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Genital HSV1 is all stigma. Worth a read.

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I’ve been reading a lot on this forum and have found there is a lot of GHSV1 infections and people absolutely freaking out.  This is why it’s not even a significant problem worth worrying about. 

3/4 of people at some point or 90% of the population has HSV1 orally, the strain that likes the mouth and asymptomatically sheds quite frequently, almost 9X fold the amount GHSV1 sheds. And everyone runs around kissing everyone and adding to the Herpes stigma calling their problem ‘just a fever blister’ and are running around poking fun and cracking jokes at someone with the same strain as them genitally.  Yet theoretically speaking having HSV1 orally is actually much worse than genetally.  Ideally speaking if you were to date someone with GHSV1 or oral HSV1, the chances of catching the disease from the orally infected individual would be 9X more likely. Yet those people running around orally not disclosing anything saying they’re ‘clean would be more significant than a Genital case. 

I have yet yet to see something on the internet that was proven where a GHSV1 to GHSV1 transmission occurred. It’s always oral to Genital. Life is too damn short, stop stressing out, keep your minds clear and I promise there’s much worse things you should be worrying about in the world. Go have a glass of wine or beer, breathe you’re going to be okay. 

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