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So my situation was on February 24. This was some one that I had sex with 4 months prior (protected). Three months following that encounter, I had an igg test that came back negative. I obtained the test because I had severe vaginal burning that occurred a week after the encounter that I still have until this very day. All yeast, bv, and std test came back negative so that was the one thing on my mind. 

However, this particular guy always acts funny when I ask to see the results of his last std test so I went over to his home on the 24th to confront home about it. At this point, he kept trying to force his hands down my pants and pulled out his penis and attempted to rub it against my genitals. I had boy short underwear on but his penis did manage to rub my thighs a few times. I finally managed to make it out of his home. 

Fast forward to 8 days later. I was on my spring break. I pulled down my pants to pee and noticed something that looked like a welt and a very small bump next to it. I squeezed the bump and there was hair in the middle and blood came out. The next month morning, the welt was gone and the bump was scanning and completely gone in two days. My question at this point was was this a herpes risk?. I had an igg done when I got back home (2 weeks post encounter) and my hsv 1 was <.1 and my hsv 2 was .28. I've had extreme hate and anger since the accident and because I live in a weird southern state, I know that pressing charges would do me no good. I should add that the welt was on the front inner thigh, I'm pretty sure that that's where his penis touched as well

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Almost no chance that this would have transferred herpes.  The thigh skin is thick and would take more than a brief touch to transfer the virus.  

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    • Godcanhealme
      Update: I plan on getting tested in mid November, so about a month from now, it’s been 6 months since lip breakout and after taking olive leaf extract recently, I think I finally have the anal itch under control, it’s virtually non existent so I’m hoping for improvement over the next month, I’ll keep y’all posted 
    • valleynovascotia
      I think someone else posted about this. I read the same article, it's exciting news lets hope it succeeds.
    • bufshof
      My testicles itch badly too , I usually take a cool bath with epsom salts to stop the itch . I have had the itching off and on for years. Your not alone. 
    • ella2016
      I have to agree. I'm actually...fine? I freaked out at my first OB last month, but then after reading all the information out there, and starting taking care of myself, I don't think about it most days. There is the occasional anxiety and I haven't worked up the courage to tell people except my bf, but I read a lot about people talking like its the end of the world (which makes me think "Should I be worrying more?"). Of course, everyone's feelings are valid, but, personally, I wish I had someone to talk to about this that isn't completely distraught. 
    • Forest

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