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need your answer on this please


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13 hours ago, IcantThinkofaName said:

menthol chap sticks actually cause your lips to become more chapped ( as opposed to not using it at all) making one repeatedly use it more and more. Did you know that?

Yes that's why they are addictive.  

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Remember a primary infection means your first of either type 1 or 2. It is more usual to term infection with the other type an initial infection. 70% of people infected with HSV-2 already have HS

Yes, and yes. That's the short answer. Asymptomatic shedding- herpes sheds (spreads) when there are no sores. Presuming you have hsv 2, the chances of your partner getting it from you via oral s

If you had been infected by asymptomatic shedding (lack of sores, but virus is active) then you would of had some kind of outbreak by now. This is always going to be a risk with this partner, and prob

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would you suggest to go through a blood test eventhough I am not showing any symptoms? I'm scared to go thru the test and knowing the result if positive - I have been exposed to it so I feel like it's a big possibility

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no, just want to be very sure that hsv1 only affects the lips and not the tongue? I'm freaking out because I see little cuts on one side of my tongue and tip is red, but no sores. I don't know if it's due to stress because I have been thinkng about it so much or due to drinking alcohol much. Would it grow as pimple-like in the chest too? I have some on the chest.  

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It is possible to have HSV-1 lesions on the tongue although is somewhat rarer than on the lips.

The real question is whether what you see regarding your tongue is an indication that you should be concerned you have oral HSV-1. The answer to that is no.

However wheels seem to be spinning a bit here. Let's slow down and evaluate.

What are you really and simply concerned about right here right now?

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@WilsoInAus - last Thursday I saw a swollen. part of my gum, it was the gum on the inner right side of my cheek. I tried to feel it and was a hard lump under the two teeth, it was not painful. Earlier I had the dentist check it she said that a part of the tooth filling fell out which means there was a hole on the tooth. But was advised by the dentist to have an xray so she can see what it is since it is not painful. As I told you I did oral sex on the guy and he came on my mouth, I am thinking that the cause of the swollen gum would be getting infected because there was a hole in there... although he admitted to only having oral herpes (but I really can't tell for sure). It has been since Dec 26 that I did that to him and I started to see this swollen gum just last week. Another I see this (attached) in the middle of my tongue, like a tear or something, it does not look normal to me.  But when I put something cold, like ice  it would not appear that way.

I am so worried.


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I think your anxiety is running away from you a bit here. There is nothing to indicate a herpes infection. At 12 weeks, obtain a full STD panel requesting HSV explicitly as good practice and a sleep easy for you.

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hi been bothered by this on my tongue. It has been there for almost 2 weeks now, have tried to treat it with baking soda for the past 2 days but still there. Can this be oral herpes? 

I have attached a picture, please check. Thanks.



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Looks much more like an ordinary tongue ulcer to me. Most unlikely spot for a herpes lesion and it wouldn't hang around so long. 

No indication of oral HSV-1 here.

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@WilsoInAus @Scooby2112 ---I have another worry - I have some papule like  growth on my upper chest, scratched it and the scab look like this. Does this look like herpes?  I have pimples on my back but it does not scab like this. Looks like it does not heal. It has grown since Feb 4. IMG_9432.thumb.JPG.fbfc3f54bb015b223c897c60fc4d058f.JPG


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      we should share the photos of our outbreaks after getting the vaccine, if it will cause any
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      As I understand it, if you take it several times it will be different each time.  Its the way the tests works.  Mine were back and forth within that range.  If I take it again  I could be higher or lower but I will be in the positive range.
    • Mark1099
      That's interesting. When you say it was between those numbers, do you mean it climbed slowly, or went back and forth? I'm curious because I had a second test and it came back lower than the first one. It went from 1.60 to 1.21 after 7 weeks.
    • Muscha
      The numbers don't really mean much except whether positive or negative.  Ive had 4 tests within the last 18 months and all were between 1.3 and 1.6 for hsv1. Sometimes the low numbers can be false positive for hsv2 but false positives are less frequent on hsv1.  Im like you.  Im assuming I became positive in my early childhood as I've never had a breakout.  I do think your body gets better at managing the virus as you get older.  Ive even heard of some people seroconverting to a negative result on the test but they still have the virus.  
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