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My FWB of 7yrs, yes very complicated, every once in a while is with other ppl always uses protection. Him&I don't, I don't have HSV, he has for 4yrs from an ex,very often after sex he'll get irritated or small outbreak, from everything I've read its probably friction, he doesn't get when he uses condoms the few times other ppl, only happens with me,last time I gave him oral he got a small sore same place, he's also not cut, help need answers feel like it's me, but been tested I'm negative every time, idk?? 

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Note that you cannot induce an outbreak in another person simply by having HSV yourself. This means even if he had an authentic outbreak after having sex with you - this is entirely independent of your herpes status.

If your testing is negative, you are negative. Thus if what he gets are outbreaks, the cause is perhaps friction. Of course what he is experiencing may not be a herpes outbreak.


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2 hours ago, WilsoInAus said:

Note that you cannot induce an outbreak in another person simply by having HSV yourself. This means even if he had an authentic outbreak after having sex with you - this is entirely independent of your herpes status.

If your testing is negative, you are negative. Thus if what he gets are outbreaks, the cause is perhaps friction. Of course what he is experiencing may not be a herpes outbreak.


I think I may have worded this wrong, he def has HSV,from an ex 1st 2 outbreaks we're bad, with me since then he calls it irritated, but sometimes it's a 1-2small bumps and is definitely that,he takes a few Valtrex start disappearing,idk why it's happening and I feel bad,every other time were intimate it happens, just looking for some answers and thank you, I said was friction, cuz with condom don't get that especially when not circumcised

