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Asymptomatic shedding with ZERO symptoms?

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Hi y'all,

I've read slightly conflicting information on what is to expect with asymptomatic shedding, some clarification would be appreciated.

Asymptomatic viral shedding refers to silent viral shedding, shedding of the virus that is not accompanied by visible sores, lesions or rashes of any kind. Basically, there's no visible symptom but the virus is present and infectious.

However, I've read that if you are in tune with your body there are non-visible symptoms that accompany asymptomatic shedding:  tingles, quick sharp pain, numbness, and perhaps, more importantly, fatigue, flu-like symptoms, irritability or mild depression. I say more importantly because unlike pain or tingles, these are symptoms that are even less directly relatable to visual symptoms like lesions.

So my question is: is there viral shedding with ZERO symptoms. Meaning no tingles, no fatigue, nothing. I'm feeling 100% but am silently shedding.

Before my first outbreak, I had very clear symptoms: I was very flu-ish, had a lack of focus and fell asleep during the day. I've also had some fatigue which I associate with medication. Now, a week after, I think I might be experiencing the aftermath, that extra week of shedding that continues after the outbreak. I'd be glad if that's the case because it would help me know what's going on. 

My primary concern is related to the future: when I do feel 100% in a week or two, will that mean I'm not shedding or can I be shedding with absolutely no symptoms. 

I understand that this might be different for everybody... so the more the merrier I guess :)



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Yes it is possible to be shedding with no feeling or knowledge. I am not aware of research though that might suggest there is a correlation between the heavier the shedding the greater the chance of experiencing some feeling. 

I think it is best to assume shedding can occur anytime but very few instances of shedding equal infectiousness.

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    • blurneworder
      Your symptoms and photos match exactly what I've been dealing with on and off since October 2018 after I had a a really bad flu that brought about tingling on my lips.  I eventually tested positive fro HSV1 months later, but I don't know where on my body it is.
    • WilsoInAus
      @CheekyMunkey there is absolutely no way you, me or anyone has any chance of diagnosing what issues inside the mouth might be. There are simply too many issues that create similar looking outcomes. All I can say is that issues inside the mouth are way, way less likely to be related to herpes compared to if you were having issues on the lips.
    • CheekyMunkey
      Hi mate.  Thank you for responding. I do feel better but I think the oral might be the issue. I was looking at my tongue and it looks white. Well whiter than normal. Also about 3 days ago I had a really sharp pain in my tongue which lasted like seconds. Later in the day when I saw it it had like a line cut into it. Is it a lesion? I have no pain in my tongue at all, no fluid filled sores but I noticed that Its shape isn't right. Like a bits missing on the tip of the right hand side. I've added two pics. It looks whiter in the pics then it actually is but I noticed red dots all down near the tip. Could that be something? Herpes? Also, where the tongue goes out of shape there is nothing on that side. I did burn my mouth on some pizza on the day I felt that sharp pain so not sure if that's got something to do with it.  https://ibb.co/zhphnMD https://ibb.co/G0pPRLh Thanks in advance.
    • RNY18
      Personally, I'm still wondering how likely is it China will cure HSV before the States does ?...
    • WilsoInAus
      I’m sorry your still angry, but drop the relationship with the Jay profiles and you will feel much better about life, I promise.
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