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I’ve tried to pee all day and I can’t do it, it’s all coming from my eyes. Help please?

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So I’m 99% sure I have HSV1 because my partner’s ex gave it to him.... but besides the point of being extremely upset....  I have been crying all day because I cannot use the restroom... and I’m on my period..... so the pain is excruciating. Is epsom salt okay for trying to heal these sores? Is soaking in a bath okay? How does one pee?! I’m so lost and I need to pee but thinking of the pain is giving me anxiety. 

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Yes Epsom salts help please soak in a bath with them. Also try diluting your urine with water like pour water down there as you pee and make ibuprofen your friend. 

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Posted (edited)

D Mannose- get it from sprouts or Whole foods or health store. Eat some jelled cranberries and cranberry juice...


Good luck Tainted is also correct. Watermelon makes me go and cola/caffeine makes me go, but you are in a different situation. at least until you can see the doc.

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Yes, I put epsom salt in a tub and soaked and then peed, it was the only way I could with out excruciating pain, towards end of outbreak the shower worked too.  I did not have the period thing to worry about so I have no advice for that, just wearing underwear was painful for me.  Good luck, it does get better.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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      Hello everyone. 
      I’m came here in looks of a support group. Sorry if this is TMI, but with the topic at hand, I figure not very much is tmi here.  
      So anyways, Sunday I had started feeling what seemed like a yeast infection (had some itching but nothing looked out of the ordinary) It was late so I didn’t want to drive to the pharmacy to get Monistat, so I found on google that if you soak a tampon in a mixture of water and vinegar, that it would help relieve discomfort. I did that, and it burned, but I thought that meant it was working. The next day I woke up and was in terrible pain. I took a mirror down stairs and all of a sudden I had a bunch of white patches of skin that were bleeding. I thought I had given myself chemical burns, so I made an apt with my OBGYN, hoping to get relief. I went in today and was completely shocked when she told me that my white sores looked like a herpes outbreak! I never even suspected it. I’ve never had anything suspicious before and never saw any sores until I used vinegar. She did testing and I will find out for sure on Friday, but she said she’s pretty sure it’s herpes. 
      Im totally devasted! I get STD tested between every partner, and always ask for a full panel. I was just informed today that herpes is not included in that. Im really angry about that. Why when you ask to be checked for everything, would they not check you for something that some people have no symptoms of. I could have had this for years! I’ve been sleeping with the same man for the last 4 months, unprotected because I’m on birth control, and we were both recently tested. How do I tell him once I get the confirmation?!
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      Having HSV-2 has not bothered me at all for casual sex. I'm just avoiding sex during outbreaks, on suppressive therapy and using condoms every time with casual partners. Since my outbreaks appear on top of my penis, even during an outbreak the risk is minimal if I put a condom on as soon as I take my underwear off.  I guess it might be a slightly different case for a girl as if you have external lesions around your groin you could still infect someone even using a condom. And of course, condoms can break, which has happened to me over 10 times and caused myself to get infected in the first place.  I see it as a much more difficult now having a serious relationship, because I can't feel much with a condom on and really want stop using them. However, I don't want to put my new girlfriend to any risk - I would feel terrible if I infected her. 
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      I've seen a lot of hysteria surrounding Herpes in Europe and the US. What has been your experience in South-East Asian countries like Thailand? Do people perceive HSV-2 as a worrying disease? 
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      The full article is behind a paywall but you could write the the authors and request a copy.

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