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    • Marley91
      By Marley91
      Going on 11 weeks of back to back obs. I was diagnosed with HSV2 but it is on the palm of my hand. I just now started taking daily antivirals. Im nervous about taking the meds and any side effects I could get from taking them daily, also wondering if my body will become immune to them? 
      Is it normal to have so many outbreaks? 
      I’ve never had an ob on my genitals but I feel like I would know if I ever had right? I’m scared because my dr told me I didn’t need to tell my sexual partners and didn’t need to worry about using condoms because the ob is on my hand and I always keep it covered. Last night I started freaking out about the possibility of having it on my Genitals and wondering if I have passed it to my current partner and I’m freaking out about having to tell him. Can anyone help? I have a doctors appointment next week so I’m stuck waiting and stressing until then. 
      Im avoiding caffeine and I’m taking lysine plus a million other vitamins. What are common triggers that you all deal with? I’m staring to think I’m having so many long lasting ob’s because I’m in the sun all the time? How does that even trigger the ob? 
    • confusedpremed
      By confusedpremed
      Hi all, 
      I've been looking at this forum for a while and was hoping to get some advice. I've had ongoing issues for about a month and it's not really clear what's going on. I'm gonna start from the beginning: 
      I was drunk and had anal sex unprotected for a very brief period of time, less than a minute, before my wits came about me and we stopped having sex altogether. About a week after, I noticed a pinching pain on the right dorsal (upward) side of my glans penis. I began to suspect a herpes prodrome, since I've had a herpes scare in the past (HSV-1 -- came back negative). I started panicking and the pinching lasted for about 2 days, and no lesions or noticeable redness appeared, so eventually I figured it was nothing. ~1 week after this, I wake up for a tailgate and notice a small red patch, completely flat, with no lesions in the foreskin. I figured it was some kind of irritation and went about my business for the day. Then, the following day (so about 2 weeks out now), I'm laying down and notice a sudden sharp pain on the shaft of my penis. I notice a red jagged rash and monitor it throughout the day, it has a burning sensation. However, by the next morning (less than 24 hours later), the redness is completely gone; in the following days dry skin begins to develop in tiny circles, similar to how eczema resolves (definitely not raised scabs). I go to my university doctor, and he tests me for the normal STD panel, but says he doesn't notice anything abnormal about my penis (the dryness was very faint at this point and he didn't look very closely or use any viewing instrument). Test comes back positive for chlamydia, I begin treatment, and the symptoms for chlamydia start and end over the course of that week. I begin to develop a burning sensation in my scrotum and extending down the perineum to my anus (no contact occurred there) and notice a smell similar to a yeast infection/intertrigo (which I'm prone to). I also notice three raw "cuts) in the folds of my foreskin (I'm circumcised but have some excess skin), in addition to flat pin prick red dots along the rim of the glans with no fluid center, almost like fine point sharpie. I treated cuts with zinc oxide ointment and they dried up really fast, and the burning went away after a shower. I go home for the weekend preparing for spring break, and decide to start treating with gold bond spray and lotrimin, convinced that this is a fungal or yeast infection. That night I notice a small pinprick size raised white spot, doesn't really seem to contain fluid, but I panicked and made a second doctors appointment with my primary care. By the time I wake up like 7 hours later, the whitehead is gone aside from some very slight redness in a tiny pinprick spot, the doctor says it's nothing, but prescribes me Valtrex in case of emergency on vacation and orders HSV IgG test (now just under 4 weeks out). I didn't take valtrex and symptoms subsided but don't disappear altogether. I get a call from the doctor, HSV-1 and HSV-2 both negative, I'm aware that tests aren't fully accurate until ~12 weeks, but I take it as a good sign. However, towards the end of the following week, I begin to notice redness on ventral side of penis by the urethra. I treat it with fungal creams etc and it kind of comes and goes over the course of the week. At the end of the week I had a long travel day, and notice that it is significantly worse, there is raised skin and irritation but no fluid-filled lesions or scabs. I start taking the 3-day course of Valtrex, while still treating with fungal cream, which leads me to today. Fungal cream appears to be irritating the inflammation, so I just stopped, but I notice redness in my foreskin again near where it was before. Still no noticeable lesions, hardly any pain. When I urinate it passes over the inflammation on the glans and even then it doesn't really hurt at all. There is very slight burning in the red region. 
      I'm sorry to give so much context but it's been a long and stressful journey. Has anyone had similar symptoms? The time frame is strange, the symptoms are strange, and I'm confused as to how to interpret the test results at 4 weeks. However, since I acquired chlamydia, it doesn't seem far off that I would acquire another STD, especially given this all began after that event. 
      Thanks in advance for the help. 
      EDIT: I also developed eczema during my trip (likely due to sun exposure or possibly stress) but this could be a potential confounder. Also, friction and masturbation both definitely appear to contribute to the inflammation.
    • kikivivi
      By kikivivi
      I am a female who was diagnosed with HSV 2 in October. 
      I had abstained from sex until then as I was not seeing anyone consistently and wanted to stay on the safe side. I was getting quite of few outbreaks in November (not on suppressive meds), but I would only take valtrex at the first sign of an outbreak -for three days as it was prescribed to me. Luckily, December I did not get any and over the weekend I had went out. I was taking valtrex 500 mg 2x a day off and on during the week leading up to Fri. 
      Long story short, Friday I went out drinking and ended up having sex. At first, I insisted on a condom which was used initially, but then we had sex one more time after without one and now I am so scared that he may have got something from me. I don't really know this guy, he is a mutual friend, but the thought of giving him something is killing me. I know my diagnosis is fairly new so I'm not sure how contagious I am right now. 
      I really try to eat super healthy and exercise regularly. I hardly go out, drink or do drugs...only occasionally and this was one of those occasions. Extremely scared. Please help. Thanks.
    • cracked
      By cracked
      I’m trying to get some answers from people who already have HSV (preferrably type 2) regarding my symptoms, but not a lot of people seem to be commenting. So i’m trying again with a more in depth explanation. PLEASE HELP ME understand.
      This all started when I visited India from June 20-July 22. I was completely fine and healthy prior to that. In the first few days after arriving I became very sick with bowel movements 5-6 times a day and lethargy and little appetite. I came back and was still suffering from this but my bowel movement I believe started getting better. I decided to have sex for the first time in my life with someone I casually know less than 2 weeks later on August 2 (without my parents knowing because they would highly be against it prior to marriage). The next day after sex I had UTI symptoms and what seemed like a rash at the tip of my penis which was very sensitive and the bottom of my penis felt weird as if it was more exposed now. I found out I really did have a UTI due to a bacteria found in soil and had to take a couple of antibiotics and felt better but then a week after it came back.
      This time on August 15 (less than 2 weeks after my encounter) they did a STD panel on me which included Chlamydia, Gonorrhoeae, HIV, Syphillis, and only HSV-2. Everything came back negative except HSV-2 with an igg value of 2.0 and my world turned upside down after finding out. I noticed what seemed like lesions a few days AFTER finding out my results but when I went back to the doctor they never swabbed them. I was just prescribed valtrex and zovirax topical and jusr told that it’s nothing serious but referred to a urologist for what the doctor thought was a chronic UTI.
      The urologist after finding out that I had HSV-2 and examining the rash told me the one thing I didn’t want to hear—post herpetic neuralgia, which only made me feel worse. But it didn’t make sense to me because I’ve had that rash much longer than before the assumed outbreak and according to what I’ve read on the forums here antibodies for HSV should not be present BEFORE my primary outbreak and especially with a igg reading of 2.0 in less than 13 days. The female I was with didn’t know she was positive for HSV-2 even though she was tested several times in the past (maybe not for hsv) but her recent result a few weeks after me showed an igg value of 16.4, but the few people she was in a relationship with before me never have told her they got anything from her. 
      It has been 2 months now almost since the encounter and I still have:
      -no appetite
      -nausea with gagging
      -oral thrush that wont go away and dry mouth
      -fast heart rate for several weeks 
      -chronic fatigue
      -itchy area on both sides of my inner thighs (which I was told is fungal infection)
      -inability to sleep for long periods of time
      I have not had what I’ve been reading most people go through during their promary outbreak such as swollen lymphs, constipation, headaches, and no lesions that people say are fluid filled andn then ooze and scab over that I’ve been able to notice.
      Please answer if you can:
      -Does my IGG value make any sense? I’m going to get retested, but is there a chance its a false positive? They never checked me for HSV-1.
      -Does most or any of this sound like it’s due to HSV?
      -Do I possibly have a systemic yeast or bacterial infection?
      PLEASE HELP ME. Every doctor and specialist I go to keep sending me in circles.
    • Mysticbird123
      By Mysticbird123
      Hi  Everyone,

