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here are my symptoms


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Hi, 1st time, so here is my quick story. Had encounter w/ girl about 4 months ago. she informed me AFTER that she has HSV2! nice hey? I cut it off, no trust. Now i'm scared! looking, inspecting, suspecting, basically driving myself nuts. no symptoms that i could feel/see for about 6 weeks. then i notice small pearly bumps in pubic hair, PANIC! get to dr. who takes sample, but says they don't appear to be herpetic. test is negative. still paranoid, losing sleep, stressed out. I begin to feel tingling and what i believe is burning sensation in scrotum, inner thigh, and pubic area. dermatologist says molluscum and begins cryo. treatment. no blisters appear yet, but still constant burning/tingling for days to come. after about 11-12 weeks i get Ig test for H1 and H2. results come back negative. still continue to get tingling/burning sensation, almost hot to touch? sometimes a sharp pinch or pinprick feeling in groin area. no blisters yet. it has been 4 months now and about 3 days ago i feel a sharp pinprick feeling just inside urethra. still scared about HSV2. could the molluscum spread inside urethra?? it comes and goes, a pulsing sharp pain that is bearable, no real pain when urinating. this is where i'm at right now, so here are some ?'s.

1. anybody experienced similar symptoms/feelings or know of anybody that has?

2. how often do blisters simply NOT appear?

3. any suggestions/ideas what this could be?

4. anybody had molluscum treatment and felt symptoms from treatment of liquid nitrogen?

5. could this be my body fighting the molluscum virus?

6. what else should i look for?

7. another blood test?

thanks in advance for taking time to read/respond

take care all.

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Did she have an outbreak? Did you use condom?

There is always a chance to be exposed to the virus, even if she didn't have an outbreak or/and you used condom.

But, if she didn't have any symptom, your chance to be infected is 4% each year. (only 4% in a sense) even without condom. (not that I mean you don't have to be careful, .. just statistics) You slept with someone who has HSV-2 doesn't always have to mean you got infected from her.

I don't know anything about molluscum, so I can't answer most of your questions.

But.... Yes, sometimes, or some people don't have visible symptom.

I would wait a little bit more (a month or 2) and take another herpes blood test. There is one which is considered to be the most accurate one, called "western blot". Refer to


Sometimes you get false negative, from the blood test, and lesion culture test. I got false negative when I had initial outbreak.

But also, some people get pain and tingling just by thinking about it too much. Especially when you get those information online, it's easy to get paranoid.

I can't really tell from your description....

But try to relax, wait a little more days, if it gets worse, go see your doctor again. And if you still suspect that it may be herpes, take another blood test. That would be my suggestion.

Please take care..


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Faith, thank-you for your reply and advice/opinion. I will wait a little more and have that second blood test done. The thing about the situation that hurts the most is that i asked her if i needed to be 'concerned' about anything, and she initially said 'no', only to later advise me. i have had blood test done in the past, (i've had very few partners), and they have always been negative.

Richard and MC37, any comments at all as to my questions/concerns.

thanks again anybody else who cared to contribute.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Yes she knew prior to our 'relationship' as she was diagnosed prior and actually showed me the papers to verify. don't get me wrong though, i'm not thinking negatively about ANYBODY who has HSV, i just feel that perhaps this person should/could have been ALOT more honest at the start. oh, by the way, there was unprotected sex a couple times too, that also hurts!

It's a delicate and complicated issue to deal with, however, the bottom line is = if you have a communicable disease of any type, whether it's under control at the moment or not, your person should be advised honestly, especially if they request the information. otherwise it just seems kind of selfish and unfair (and to some extent, evil!!)

I am still waiting to take another test in ~ a months time. western blot if i can get one.

take care all.

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