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Post-coldsore itchy rash

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Hi, I had two cold sores on my lips appear about 3 weeks ago. I treated them well with Zovirax creams, aciclovir and lysine tablets and an electric light thing. They cleared up but there is still redness in the area and recently it has been really itchy. I don’t know if I should keep applying/taking the treatment. It’s been a few weeks now and at the moment, the itchiness seems to be getting worse.

Any advice appreciated, thanks.

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There is no harm in keeping on using the cream. The redness is new skin. Think of it as a cut on your knee, as it’s healing it remains itchy. I take lysine daily instead of continuing to use acyclovir. I only use acyclovir the days prior to the cold sore. When you first feel any sort of tingling is when you should be taking the acyclovir. I take it 3 times a day for two days and the cold sore never even comes out!  Try your hardest not to lick or itch the areas. The cream should help with the itchy ness anyway. 

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Sometimes OB area get infected by bacteria like any wound/cut in skin in your body, redness usually caused by your immune system reaction.

Give your body time to heal if it doesn't clear up you should visit a doctor.


Also, i have heard of cases where sometimes when overusing Antiviral creams could case a rash.

Lysine high dosage can cause rash in small percentage of people. 



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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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      Like alot of jobs people keep going even if they are against what they have to do.its money for them and if they don't have an ob or positive blood results they will carry on 
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      Hi guy,  Just diagnosed and trying to move on with my life. Understanding to prevent further outbreak, we would be best to stay actively healthy both mentally and physically.  Due to my nature of work, I am always under pressure. Should I plan on quitting and look for another job that is well suitable for my current condition or is manageable?  :,) 
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      I jus wrote to them, let's wait for the reply 
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      I have no choice, I have tried everything on this planet regarding holistic approach. Nothing work so far. Now I am on Neem, does not work. I just keep trying new things as I go along. I believe some like me actually have a very strong immune system (have not been sick since I can remember, maybe 9-10 years) but my immune system does not recognise my HSV, so it just does what it wants, thats why the continuous OB's.  Don't think about ending life, life is to priceless. This is not cancer. Try to date a guy who have it as well, then there would be something you could fight together.
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      One of the best gurus There are a few who have been diagnosed in here. You can get any of his books used. I think the Fibromyalgia Solution is best. Only 45 % of people have nerve pain.  If not for you maybe it will serve someone else! Don't overwhelm self and get in a group if it doesn't weigh you down  

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