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Who else have had a hope that our scientist ll bring the cure within 7-10 yrs from now..!!!!

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I will honestly say there will probably never be a 100% cure for those already infected but there will be better represssive therapies or those to stop replication entirely.

The only “cures” are celibacy, monogamy and death.

I will say that there needs to be MUCH MUCH better education for people and doctors globally. 99% of doctors have no clue about herpes. It is just too complex of a thing and it is infecting and replicating in a complex organism (us!).

There will however likely be an effective preventative vaccine in the next 10-20 years I’m sure. Hopefully one that covers all 8 herpes viruses.


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    • Jimmyjimmyhuapua
      By Jimmyjimmyhuapua
      Why we are only looking for local herpsters ? I think we can have it from distance as well for a while
    • Jimmyjimmyhuapua
      By Jimmyjimmyhuapua
      One more good research on herpes. I hope soon one of these studies will be available as a product to help us.
    • Jimmyjimmyhuapua
      By Jimmyjimmyhuapua
      Yeah rational vax will have more trouble.. 
    • Jimmyjimmyhuapua
      By Jimmyjimmyhuapua
      Are you getting tested for other stds’s after your herpes diagnosis, all news that we read on internet says about we need to make sure that we dont have other std’s too, my doctor only diagnosed me virtually didnt take swab or didnt make blood test plus she didnt even ask me to get tested for other std’s. My suggestion to you is to get tested for other stds too. Because doctors may not mind this but other stds can lay dormant in body for years and in future can cause more serious problems.
      ı tested for hiv, hepatitis and syphilis all were negative and my igg was also 1.9 which is low positive. 
    • cracked
      By cracked
      Here is some very valuable information by Dr. Halford in the past about people that are asymptomatic vs those with symptoms I saw. Thanks to someone else’s post elsewhere:
      “ The difference between an asymptomatic HSV-2 infection versus a disease-causing HSV-2 infection largely reduces to the duration of HSV-2 replication and/or spread following a primary infection. Asymptomatic HSV-2 infections may be thought of as lasting for 2 – 4 days, and may lead to seeding of <100 peripheral nerve fibers with 1 to 50 copies of HSV-2 DNA per latently infected neuron. While this is still a “life-long, latent HSV-2 infection,” in quantitative terms this might represent less than 1% of the latent HSV-2 DNA load that exists in persons who experience disease-causing, primary HSV-2 infections that progress to recurrent genital herpes. By contrast, a disease-causing, primary HSV-2 infection might last 7 – 21 days, thus allowing far greater HSV-2 viral amplification and seeding of the peripheral nervous system. Such a latent HSV-2 infection might seed 1000s of peripheral nerve fibers (coming off the lower backbone) with 100s of copies of HSV-2 DNA per latently infected neuron. This >100-fold increase in the size of the reservoir of latent HSV-2 DNA is what places who people who experience symptomatic, primary HSV-2 infections at a >100-fold higher risk for a lifetime of recurrences of genital herpes relative to people whose first encounter with HSV-2 causes only an asymptomatic infection.
      (3) The idea of a preventative HSV-2 vaccine is simple. In an unvaccinated population, 80% of people infected with wild-type HSV-2 will have no symptoms, whereas 5% of HSV-2 infected persons will fail to initially control the primary infection, and thus will be placed at risk for a lifetime of episodic recurrences of HSV-2 genital herpes. In contrast, in a population of individuals vaccinated with an effective HSV-2 vaccine (vaccinated before onset of sexual activity), essentially 100% of people would experience only asymptomatic infections, which last for 2 – 4 days, if exposed to wild-type HSV-2 later in life; this would be insufficient to produce the symptoms of genital herpes. Importantly, the load of latent, wild-type HSV-2 DNA in such persons would be too low to support recurrent genital herpes. Thus, an effective HSV-2 vaccine would prevent both primary and recurrent genital herpes caused by HSV-2, and would likewise prevent the downstream consequences of neonatal herpes and enhanced risk of HIV infection.”
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