test but she said she could tell by looking at it that's what it is... Anyways I'm pretty sure she's right and this isn't a "do I really have herpes?" post. My real question is about the sores.. I have had small cuts usually just one in the same place over and over again. I always thought I scratched it during masturbation or that it just tore but its always in the same place. The reason I got tested was because for the 2nd time in the last few months I had sores. At first I just thought i had clawed myself because the top one was in the same place as the tear and the 2nd one was by my clitoris.  I've been under alot of stress this year so I figured that is why i had this outbreak but i've had the small tears for a long time. I don't remember having any sores ever. I read your first outbreak is the worst so how is it possible that i've never had a full blown outbreak until now??? Or maybe I just dont remember having the first one???
      • Josh11
        By Josh11
        Hey can somebody please help me understand this. I been having a sore throat for like two months now and when I went to the doctor they told me I had swollen tonsils and they didn’t seen to care much since they said  it was a virus. According to them it suppose to go away on it’s own! I’m worry it my be herpes because when everything started two month ago I also had some clear discharge come out of my penis and testicular pain that lasted for 7 days straight! After that the testicular pain came back like two weeks after it went away and lasted also 7 days! 
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