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It seems like herpes is rather common in the LA/Hollywood scene. I just read a post by TMZ that herpes outbreaks increased during this Oscars weekend and during All Star Weekend. I have been hearing for a couple if years now that genital herpes is very common amongst celebrities, I have even read that it is a right of passage (I don't believe that, though). 

No celebrity is coming right out and saying they have it, but do you think if this information continues to come out that the stigma around Herpes will change??


The Oscars are in full swing, but the award show isn't just bringing out gold statues and celebs in Hollywood ... herpes are also running amok. 

According to a rep from HerpAlert -- an online diagnosis and treatment website for the STD -- there's been a spike in folks looking to get treated for herpes this weekend ... which just so happens to fall in line with the 90th annual Academy Awards.

HerpAlert's been in business since last summer, with doctors issuing prescriptions to pharmacies after people submit photos of their herpes and they're reviewed. The turnaround time is about 2 hours.

We're told that that the site has seen a huge surge in folks seeking prescriptions for herpes over the past 72 hours ... a whopping 60 cases a day since Friday in the Hollywood and Bev Hills neighborhoods compared to their usual 10-case a day load.

Sources say the the submissions so far have been 80 percent genital herpes. The last spike HerpAlert saw was during NBA All-Star weekend last month, when they got about 30 cases a day from people requesting prescriptions in the L.A. area.

Don't have too much fun, everyone."

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I know lots of celebrities do have it and there’s been proof. Police findings Valtrex in Paris Hilton’s purse, people have seen Britney Spears getting Valtrex at a pharmacy I believe. Not to mention the whole Eric Jeter thing where he’s slept with everyone from Scarlet Johansen, Jessica Biel (married to JT), Jessica Alba... a huge tangled web. And who knows if all of them really do have it!

I remember reading somewhere that many many porn stars have herpes. They treat it as no big deal and as you said a right of passage.


For some reason when I read about celebrities having herpes it makes me feel better. Like oh these people really can still be successful and happy and even get married.

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