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Sorry to drag this out but at the moment I'm really quite worried that I may have contracted genital herpes and if I'm honest wanted some advice. I'm a straight male who had unprotected oral and vaginal sex with a girl 6 weeks ago. I hadn't had any symptoms up until a month after when I noticed some yellow discharge from my penis and pain when peeing. Upon discovering this I immediately went to my local GUM clinic on Monday the 12'th of March to be tested for Syphilis, Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea & HIV all which came back negative on the 18'th of March. I also had a swab test but the Dr said that she couldn't see anything on the slide. However, I did notice a developing cold sore on my chin on the 16'th which has since appeared and is finally subsiding, however I'm certain I've never had a cold sore before. By this point the pain whilst peeing had subsided, however was still experiencing some yellow discharge upon waking up in the morning. Upon hearing the results for my STI test were negative and the appearance of a cold sore, I immediately began to panic that I contracted genital herpes therefore went to my GP to which she didn't inspect my penis at all and barely offered me any information on it, just prescribed me Valacyclovir which I have been taking since Monday the 19'th. I now have discovered one small red spot on my testacles, no head or anything on it but I feel that its tingling such as concurrent with a herpes outbreak. I know that the Herpes test cant be done unless you have an open sore (in the UK), however I'm terrified of what it might be and/if I have also contracted something else as I know normally herpes doesn't cause yellow penile discharge. I'm extremely stressed that every little itch on my body could be it, I've been religiously washing my hands so much so that I've got dry, cracked skin on my hands and I can barely sleep exacerbating the problem.

I'm so embarrassed of this but also feel I have no one to talk to. I just don't know what to do next and needed some advice.

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The symptoms you have are genital herpes. Valacyclovir is an antiviral agent that stops the virus from cloning and helps you fight the outbreak, but the virus will remain in your body. There is a treatment called The Ultimate Herpes Protocol that is very effective against genital herpes. I leave the link to a webpage that talks about genital herpes and about this treatment.


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Did you request an igg test? I wouldn't take an antiviral until an igg showed negative and antivirals can skew the test

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • Hellosally
      By Hellosally
      I just found out I have both HSV 1 and HSV 2.  I am completely in shock! I wanna say I’ve had symptoms but they were on my genitals and only appeared to be razor bumps to me because they weren’t painful just slight uncomfortable.  I would also get cysts down there only after shaving and they would only last a couple days.  
      Here is what I know.  The test was IgG and tested for both separate I believe.  On the index Herpes 1 is >5.00 and Herpes 2 is 1.27.  I’m so confused because I’ve never had obvious symptoms and tested positive for BOTH.  Do you believe these tests are accurate.  This was a blood test and idk what to do or even think I can’t eat and have just been in bed all day.
    • blackgirlsrock
      By blackgirlsrock
      I just got diagnosed with genital herpes (idk which type) this August-september ish. I’ve been on Valacyclovir for almost 2 months now, but i still experience itching, & weird discharge, which i think may be caused by an outbreak. Any suggestions on what i can do? 
    • dancingmoontj
      By dancingmoontj
      I´m adding to pics : one from wednesday Dec 5th and today Monday Dec 10th.
      Went to consultation and doctor  gave me a prescription right away : with local aciclovir and valtrax .
      I haven´t get my blood lab or swab test yet. I´m still confused the way internet explain how herpes symptomps are, and all of these does not applied to me.
      this appear a day after having sex with my boydriend and that night we didnt even practice oral sex. 2 days before I shave with an old razor and the hair still short. I know it could be herpes and I´m accepting it but there´s many pics and symptoms out there on the pages that make me feel confused.
      Thanks for reading


    • Arrabella
      By Arrabella
      Hello, im new here & ive been diagnosed with herpes 1 on my genitals today. For about 4 days the symptoms were getting worse to the point where i knew i had it. Swollen vagina, lesions that were wet looking & oozing yellow watery fluid. I could hardly walk & still cant. The pain is horrendous. Anyway, to my question. Im very confused, & i know there is no way i can tell who i got it off. After my 4 year relationship, i was saddened & i wanted to do anything to get my mind off him. Less then a year later, i began seeing a guy in march this year. We had a sexual relationship, we had sex, gave each other oral, kissed. ( sorry for the details but its relevant) i only saw him about 6 times in the 3 months we were seeing each other. Anyway, after that ended, i did end up with thrush & bacterial vaginosis. & on and off the opening around my vagina was red and irritatable. I was tested over and over again during the year nothing came up. I began seeing a new guy, who i like very much. So i thought id test myself again to be sure before starting a relationship. 2 weeks ago, My doctor did a swab & a urine test to cancel out herpes. It came back negative. I was beyond happy. Now, this is where it gets confusing. Seeing this guy, both having feelings for each other we had sex with protection & 2 days later i gave him oral sex . & that is all we have done. Protected sex, he fingered me,  i gave him oral sex & we have kissed alot. Now, a week later after that, that is when i began getting those symtoms & it was getting worse everyday. Today i found out that i do indeed have hsv 1 & i am petrified telling my new boy. It is early & i dont know how he will react either. + he knows everyone in my area so if it ever gets out i dont know how i will live with myself knowing people know i have this. Its not something to be ashamed about, but the whole social stigma about it makes me worry. Im really upset about it & crying while im writing this. My doctor didnt really tell me any info even after i asked. But because i have hsv1 on my genitals does that mean its not on my mouth & im fine to kiss? I was thinking continuing to see him for a few weeks & if its something special i will tell him... but im just wondering if kissing is okay.. + could i have got this of him? Any info or opinions would be grately appreciated. Thank you 
    • Fernholly
      By Fernholly
      A few weeks ago I thought I felt a yeast infection coming on. It made sense because I had a throat infection ( which appeared to be strep but tested but negative — could this be related?) a few weeks prior and started but didn’t finish amoxicillin since the strep came back negative. So I was in a ton of pain, 3 days of Monistat and nothing, so I call my primary care to get something and she says “could it be herpes?” I said no way, there are no bumps, just discharge, and itching, pain around the clitoris, plus I’m just thinking of how long I’ve been with my BF. So she prescribed me something and I hope to get better. The next day I felt a small sore on my lip near my anus, and had my boyfriend check it out. He said it just looked like a little cut but my heart sank because I remembered the doctor suggested herpes. I scheduled an apt with my OBGYN. By this time I had multiple small sores and she told me I had herpes. She swabbed the sores around my clitoris that had been causing me so much pain, it felt like sandpaper and I just cried and cried and wanted to die. I told her I had been with my boyfriend for 3 years, it didn’t make any sense. He never had visible cold sores anywhere. I was worried he cheated on me. She explained the shedding and suggested he likely passed it on during oral sex if he’s had cold sores in the past. My test came back positive for HSV1 a few days later. Its been almost a week since I’ve had any visible sores but I’m still in shock. I can’t enotionally process this still. My boyfriend acts like since it’s “only HSV1” I won’t have many OB’s and that I’m lucky. I’ve been having lots of nerve pain even after the sores have cleared up, I worry it will bother me not only during OBs but all the time, just not as intensely. But I can’t help but still be angry that he gave this to me, and never even bothered to tell me he had cold sores in the past. I never imagined this happening to me because I thought I found my person forever and would never have to worry about catching an sti. I’m just so concerned since stress is a major trigger and I am going to medical school next year, so I will have many many years of stress ahead and I’m not quite sure I can balance the stress, and the pain and emotional toll of an OB. Can anyone with gHSV1 talk to me? I’m feeling pretty alone. 
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