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Help! I’m not sure if I have HSV 2

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I recently broke up with my ex in late January because I found out he’s been cheating on me with a lot of people. Between January 13-21 we had unprotected sexual intercourse everyday. 

On February 1st I got a blood test out of paranoia that I might have gotten something from him. (At the time of this blood test it’ll be almost 3 weeks from “initial exposure”). The test result came back and my HSV 2 IgG value was 0.95, equivocal. But my incompetent gynecologist told me I tested positive for genital herpes and just told me to go back if I ever get any symptoms. 

I have a pretty neurotic personality and being inbetween negative and positive for this incurable virus has caused me a lot of distressed. So 7 weeks after my first blood test (10 weeks after “initial exposure) I went to planned parenthood in hopes of getting a confirmation blood test. 

I spent a lot of time arguing with the doctor who advised me against this because the CDC disapproves of herpes testing with blood sample. Ultimately I was able to get a blood test and my HSV 2 IgG value came back 1.05 (0.10 higher than the first test but still equivocal). 

Ive had no symptoms at all not even the mild symptoms that usually go unnoticed. 

I’m just incredibly confused as to whether I have genital herpes or not. I’ve tested equivocal for it twice already. The fact that my IgG value increased by 0.10 within the 7 week period is telling me that I most likely have it. 

I don’t know what to take from all this. Please help!

Thank you

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I would say that you're negative, but if you want to look into it more I found this thread:


I was diagnosed almost 10 years ago, but have never really had any symptoms. No big outbreaks. After being tested repeatedly tested and having low-positive test results, this year my test results came up negative. I got tested a 2nd time to confirm the negative result. There is no way that my test results should be negative, because once you have those antibodies they stay with you for life. But either way, I'm considering getting a western blot test.


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Do you have hsv1?   

You don't mention testing for HSV1.  I am assuming that is because you know you have cold sores (oral herpes)?

If this is true than I would agree that your hsv2 could be elevated due to cross reactivity with the antibodies from HSV1.  

However I wouldn't be able to confirm you are hsv2 negative as your testing is still early you could be building an antibody response currently and by three months it could be a solid positive.  

Prior hsv1 can also make the symptoms very minimal to non existent for genital HSV2.  Since the hsv1 antibodies may have enough efficacy to prevent significant symptoms.  

Sorry I am very speculative but don't have enough history, feel free to comment more and we can provide more advice. 