      I have a ton of questions

      I was visually diagnosed with genital herpes by nurses at a GUM clinic yesterday. Today is my third day since the beginning of the symptoms and the second day on AntiVirals. They gave me Aciclovir 400mg to take 3x daily for 5 days. After some research online I noticed that people are typically given a higher mg for 10 days. Should I ask for more medication? I am unable to walk properly and have been in bed the past 3 days. I am experiencing the typical burning sensation when I pee so I pour warm water over myself to make it more bearable. Luckily, I have no fever. *knocks on wood*

      I have been exposed to many articles and videos online that debunk the stigma prior to even thinking I could contract it myself. The nurses at the clinic offered numbers for therapists if I wanted to talk it out but in all honesty, I am not at all concerned. While having herpes sucks, I'm not emotionally torn over it. What I am torn about is this excruciating pain that is limiting me from living my life. I am aware that the primary OB is the worst and reoccurrences and severity of them vary per individual. Is it possible for the pain to be gone in a week? I really want to get back to being mobile and peeing without mentally preparing myself for pain. I have an MA dissertation due in a week and I have to complete that while dealing with this pain. Also, Is it recommended I inquire about suppressive therapy and taking antivirals daily as soon as this primary OB is over?

      I believe that I had dormant HSV and rough sex (dry fingering) triggered it. Has anyone else experienced that sex and only sex triggers their outbreaks? I am not sure if I have HSV1 or HSV2 since I just got swabbed yesterday but given the nature of my symptoms, I'd say it's the latter. 

      Thanks for your time and I am really glad this online community and similar sites exist. God forbid, I go through this without the Internet!!
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    • Burty
      Coming back to report that after vaccinations in May and July, today I have one vesicle. Called the doctor and will report back later. Slightly pessimistic at this point. 
    • Cariad
      I think I need to treat this as an ocd thought (that I've got herpes) and not check myself compulsively, not seek constant reassurance from doctors and the internet, just try and forget about it. Re disclosure, I would tell future partners that i could have hsv but I don't know, all the visual examinations and tests I've had have come back negative but there's still a possibility that i have herpes. Then they can decide whether to take the risk. I always assume someone is positive for everything unless there are tests to prove otherwise. I don't do casual relationships so always get a full sexual health screening with my new partner so we can both be safe. But they could have herpes and not know as it's not routinely checked for. It's a risk for all parties involved. I spoke to herpes.org.uk helpline and Marion told me that blood tests are routinely bringing up false positives/negatives and that having the virus doesn't predict when and where you're going to have an ob. I therefore wouldn't trust the result of the test and would be repeatedly getting tested, as I did when my hiv ocd was really bad. That was a hugely stressful and anxious time and I don't want to go through that again!! Especially for a virus that can't kill you!! So I think I'm going to have to live with the uncertainty of having herpes obs and avoid sexual contact whenever I feel sore down below if/when I'm in a relationship.  Being on this forum is just exacerbating my Ocd, so I think that I should stop posting as it's reassurance-seeking. Wishing you all the best and thank you all for your help, advice and support. Remember - it's just a virus that billions of people have and doesn't make us dirty or unworthy of love or a good life. Stay safe and well xx
    • WilsoInAus
      And I’ll help you up until the second coming. I think this is an unhealthy dose of imaginitis as far as herpes is concerned. Wouldn’t you agree?
    • WilsoInAus
      Yes man that’s correct. I mean we don’t really want more people in the delusional room with mirrors that see nothing, do we?
    • WilsoInAus
      There’s nothing visually or in what you describe that is suggestive of herpes. See your doctor if you have concerns, there’s plenty of things on the list of possibilities here.

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