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Nut job wants to infect others

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I have been chattin’ with a few other people who are recently infected and this one lass has told me she wants to infect others around her at her job so she is not the only one.

She said she’s going to wipe her sore fluids on handles, buttons and keyboards!! I don’t know her personal info IRL so not much I can do. 

I do not imagine the odds are good for her speading it that way but who knows. Apparently it can last up to 8 hrs in the right conditions so there must be some risk. I’m sure she also bandies her skin sleeve around to do the same.

If I get her info and find out where she works should I call the home office and report? Not my place but that is messed up and surely a crime. 


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I hope karma bitch slaps her!!!:embarrassed:

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banned from posting without warning. Sorry I can't chat, email or post

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That is crazy. Infecting others is not the best coping method.  Tell her to go for a run or something. 

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Don’t worry too much. The OP was a fake, a troll. There is no such female.

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      Try eating garlic or putting dynamiclear on it.. 
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      Tnank you
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      I'm not that well versed in HPV but HPV eventually is cleared by the body on its own.  A vaccine does exist which helps immunize against certain strains of HPV (not all of them), but will not treat HPV for those who already have it.  Everyone, male and female, who is eligible should get the Gardasil vaccine. If a new vaccine exists to treat HPV that's great, but I'm doubtful based on a quick Google search.
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      I am new to all of this. My girlfriend has been told by a docter she has Human Papillomavirus (HP) and that in Mexico they have a cure they just develop, I guess a month or so ago Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine , have anyone heard of this. It is a lot on the internet about it. But I don't know how much I trust it.. Thank you AMM

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