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Anyone had Elsberg Syndrome with their herpes?

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Hi there,

I'm looking for anyone who developed Elsberg syndrome from their herpes.   I was diagnosed with HSV2 3 weeks ago....had lesions and all the discomfort that goes with those and developed a bad fever.  Then I started to go numb around my genital area and around my anus and buttocks (apparently called saddle anaesthesia)  I started to get really bad pain in my right buttock...excrutiating...couldnt sit down or lie down.    Doctors gave everything they could...i was on codeine, tramadol, high dose ibuprofen and paracetamol.  Finally i could sleep.  Then one morning i woke up and couldnt pee...pain in my bladder and kidney got worse and worse...went to doctor..i was in acute urinary retention and had to get a catheta fitted.  the doctors contacted a specialist and I have a complication from herpes called Elsberg Syndrome.  So after 2 and half weeks things started to return to normal. You know what, it was hellish...but thankfully short lived and with good pain medication you just get through it.

It's 3 weeks since my lesions developed...the numbness is going and I don't have the nerve pain.  all going well.  then I woke up this morning and I have a new lesion.  I've started my antiviral, but feel really down.  what's going to happen now?  is this a recurrence? Anyone had a recurrence after having Ellsberg syndrome? Did you get nerve pain again? Did the numbness go away?

I'm trying to not stress and think positively.  i feel i need more information so I know what I'm in for and can mentally prepare. Can anyone help?

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I'm so sorry to hear you went through this, I am new to this and just over my first outbreak, it was horrible but doesn't sound near as and as what you went through, thank god for meds.  My outbreak just started with a sore throat and fever and what I thought was just a bad yeast infection from the anti biotic that I self prescribed but them saw sores and knew it wasn't something worse.  It was so painful to pee I had to either got in the tub or shower and sitting was extremely painful as was turning over in bed or have anything touching the clit.  Now I a so afraid of another outbreak but what I hear is the first is always the worse, I am hoping that is true and I was just in Mexico and picked up some anti viral meds but hope I don't need them.

Good luck to you, I am glad I found this site, although its kind of difficult to navigate, but getting more informed and knowing how common it is is both helpful but scary and why isn't there  a cure??




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Hi Lolita!

Thanks for your reply, it's really nice to share with someone, already makes me feel better.  Yeah first outbreak was so horrible and then you start worrying about the next ones.   I've taken my antiviral tablets and so far I have only a few small lesions...i have my fingers crossed.  on the painful peeing...i got Ural powder...its for UTI  and makes your pee less acidic...really makes a difference. You just dissolve it in water.  I also got a gel that acts like a local anesthetic, numbed the area..lidocaineor something like That .  That was amazing! took the edge off the pain for the first few days.  So far, my second OB has been ok, fingers crossed.  after the bad luck of the first one, maybe my luck is due.  I think we are over the worse part, things will get better :))

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Thanks so much Feisty, yeah this is so much more helpful than the doctors, I asked 2 drs  for something to help with that pain and all they did was give me narcotics, and you wonder why we have an opiod problem?  I have been looking online on sites and have heard several people talk about Oil of Oregano and Olive leaf extract, so I ordered some on Amazon today.  I also was just in Mexico and bought some anti virus meds, but would rather do a natural approach, I haven't taken any since all my symptoms are gone, I took the anti meds the doctor gave me and that took care of it, just afraid for another outbreak, but have heard they get better, thank god, I will keep the pain meds for if they do come back.  

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    • Jesusislove777
      By Jesusislove777
      I was diagnosed with hsv1&2 earlier this year. I was prescribed 1g of valtrex (valacyclovir) a day for suppressive therapy.  Valtrex helps greatly with my symtoms, but I recently had to leave my job for health reasons and will no longer have health insurance to get prescribed valtrex. 
      Does anyone know where I can purchase valtrex (valacyclovir) online without a prescription?
    • HSV2sucks
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      I am experiencing a lot of nerve pain, numbness, shooting pain, back pain, leg pain, pain in my butt cheeks... and I found some studies on nerve pain & HSV... 
    • Freefalling87
      By Freefalling87
      I contracted the virus anally 2 years ago without a primary outbreak, just the fever like symtpoms. Only had my first visible outbreak 4 months later and took valtrex for a few days. Only afyerni was done with the meds, that's when the nerve pain started. Ever since then, I never used any meds again and only have a small red dot outbreaks in my inner left and right thighs near my dick. 
      However, the nerve pain is constant on my left inner thigh in the crease and it sometimes moves to the head and shaft (nerve tingly pain). This pain has been constant for 2 years. Just wondering if I'm the only one with this problem, but are there any guys who have constant nerve pain from hsv2? 
    • CookieSC
      By CookieSC
      I am GHSV2 positive with a full credential--an unequivocal and indisputable blood test with lots of little antibodies in it.  I even obtained an advanced degree--a biopsy of the first OB. I've had this nervous system infection for several years...yes, nervous system infection...not a dermatologic infection. It is a widely known fact that GHSV2 resides in the sacral ganglia.  Pesky things, them facts!!! 

