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Arginine Food

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I found a website that will list the Lysine to Arginie Ratio.

I'm assuming that when the ratio is less that 1 that is when the food is a problem and Lysine supplements should be taken if you are going to eat these foods.

Is this correct?

For an example Walnuts are .185 on the scale (BAD) and the highest lysine to arginine ratio is Margerine which is compared at 3.0 (GOOD)

So should I stay away if I can from the foods under 1.0 which mean that they equally have both at a 1.0 and higher?

I'm so confused. Any help please. I was SOOo addicted to popcorn when I was pregnant. Now I understand why I had more problems with my herpes during that time.

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personally i try to stick with foods that are high in lysine and avoid foods high in arginine. i also feel if the amount of lysine versus arginine balances out or even if the food has a slightly higher amount of arginine but has a small portion weight than i find it to be acceptable. if you cant do without certain foods that are high in arginine try and balance them out. for instance i have stopped eating a big bowl of oatmeal for breakfast but instead i have a big bowl of yogurt with granola and [specifically picked] dried fruit mixed in. another example is how i used to drink coffee in the morning but i had to stop after outbreaks even on antivirals continued to happen. so now i drink green tea and yerba mate with acai and goji berries and maybe an apple(for the natural caffiene).

i found it all to be very confusing also but trial and error has worked so far for me...good luck.

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Lysine / Arginine Foods

For anyone following this thread you can find a list of the Lysine / Arginine Ratios in Foods here on our site:

Lysine Food Chart

Hope this helps,


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    • RNY18
      No Western Blot. High positives with both IgG & IgM tests plus symptoms .
    • Quest
      I doubt it is HSV. I agree with them. If anything I would look at other STDs for throat symptoms. Make sure you are clear from everything
    • Laurenhelena
      I went to see clinic and she said they only take a swab if I have blisters. She was very dismissive of everything I said - I heard somewhere that GPS don’t do blood tests anymore for herpes cause it was causing significant mental health problems due to being incurable  I’m ambivalent about blood tests as they don’t seem accurate and whatever answer I get there’s still a part of me that will be unsure and will fuel anxiety   i thought it was difficult to get genital herpes in throat?But the flu like symptoms afterwards was nothing I’ve experienced before and happened the day after. Would this be as serious as genital herpes ?    I just find it hard to sit and wait for any bump on my vagina and it’s all I can think about 
    • Quest
      I think you should search the India thread
    • Quest
      I think you should believe them. Good luck
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