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Hello my boyfriend and I stop having sex he feels like he can’t have sex with my the way he wants.  We doesn’t have herpes but I do we use condoms he hates them and he wants to give me oral but feels he can’t.  Any suggestions on how to keep our sex life going. 

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What type of herpes do you have? Do you get outbreaks often? Do you take antivirals?

I've got a lot to say, but not sure you'll like it - he is not being reasonable or fair in projecting his insecurities into restrictions on your sexual enjoyment.

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Anything you guys do there's going to be risk on his part. Oral, vaginal, protected, unprotected, antivirals or not, outbreaks or not there is always going to be a risk. He might have already gotten it from you and doesn't have symptoms. It's a tricky virus. What I think you may want to do. Is get him tested. See if he's infected. If he has hsv2 then you may not need condoms. But let's say he doesn't have any form of hsv. If he can't have sex with you. You should sit down and talk about it. What he's comfortable with, what you are comfortable with. If you can't come to some middle ground it may be best to break up. This just an opinion and that's all. But you should let him know that no matter what preventative measures you take there's no guarantees. If he cannot live with that than it may be the right thing to separate. It doesn't mean he doesn't love you or that he's shallow. And it doesn't mean you aren't a valuable person. Give it a go. Best of luck.

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only have sex when feeling 100 percent ..  but if ya not staying together use safe sex . he thank you in the future. haha .  gotta put a ring on it to take off the rubber . haha .  you healthy as a ox probably kay .. this isnt long term no . maybe he has a worse disease . haha / ignorant to possible nightmare  . you usually are if healthy you can't even imagine . .

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I think you just need to tell him this is part of you and if he really loves all of you he needs to change his way of thinking ASAP, because as one of the posters said there are no guarantees.  If he likes to please you get a vibrator and show him what you like then let him use it on  you, its not oral, but he can make it fun. Put the condom on him and make that fun since he hates them. Get some dental dams and try those,so he can give you oral,during the HIV/AIDS they came out ,so they may be a lot better now. He has fingers and you both have hands so use them[lol].I think you just have to use your imagination to keep it interesting and the main thing is he has to want to be into doing things differently now. . 

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Yes, we were. My last relationship was 12 years. If either of us had an outbreak, we would not have any contact. In the beginning I used condoms but she didn't like them. I only get cold sores from cold or flu. Genital OB's from severe stress.

The  guy that posted about Moringa seeds had good info. I will be trying that.

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    • hk81
      we should share the photos of our outbreaks after getting the vaccine, if it will cause any
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    • Muscha
      As I understand it, if you take it several times it will be different each time.  Its the way the tests works.  Mine were back and forth within that range.  If I take it again  I could be higher or lower but I will be in the positive range.
    • Mark1099
      That's interesting. When you say it was between those numbers, do you mean it climbed slowly, or went back and forth? I'm curious because I had a second test and it came back lower than the first one. It went from 1.60 to 1.21 after 7 weeks.
    • Muscha
      The numbers don't really mean much except whether positive or negative.  Ive had 4 tests within the last 18 months and all were between 1.3 and 1.6 for hsv1. Sometimes the low numbers can be false positive for hsv2 but false positives are less frequent on hsv1.  Im like you.  Im assuming I became positive in my early childhood as I've never had a breakout.  I do think your body gets better at managing the virus as you get older.  Ive even heard of some people seroconverting to a negative result on the test but they still have the virus.  
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