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Had sex two weeks ago, a few hours after shaving vigorously down there. Also have been going to the gym a lot and sweating, wearing tight clothing. About a week ago, these marks appeared (one on testicle, two small ones on shaft), which look like an in grown hair/ shaving irritation. Urgent care said not to worry, but I am still paranoid. I am going to get tested once enough time has passed, but do these look like any very serious? I know I posted this on another forum, but this one seems more appropriate. No pain or other symptoms for a first out break. 



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I would agree.  Thy look like in the area shaved.  Try using some acne cream on it for a few days.   Sometimes staph can get in the follicles down there especially after shaving.  


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Thanks. I tried popping the big one, which was not the best idea. Made it a little irritated. 

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Wash it with mild acne cream and if it starts to get redder or more bumps appear go get a check up.  

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I went to urgent care who advised me to just wash it was regular soap and water. Sometimes the “less is more” works better. I was trying too many methods to Clear it up. 

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Yes had Drs say that to me too.  Actually said use cetaphil (a non soap cleanser).  

So you could try that as well.  So they agreed nothing to be concerned with?   I would just watch and if it starts to recur regularly go get a blood test.  

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • NoHelp
      By NoHelp
      Hi everyone,
      First off - Apologies for the long post! This site and all the followers are very helpful so thank you all for the support. Random internet and google searches are scary endeavors and do not provide much help....so thanks again.
      To my story: 
      Day 0: I hardly remember this and was heavily intoxicated (didn’t remember for a week later), but ultimately had unprotected sex with a CSW. I have never done this before and pretty ashamed of myself and have no clue how it even happened. It is what it is...
      Day 2: Fast forward two days and I formed a single, but large blister on my upper lip. Basically, poster board material for an oral herpes-1 example. At this point, I still did not even remember my actions and I do not recall ever having an oral blister in the past so I thought I might have gotten it from smoking or drinking after someone, but freaked out nonetheless. Also, lymph nodes were swollen for 2 days tops.
      Day 5: Realized some red spots on penis head. No blisters and looked more like a red blotchy rash. Never formed blisters or sores but became very sensitive with my whole penis head irritated (just like chafed skin, no fluid or sores or scabing but glands on right and left side were the most sensitive and looked like very very minor papules). No fever, headaches or any other signs. Very minor discomfort while urinating but I might have psyched myself out. Resembles balantis from what I have seen on the internet.
      Day 10: Symptoms on penis subsided but still kind of sensitive. I was really freaked out at this point and got tested on this day. Full STD test including HIV RNA PCR and HSV igg test. Everything was negative except for the HSV-1 igg. My reading was extremely high @ 42.9. The testing liaison said that I must’ve been exposed before and had antibodies already present since this reading could not be this high only 10 days after 1st exposure. I have never had cold sores for what I can remember, but it seems like it could’ve been dormant since childhood. Is this true?
      Day 15-20: I did not think much about the HSV-1 since they said I already was exposed and didn’t have any noticeable signs on my genitals until i was washing with soap in the shower and felt a burn on my groin crease. The burning was pretty high up near the top / start of the crease from the thigh. After further inspection, I had reddish/purple/slightly-whitish streaks down both of my groin creases meeting under my scrotum and to my butt. Some lesions and dry skin breaking at the top where the soap touched. Never saw any blisters or scabing. It does not itch or burn unless I rub or mess with it. I have had random tingling down the outside of my balls for the last few weeks. No other neuro-pain to my knowledge
      Day 38: Now I am very freaked out and the streaks have not subsided. I have had scattered pimples, and fordyce spots (I have always had fordyce spots so this wasn’t concerning). The pimples are almost entirely on hair pores and have not clustered or blistered or scabbed. Look like whiteheads for the most part. I have been messing around with them recently so some have turned red on the outside. Also, my genitals have looked really shiny (lol) and scrotum looks like it has a blotchy rash. 
      I have convinced myself that this is Herpes and will confirm with additional testing this week, but wanted to get the forums thoughts beforehand since all these test have a band of confidence and reliability. I am not sure the swab will be useful given this long of a timeline.
      Pictures are linked below. Anyone have any thoughts? Best case scenario: this is a big fungal infection outbreak and I need steroids and cream ASAP. Worst case HSV-1 or HSV-2. I guess this could be HPV but that is a road I will cross once I address the herpes possibility.
      Thanks All!
    • Leemell48
      By Leemell48
      It's been three months since possible exposure. Last night a shooting pain inside my vagina woke me up. I feel the constant urge to urinate and have thigh and butt pain on and off. Today I kept having pain in one spot inside my labia and now it's all red and I see a tiny red spot. It doesnt hurt to touch but there is red and pain along the inside of my vagina. I go to the doctors tomorrow to get retested. I feel like no doctor wants to help me and don't really listen. It's so scary and frustrating. 
    • Gems
      By Gems
      I haven't check out all of this site; however I cannot see how reducing stigma over herpes infection should involve denial. It states on their website people shouldn't be scared for rare circumstances but fails to admit that this virus can be transmitted via objects in some circumstances.



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    • joescrilla
      More confusion! So the results have come back for both of the partners that I've been with over the last 3-4 years and they are both negative for type 1 and type 2. Where do I go next? Any advice?
    • Gems
      please look through the forum in exact and careful detail and inform yourself of less than usual circumstances to cover yourself.

      auto inoculation is rare and it can happen. off objects is debated but some people claim it happens. some people have experienced it happens easily.

      so you know practice good hygiene. i personal think use a heated towel rail and make sure your towels are fully hot and dry. there were studies in the 80's showing it can live on towels for 75 hours. The herpes association say most experts agree it cannot be caught off a towel. That is most experts not all. Some people end up with it on their body and one has to wonder how? Towels I would guess.

      Things that tend to stay kinda wet or so on. cups are another one that fit that i think.

      I remember being at university once and being in the bathroom while a girl was on the phone to her friend.She thought she had a bite on her face but clear to me someone with herpes had kissed her on the cheek recently, it didnt look typical just her skin peeling. 

      I am not an expert though or a doctor so do your own research.  
    • Phoenixx
      Update: The creme that contains the tetrapodal zinc oxide still isn't available at Gorch Fock Apotheke Kiel. I called them today: same status as last year and they have no further information on when and if it will be available again.
    • Phoenixx
      Lilian, the zinc acetate we are talking about here is different from the tetrapodal zinc oxide that you are mentioning. But thanks for the reminder. The ointment that contains the tetrapodal zinc oxide still isn't available at Gorch Fock Apotheke Kiel. I called them today: same status as last year and they have no further information on when and if it will be available again.
    • Gems
      I've had neg swabs but I am sure you'll get it. Follow the process. I haven't read the thread in exact detail, but if you have documentation of doctors mishandling your case when you get/ if you get a poss inform them in writing as well as the medical board I think.  Under diagnosis is as problematic as false pos and reducing transmission is good.

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