      My first OB presented with all the bells and whistles...and sirens.  Now, I rarely get OBs.  By rarely, I mean that I can go a couple of years or more without one.  However, I do frequently suffer from the same identical sacral nerve pain that I experienced when I had my first OB.  I did not experience this type of pain prior to being exposed to HSV2.   There are two reasons I use Valacyclovir, but I do not take it every day.  1. I want to decrease the likelihood of giving HSV2 to my significant other (I don't medicate daily because it was a LDR) and/or 2. I am in a lot of sacral nerve pain and I don't want to wait it out.  In my case, whether or not I use Valacyclovir, I rarely have an OB...I just have nerve pain.  The nerve pain is alleviated by taking Valacyclovir.  It's like prodrome nerve pain, but without the blisters.  Does anyone doubt what I am experiencing as being HSV2 related?  If so, please explain why.  Make sure you have done significant research and are able to post charts and graphs and multiple sources to back up your statements...because this shit's real 😤 
    • morty1234
      By morty1234
      I have noticed that most people who suffering of daily nerves pain are mainly male and have mediteranean background: turc, arabic, spanish, jew, (indian, pakistanese are obviously not mediteranean but they might have some ancestor ).. It's also my case.
      I want to confirm this hypothesis. Among people suffering of nerves pain, can you post if you are/are not with mediteranean background?
      It could be interesting to understand the virus and adapt a cure for us.
      Thank you
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    • Lucy29
      @CHT I am not sure what country you are in but I am in the U.K. and they don’t do blood tests for HSV at the standard sexual health clinics maybe at private ones where you have pay they do.   What would checking my anti bodies confirm ? And she didn’t swab the area as she said there was nothing to swab and no lesions but I am sure there was. She seemed quite inexperienced.  I have had an lesion swabbed years  ago  to confirm HSV2 but no swabs  since.  I would like  to know if they are HSV or my excema as I never know which is which so I just don’t have sex when I get these feelings as I don’t know if I’m having a Outbreak.  I will have a look at the link thanks. I wouldn’t want to go on the implant again as I don’t want 3 years of birth  control in my arm. I may consider the mini pill which is the same hormone as the implant as I can easily stop this it I have a bad reaction. I have an appointment with a specialist at the sexual health clinic next week 
    • WilsoInAus
      Hey @PlainJane what a thoroughly nasty piece of work! Im afraid it is the waiting game for you, having said that, there seems very little reason for you to suspect herpes.
    • PlainJane
      @WilsoInAus Thank you so much for the reply! You did before I even asked lol. I really didn’t want to talk to her about it. The last time we had spoken she was really mean and nasty to me. Threatening to beat me up because she was drunk. I don’t want her going around telling people I asked her if she has herpes because I have it. Which she absolutely will. Or she does and then I will be her scape goat for her to tell people I’m the one who gave it to her. I guess it’ll be a waiting game to get blood work to confirm or deny the presence of HSV2 antibodies. 
    • WilsoInAus
      Hello @PlainJane I think I recall your partner's post and would suggest that what he had as revealed in the photos was almost certainly not herpes - and reaffirmed above! The first thing to note is that you cannot be infected with HSV-1 and then test at a level 43.5 a total of 9 days after the incident. That's not how your body works. It would takes several weeks and possibly months to reach that level. Undoubtedly the HSV-1 infection is old and highly likely an oral infection from your childhood. The next thing to note is that toys or any object are not a great way of transferring herpes. Typically the rubbing of the skin area that is shedding the virus against the recipient's skin is needed. Transfer any other way is somewhere between infeasible to impossible. Your pictures do not look like herpes to me in favour of folliculitis - your partner's thigh shots are almost certainly folliculitis. Also note that this female friend must have HSV-2 for this to even warrant the vaguest notion of herpes being a cause. Can you ask her? If she does have HSV-2, then you will need a 12-16 week IgG test in order to have a conclusive answer (with a strong expectation of negative).
    • PlainJane
      @WilsoInAus Could you review this? You replied previously on my boyfriends post of his butt rash. I guess all I can really do is find a facility who will swab when I have a suspecting bump, since my doctor won’t for some reason and then redo the blood test for HSV2 since it’s now been 4 weeks since possible exposure. 
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