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Mandatory STD testing and cards


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It should become a global law that people get tested for STD’s on a regular basis and have their cards updated.

Anytime people become intimate they should need Share the info with the potential partner.

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Yes and if anyone tests positive for anything they should be taken away in the lorry for ‘reducation’.

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Not at all but the other party could then make an informed decision. Sounds perfectly reasonable.

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But what proportion of the world can afford testing after every time they have sex?

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I don’t know but it could be offset by less treatment needed.

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    • tbell718
      By tbell718
      I just found out I'm positive for HSV 2 after having my yearly check up, never had a noticeable outbreak..  A week before I was tested I had unprotected sex.  I told him right away (very hard to do) and he got tested about 2 weeks after the "event".  His results are positive via blood test, he didn't ask which test or the actual numbers.  He has no symptoms and it's been about 3 weeks now.  Everything I'm reading says the antibodies don't show up right away, so now I'm thinking he might have already had it.  Does anyone have any experience with a positive test so soon?  My mind won't let me stop thinking that he is lying (or really didn't know he already had it) and I'm taking all the blame, willingly at that.
    • Jay2255
      By Jay2255
      Current testing is:
      1. PCR of sores.
      2. Blood tests.
      3. PCR of CSF.
      why don’t they have testing of that can detect shedding virion? Something that changes color when hsv is detected.
      surely something like that is possible. It would make detection easier and allow people to self test.
    • McDuck
      By McDuck
      We all know that in theory it usually takes 12-16 weeks (sometimes up to 24 weeks) to get positive IGG blood test for HSV2.
      What are your personal experiences of testing positive for HSV2, i.e. time since exposure? And IGG score?
      Can you also state if you had HSV1 (oral or genital) and took any Antivirals prior to IGG testing?
    • Carmen Jones
      By Carmen Jones
      Long story short, back in July I had sex with my boyfriend for the first time. A few days later I fell sick for a total of about 3 weeks(fever, chills,sore throat). During that time, my tonsils were covered in a puss like substance and my doctors were convinced I had a severe case of tonsilitis. They prescribed  and antibiotic and eventually it went away. I went to get tested just in case and my IGM came back positive...bummer. Doctors were no help. I was told "If I had to guess I'd say genital, but it doesn't matter because it all gets treated the same." So I'm not sure whether it's HSV-1 or -2. Fast forward to September, I don't feel sick but I notice the puss is back in the back of my throat. I go back to the doctor and this time they swab my throat. (I should mention I hadn't had a swab test yet because I've never had lesions.) The swab test comes back negative for HSV-1 and -2. When I go back to the doctor to request an IGG, they're telling me the test really doesn't matter, but from what I've been reading, it does. Before having sex with my boyfriend, I never had issues with my tonsils. Is it possible the virus could be presenting itself in another way considering I don't get "traditional" outbreaks? Should I assume I have genital and leave it alone? 
    • NervousNellie
      By NervousNellie
      I've seen multiple doctors over what was originally diagnosed as a staph infection. I've been treating this recurrent issue as a staph infection for over a year now, each doctor tested me for herpes due to obvious sores, but I was not diagnosed with herpes until just last week after knicking myself shaving and thinking I yet again had staph...a viral culture swag comes back positive for herpes. What I'm posting is 2 photos of the first time this ever happened last year, next to the most recent outbreak and asking if it looks consistent with herpes, and how on earth did other doctors miss that throwing every test in the book at it? Have I been treating the wrong thing this whole time? I'm just wondering if anyone else has similar diagnosis stories of multiple outbreaks with negative tests or if anyone even thinks this is what my most recent test claims it is after multiple other virus cultures on far more serious lesions. If you can tell in the first 2 photos it was far more painful and serious that time than the most recent one in the third photo. They definitely had material to sample there how could so many tests be wrong?

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