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Need someone to talk to who actually knows what it’s like.

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I didn’t get herpes by sleeping around which is what most people think when I tell them. Here’s the story: My boyfriend at the time had a sore on his shaft & I was stupid and didn’t think anything of it, we thought it was just a normal scab because he worked in construction & got cut a lot... So, we had sex & the next day I got very very sick and had a horrible outbreak for about a week. When my doctor confirmed it was genital herpes I wanted to cry but held back cause of the doctor & never really broke down after. Me and my bf at the time we’re still together so it’s it didn’t really effect me much besides the very mild occasional outbreak. But now that I ended that relationship I’m really really realizing the stress that comes with carring the virus. Before I knew a lot about it, i thought it was olny passable with an open sore so i had been with 2-3 people & had to tell them & you can guess that didn’t go over well. But this makes me feel even shittier because i could easily just go around sleeping with people and not telling them the risk but then I’m a terrible person. But I’m scared if i tell them, they won’t want to get to know me at all. I’ve been feeling very depressed. I’m a very sexual person and flirt constantly but then don’t wanna throw that bomb at them too early where they won’t hear me out or too late and put them in a bad situation. Help. Please. 

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Hi. I'm also a huge flirt. What I've realized for me since I've jad herpes 2 for 5 years is I have todate guys with flaws and/ or baggage. It is easier to get turned down by a guy who is nice and ok looking than to get turned down by the ' perfect' guy. At least start out that way so you could practice. First talk to the guy on the phone for a couple of weeks and see if you like what you're hearing. Then decide if he could keep your business to himself. Then tell him I have herpes and when we use a condom, when I take medicine everyday, and when I don't have an outbreak it helps not to be contagious by like 80-98% I think. I told 4 guys and 2 wanted to have sex with me still. I'm thinking about telling another guy from work.I've known him for 5 years and he's sweet so far.

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    • Rockster
      Thanks Wilson! [mistaken posti don't get how i can delete it again, sorry]
    • Rockster
      (For my case: i am not diagnosed herpes. I had genital warts. 
      I can tell her a sex partner was diagnosed with HPV, and i pretty surely have it and that's why i do it with boxer short the next months. Hm.)   https://herpesopportunity.com/downloads/herpes-opportunity-disclosure-handout.pdf https://www.cdc.gov/std/herpes/stdfact-herpes-detailed.htm
    • IloveCoco
      How long after diagnosis did you start to have sex again? How did he get it on the lips?
    • Albert1988
      Hi,  I was wondering if you could describe your outbreaks or how much time it passed before you where correctly diagnosed. Or your overall experience. I am freaking out and just wearing my underwear feels uncomfortable.  How did they diagnosed you? Thank you in advanced 
    • Voyager2
      I THINK this will benefit us. If the FDA allows more aggressive research in the deadliest virus programs, such as HIV gene editing, then off-targeting and other safety issues might already be solved before Dr. Jerome  starts editing hsv in humans.

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