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As the title suggested the doctor diagnosis me based on symptoms I described and seeing the blisters. It's first time I've ever had an outbreak. It's left me very severe flu-like symptoms and antivirals haven't stopped the multiplying of the blisters, so needless to say I have not really been up to asking my doctor about confirming with a blood test or if that's even important? She never scheduled one or talked about one. I didn't think to ask. I was going through a huge emotional ringer soon as she confirmed my fear it was herpes and my main concern at the moment was about treatment, what I could do about the symptoms, how is it spread, how to protect my spouse, potential future family planning and more pressing in the moment questions.

Is the diagnosis by looking at the outbreak a common theme? Does confirmation with a blood test matter? Why does it matter if it does? Can I just leave it be without confirmation as in I'll take my antivirals and protect my spouse best I can? I'm pretty confident what it is. My rapist ex was diagnosed with herpes and so was his mistress-turned-girlfriend at the same time, so high possibility that's where I got it from and what it is. My current spouse's my only sexual partner and we'd been intimate before I knew about my ex's diagnosis.. my ex wasn't forthcoming at first and with a restraining order that's kind of awkward/criminal situation. I'm not so much upset I wasn't told about it until after it was lifted by the court. It's possible he didn't know he had herpes until his outbreak, which was after I left him. I'm more upset it came from him. And the outbreak is so painful it reminds me of getting raped and starts all the mental and emotional issues all over again. Social anxiety, depression, ptsd, and other issues I have aren't enough. Gotta add herpes to go with it! I don't want sympathy or sorry. If you have a #metoo you aren't alone. If you got herpes because of a #metoo you aren't alone. I am disclosing that just to make it clear I have zero doubts about my diagnosis. So, the question is more like what is a blood test confirmation going to do for me? 

If you're curious.. my spouse isn't in any hurry to be tested. He suspects it's possible he already has it and the signs were missed. I could've given it to him asymptomatically. He'd get this friction burn since a few months after our marriage/active sex life and he did have it looked at and the doctor suggested it was a friction burn, but the frequency of it happening does hint it could've been mild case of herpes. He says he'll get it looked at if it happens again. He gets infected hair follicles a lot. He's a very hairy guy and overheats and works in dirty jobs and doesn't have access to a shower 3 days out of the week sometimes, so it's possible the blisters were confused for infected hair follicles. He does go to the doctor frequently for ointments and such for that. So, not like he was careless or anything. He knew about my rape and risks well before we were together. But now knowing I have herpes for sure it makes it look different. I did get tested for STDs after I left my ex with the whole rape situation and again after he was diagnosed. It was in one of those free clinic situations. And my current doctor is full insurance and the works informs me that unless you specifically request it they often don't test for herpes. Great.... My experience since I only sleep with who I'm deeply committed to STD screening wasn't a big part of my life.. I had no idea! I'd get screened without insult before new relationships and would anytime asked without judgement or blame. I thought screening was like part of sexual health and it was all inclusive. I treated it like getting a pap smear.. low chance of me having cervical cancer, but good to know. Low chance of me having STDs, but good to know. I went in and told them I wanted the full work up and the herpes my ex had. They said they'd call me if there was a problem. They never called, but I don't like that system so I called and asked. They told me everything was negative and I'm good to go. I never looked at the read out for what they tested for. It was never given to me. My sexual education was abstinence only. I was told condoms were 90% effective against STDs. Being committed relationship I knew there was risk, but thought it was low. My ex I knew since we were kids. He seemed to love me and always want to be in my presence to a point he lost some friends out of the deal, so cheating didn't come to mind. He joined the military and they do their own screenings so I assumed.... I had no idea. And with rape and shortly after that learning about the mistress... I just wanted to move on with my life. I wanted to close that ugly chapter and build a new life. 

So, clearly there is a lot about things I don't know. I'm basically here to unlearn everything that is false and work with what is reality. Soon as I do I'm going to be one of those annoying people that talk about my herpes and STD screenings and educate anyone willing to listen because our sexual education is abysmal.

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To start off, wow what a read. 

I had a scare and symptoms recently and have literally read everything there is to read about Herpes. It’s literally like I have a problem or something. Visual diagnosis without hard facts (IE without receiving blood tests containing IGG specific or PCR swab) is like playing Russian roulette with a stigma that is 99.9% times worse than the skin condition itself.  Hsv is more mental than anything.

To answer your question that was not the way to do it and don’t be set on the answer you have received. 

If you received oral, it could be Genital Hsv1 and that will most likely be your last outbreak. And if you ever got cold sores as a kid hsv1 testing is basically irrelevant as a blood test would not even determine the pinpoint of infection, (oral or genital). Your best best would be to just get a PCR swab or igg specific blood test you’re really that concerned. And disregard the visual diagnosis, it’s 2018 the days of guessing what STI’s you caught are over. Also if it was Herpes the anti vitals would have stopped viral replication, not get more blisters. 

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It is a great idea to confirm with testing. Even the most experienced expert cannot be more than 75% accurate in a visual diagnosis. This is because every symptom is shared with other conditions. 

Swab is best, although a blood test should tell you most of what you need to know.

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      I'm not that well versed in HPV but HPV eventually is cleared by the body on its own.  A vaccine does exist which helps immunize against certain strains of HPV (not all of them), but will not treat HPV for those who already have it.  Everyone, male and female, who is eligible should get the Gardasil vaccine. If a new vaccine exists to treat HPV that's great, but I'm doubtful based on a quick Google search.
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      I am new to all of this. My girlfriend has been told by a docter she has Human Papillomavirus (HP) and that in Mexico they have a cure they just develop, I guess a month or so ago Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine , have anyone heard of this. It is a lot on the internet about it. But I don't know how much I trust it.. Thank you AMM

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