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • Skye249
      By Skye249
      How do you strike a balance between remaining unemotional in delivering a disclosure speak and any subsequent questions and being honest about how it has affected you emotionally?
      For me, the emotional fallout of dealing with HSV has had a huge impact and I find it hard to rationally think about how I would deal with this and all the stress of worrying about transmission without letting on how much I am thinking about it – to not scare the other person away and make them think HSV is something to worry about.
      I would want to inform a partner yet enable them to think about it with as little negativity as possible, and yet how could I do this if I was being honest about how I really feel about it?
      And if I couldn't be honest about my journey with it, would that in itself cause more resentment, anger and bitterness? This time directed at the virus itself not the person that gave it to me?
      In essence, for me, dealing with HSV on an emotional level wouldn’t end after a successful disclosure where someone wanted to be in a relationship with me. It’s not the end of the story.
      I've always had an anxiety and I've been seeing a counseller for two years now, as a result of getting HSV. It's not helping.
    • HereAndNowLater
      By HereAndNowLater
      Hello world!
      I had my first HSV2 outbreak 8 years ago. 
      The first one is the worst -- the actual outbreak hurts like hell. The outbreak itself was very tiny and localized in a small genital area. However It came with side effects I didn't expect like an acute and intense tingling sensation in my lower back, buttocks, and spread down to my feet/toes. 
      Fast forward years. 
      I rarely get actual outbreaks if ever. 
      But I do experience that intense nerve pain I remember that comes before an outbreak manifests as a skin lesion.
      So now the outbreaks don't happen, but the prodrome pre-tingles happen often. Except now those piercing sharp tingles aren't just perceptible in the aforementioned areas. I feel it all over my body intermittently - neck, shoulders, arm, yes leg and lower back, foot, etc..
      To emphasize, I never experienced any chronic pain remotely similar to "herpes tingles" pre- first HSV 2 outbreak. 
      Several Questions:
      Does this pain sound familiar to you? Has it migrated outside of where it was when you first had an outbreak? When I bring this up to multiple doctors, I'm baffled that they have no idea what I'm talking about. Or don't see the connection between the nerve(?) /lymph node (?) pain / neuralgia/ paresthesia and HSV.  Every time I see a "Lyrica" commercial for fibromyalgia I think to myself, "well this is fucking it. this is what I'm feeling/experiencing in my body." Is there a link between fibromyalgia and herpes? I wonder how many patients diagnosed with fibromyalgia have either HSV 1/ HSV 2/ shingles/ varicella-zoster viruses or something related? It seems to me there is a there there. But I also feel I'm being gas lit by the world and that in general researchers / HCPs are too "embarrassed" to even commit to research around the "not talked about" symptoms of HSV; or even HSV in general.  How can herpes be so "common" and yet not a single medical professional is conversant in the totality of the disease or specializing in it? >_< Not related, but where can I purchase acyclovir cream? That stuff is like contraband in the USA lol.  ugh this country sucks in this arena. 
    • Ribbon35
      By Ribbon35
      Since May I have been taking Valtrex. At first it was 500mg once a day then it increased to 1000mg once a day in June after frequent outbreaks persisted. I've had a total of 9 outbreaks since May and was diagnosed with hsv2 in March of this year.  The past three weeks I've had severe dizziness, especially when lying down and getting up in the mornings. Today my doctor suggested taking acyclovir 400mg twice a day. Has anyone switched from acyclovir to valtrex and experienced better results/less breakouts?
    • mcf1971
      By mcf1971
      I was dating this guy who has genital hsv2 like me. He thinks that he got hsv2 on his nose from going down on me. It got really bad and had a lot of puzz. The docotr said that they could not be sure that it was herpes because more than 48 hours had passed after he got the outbreaks and swab tests would be unreliable(Never heard that before) I started doing my research based on his symptoms and found out that it can be a staph resistant to antibiotics infection too.
      I wounder if anyone has had this experience before?
      How often can you find staph and herpes at the same time?
    • PeaceNeeded
      By PeaceNeeded
      Hello. I am diagnosed Hsv2 positive, never had same kind of spots I had on glans since first ob, but a lot of side manifestations, mild itch, sensitive glans with lot of tiny bumps...
      Now about 10 days ago got this on boxer area external side leg, is this a typical hsv2 related? Doesn't itch

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    • viralfrog
      Having HSV-2 has not bothered me at all for casual sex. I'm just avoiding sex during outbreaks, on suppressive therapy and using condoms every time with casual partners. Since my outbreaks appear on top of my penis, even during an outbreak the risk is minimal if I put a condom on as soon as I take my underwear off.  I guess it might be a slightly different case for a girl as if you have external lesions around your groin you could still infect someone even using a condom. And of course, condoms can break, which has happened to me over 10 times and caused myself to get infected in the first place.  I see it as a much more difficult now having a serious relationship, because I can't feel much with a condom on and really want stop using them. However, I don't want to put my new girlfriend to any risk - I would feel terrible if I infected her. 
    • viralfrog
      Does anyone have experience about people's reactions to Herpes in Asia? Personally I live in Thailand where I also caught the virus as a condom broke 4 years ago.  Unfortunately I infected my ex-girlfriend with HSV-2. This was just after I had caught the virus myself and we had sex before I noticed and realised what it was. In the beginning, a local doctor told me I have just hurt my foreskin with my jeans' zipper and the tests came as negative. After getting tested later it came as positive.  Anyways, my ex-gf (well educated, professional, 26 years old then) she had no idea what Herpes was in the first place. She didn't really care too much about it and didn't bother to get tested. During our 3 year relationship we kept having unprotected sex as usual and she never had any issues until at the end one day. She had a very minor outbreak once and nothing after that (lucky her, no like myself who gets terrible symptoms non-stop). I know she has a strong immune system, because she was never sick despite myself having bad colds quite often. In any case, she could not care less about this virus and didn't mind at all.

      I've seen a lot of hysteria surrounding Herpes in Europe and the US. What has been your experience in South-East Asian countries like Thailand? Do people perceive HSV-2 as a worrying disease? 
    • Burty
      The full article is behind a paywall but you could write the the authors and request a copy.
    • OFMDH
      The jury is still out as there needs to be additional experiments. Editas' results make me believe dosing was insufficient among other issues.
    • moialbalushi
      Wow interesting !! But how did they provide it to him !! I mean he is 27 years old !!

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