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Ohsv1 primary?

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I’m sorry this is gonna be long, I’ll try not to ramble. On feb 12 I had my first ohsv1 outbreak. I’ve been in a suuuuuper stressful situation since October (which is almost over). Starting at Christmas I was having regular panic attacks that led to (what I presume to be) hives all over my neck, that lasted about 6 weeks. No marks just angry, red, itchy skin all over my neck, cleared up with hydrocortisone cream finally. Then I got that horrible flu that was going around, tested positive for influenza b, took 17 days to feel normal again. So clearly my immune system is shot at this point plus I’m eating like crap and not working out bc I was in a bad place emotionally.

Now to the good stuff. I had what I thought was a pimple near, but not on, the corner of my mouth. Naturally, I picked it to hell and back trying to pop it. Doesn’t pop, eventually scabs a bit annnnnd I picked at the scab. Big. Big mistake. With in an hour I felt like barfing and just totally off, with in 5 hours lymph nodes I didn’t even know existed before then in my face and directly under chin swole up so hard my whole face looked distorted. Then then burning and the blistering. A cluster about the size of a dime spreads from my lip outward. Owwwwwww. Omg.  Everything I put on it made it worse...

Eventually it scabs, scabs come off and now I have a red indentation left behind, definitely going to scar. One month since initial outbreak and I still feel electrical shocks in my upper lip near the site of the sore and some buzzing in my face and in the back of my skull. This sucks. It’s worse at night and keeps me up at night. Does this get better!? 

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Thank you! I’m not too surprised or upset at the infection itself, But the electrical zaps feel like ants marching across my face which makes me suspect the virus is still active to some degree and maybe contagious still? And hoping I can combat this scar as well. That’s life though....being human is bizarre 

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Mountain Man

I hated the feeling of it marching across my face.  It drove me nuts.  But it goes away.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • medicalanonymo
      By medicalanonymo
      Senior members,
      I found this interesting post on Terri Warren's site of hsv1 transmission with an existing and established hsv1 infection.
      Anyone know this expert Deborah Gold and whats you take on it.  Terri Warren's response is at the bottom.
      In July of 2016, I asked you the following question and you replied as follows:
      ME: If my partner is Oral HSV-1 +, can I give him Genital HSV-1 + through vaginal sex?
      YOU: I have seen this only once in 33 years – very very unusual
      I am now with Kaiser and asked them the same question and received this reply:
      I am one of the Infectious Diseases physicians. My fellowship training was in herpes family viruses.
      Individuals who have preexisting antibody to HSV 1 can acquire HSV 1 genital infection. That is common. Having preexisting HSV 1 antibody does not protect from acquisition of genital HSV 1 infection.
      Deborah Gold MD, FIDSA
      Chief, Infectious Diseases
      Your version is backed up on all of the other research that I have done, but I’m now confused since this doctor is an “expert”. IF my partner has had a cold sore, I assume he is HSV1+ and therefore unlikely to get HSV1 Genital from me. I am HSV1G +. I have been telling partners that this is fact.
      Terri Warren Response:
      Her report has not been my experience. As I mentioned, it is possible but I have see it or heard of it only rarely. I can’t provide you with certainty about this I can only provide you with the general opinion on this topic among herpes experts. One thing you might consider is asking her for her research citation on this topic?
    • eitak90
      By eitak90
      Hi everyone,
      I'm new to the site and my official DX of HSV II was on 7/5/17. I'm curious how many of you realized something was wrong down there before you went and got tested. I'm also curious of the symptoms you experienced before your primary OB. 
      For me, I had the: 
      body aches fatigue  generally all of the flu-like symptoms, but chalked it up as my period and being tired from working in a hospital. Then I realized I had two spots that were uncomfortable so I went against nurse practitioners orders to "just use monistat" on the spots, and came in to see her anyways. As I waited for the results, I watched these spots turn into sores that looked like cuts. Three nurses, and an ER Dr. all told me "It doesn't look like herpes". Well, the next day after an extremely painful trip to the ER and a bullshit DX of PID, I saw what I was dreading: the little cluster of blisters. 
      I'm still having the tingling, which I can't tell if it's prodrome, like more sores are coming (I'm new with no knowledge of this still, so forgive me if that's the wrong term), or if it's just some nerve pain I'll have to live with. 
    • thehumanrace
      By thehumanrace
      Hello everyone,

      I am pleased that I finally made the jump to join you all - I am an on and off reader since 2013.

      First things first, I need your help: Is this photo oral herpes? 

      The lesion appears half inside the mouth along the permanently wet part , and half outside on the dryer oral mucosa - recurring always between my top and bottom lip, resting on the bottom one and never along the vermillion border. 
      In reference to the midline, it has been slightly to the left side approximately 4 times over the last 3 years and at least once slightly favouring the right side. Again, it is always half inside, half outside the oral cavity as described and, as you can tell, really small!

      no itch, no pain, no prodrome... ever.

      However, the most recent outbreak had some mild to moderate aching overnight for the 1 night. 

      This is a photo of the first occurence, the membrane layer you see there slid off.. 

    • Sophie76
      By Sophie76
      Would appreciate some advice. I have anxiety and particularly health anxiety. On night out I tend to relax too much because Im so uptight sober. I kissed around 6 people briefly! I know, 6?!? I can't remember much from the night but I would have not kissed someone if I saw an obvious coldsore. I was wondering what would be the likelihood. I know primary outbreaks are more common in children and rare in adults. It's day three and not a lot of symptoms. Burning/tingling around my mouth which surprisingly fades when I have a diazapem. No sore throat, swollen glands or headache. My teeth ache a bit but I grit my teeth when I'm stressed 
      Does having chickenpox when you're little build up a stronger immune system to avoid other strains of herpes?
      Is it true that symptoms show usually around 2 days to 2 weeks after encounter? 
      I plan to take a blood test in three months, to determine if I actually have them this time. Last one I took was negative for herpes even though I had a wild embarrassing kissing episode prior to that. 
      Also, is it true a vaccine is being created for herpes. If i don't have herpes, I would really like the vaccine as this phobia really takes over my life at times! 
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