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I was told by a urologist in 1992 that it was suspected that I had contracted Genital Herpes;I was devastated.I was told that swabs had to be taken first before an official diagnosis was made.I was given a five day treatment of Aciclovir.Weeks past and I called to get the results of my test but that particular urologist had left also there was no record of any swabs having been taken.I was paranoid and everytime I felt slightly uncomfortable in the genital area I would take myself off to the urologist. Again swabs would be taken and everytime they would come back negative.I'm not even sure if blood analysis was available at that time but I wasn't given the option.The urologist told me that it must have been a mistake and that I don't have Genital Herpes.Since 1992 I have had three serious relationships one of which I married & soon to be divorced. I never meantioned to any of my partners what the original urologist had told me as I thought it wasn't an issue.After my separation I hit an all time low and became quite unwell so I took myself off to the Doctors for a complete blood check up.I asked my Doctor to check for everything...and she did..all was well except that I had the Genital Herpes virus!!!! I couldn't believe it.I have had this thing for 15 years???I have never used protection with my husband or my two relationships before that .I have not had an attack in all that time.Is this possible?? I feel terrified and extemely guilty that I could have passed on this virus to my unsuspecting partners and very angry that I was not diagnosed proparly in the beginning.

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The good news here is you likely have a very strong immune system. It is possible for you to have had the virus this entire time with no visible outbreaks because it simply laid dormant. Which would give you reason to think you didn't have it, especially after recieving negative swab tests.

The bad news, obviously, is that the virus could have been passed to any or all of your past partners. There is a problem with swab testing being unreliable in many cases because a swab test must be done while the virus is present in the area tested.

There is a possibility since you don't experience outbreaks that maybe, just maybe, it wasn't passed on. It's going to be difficult for you to decide how to handle this news. It's really a shame that your original testing didn't give you an accurate result.

You are lucky that your body deals so well with the virus.

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    • blurneworder
      @Dvm, he says this to almost everyone.  Best ignore his bad advice 
    • Dvm
      Thx so much. However HSV can affect the trigeminal nerve/from post herpetic neuralgia and can actually cause all these symptoms. Some people, once affected can have short term symptoms,  while others have sporadic flare ups and some are permanently affected. Gabapentin for trigeminal neuralgia, prescribed by my neurologist, did help me for some time,  but I'm glad to be off it.  Hope my post helps someone w similar issues who havent gotten help from primary care Dr.
    • WilsoInAus
      @Dvm you can be assured that HSV is not the cause of these issues. As you have found, it’s likely a spinal issue and it sounds like you have found some help. Stick with that.
    • Dvm
      Yes!! See my post about struggling w HSV 1 for 2 yrs. I just signed up today and told my story. Brain fog, pain on r side of face, dizziness,  vertigo, numbness. Hsv1 lives in trigeminal nerve and can cause all these issues w flare ups. Good luck, and your not alone.
    • Dvm
      I'm new to this page. Looking to hear stories of others w my issues & hope to find support. I hv had cold sores all my life. But 2 yrs ago I had a flare w 1 on my lip & 1 in ea nostril.  Then the pain on my right side of the face started, along w numbness,  dizzy, balance issues and a weird eye twitch and sensation. After countless Dr appts and misdiagnoses, research led me to find that the herpes lives in the face in the ganglion root & when it flares can cause all my symptoms and it happened to permanently damage my trigeminal nerve. After going to numerous Dr, neurologist,  having MRI etc. My diagnosis was confirmed and although I dont like to take meds, I started on Gabapentin.  2 yrs I suffered and was miserable,  near suicidal and hopeless,  but I kept trying Drs and a friend had me tried an osteopath.  Who started doing small manipulation on my scalp and neck, within a few days I progression of me feeling better started. Within a month I was off the meds and feeling amazing, I also found a new massage therapist that I worked w and that helped along w an accupuncturist.Then after a few months a trigger of cbd w menthol set me off for about a week then felt great again & then the accupuncture gal used tiger balm (w menthol) and that set me off.  Good again and then yesterday some stress caused a flare of about 6 mouth sores on my roof of my mouth, woke up to massive vertigo.  Started valtrex and talked to my Dr about just staying on Valtrex daily. I found this page & hope to hear others experiences & maybe mine can shed light on yours. 
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