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How to Have a Normal Sex Life When My Boyfriend and I BOTH have Genital Herpes??

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Greetings! I just signed up for this forum, I am hoping to receive much needed support and answers. My boyfriend was not aware he had genital herpes, and unfortunately passed it on to me. My first, and horrible outbreak was about two weeks ago :noway:.  I was under the assumption that because we both have genital herpes, that our sex life should not be complicated. However, we were intimate a few days ago, and it felt like I was starting to get an outbreak! I am currently on my outbreak medication, that has stopped the outbreak. I am shocked as to what my doctor told me about my boyfriend and I having this together. She said that he can keep giving me new outbreaks, because he is infected with genital herpes as well. He has absolutely no symptoms, ever. I would REALLY appreciate sound advice as to how my boyfriend and I should go about being safely intimate with one another. It breaks my heart to think that we won't have a satisfying sex life anymore, if we have to use protection every time?? Secondly, is it normal to get your first outbreak after your initial outbreak a few weeks later? Not to be gross, but I should disclose I am getting over my monthly when the outbreak occurred, and have heard that getting your period could cause an outbreak. Please help....Thank you!!! :sign-thanks:

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You are quite correct in that as you both have the same herpes type, there are no issues regarding further infection once you immune system is established. It is quite common for the first few months to include a number of outbreaks while the immune system is kicking in. Once all that is firing along, you are unable to induce outbreaks on account of simply having the virus. However there can be issues of friction during sex etc. that may weaken the immune responses at the site of the irritation. I'd suggest more lubrication for a while.

It also sounds like HSV-1 from your prtner's oral infection is a possibility here. Does he get oral cold sores? Did you receive oral sex in the days before the outbreak?

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    • Balancelife
      When who gets a positive test? I have already tested positive (as you and I have discussed multiple times in other threads and I state here) and HIPA would prevent me for getting his results unless he willingly provides to me, but as I’ve also stated HE won’t get tested.  Ya can’t get blood from a stone. He has nothing that would even start to compensate for the pain and suffering, let alone the missed work because of the pain! 
    • WilsoInAus
      @Balancelife when you get a positive test, sue him!
    • JHenry
      Read what I wrote and start Googling.  Both the Einstein College of Medicine (William Jacobs and Betsy Herold)  and University of Pennsylvania/Trivalent (Harvey Friedman) seem to believe they are on the right track and have established relationships outside of their respective universities.  Yes, it’s early, but they are taking the bat and readying to swing at HSV.   Cross those fingers and stay positive!  
    • WilsoInAus
      Where ever you are trolling, I’ll be right there.
    • SeanHanson
      Fingers crossed!! Could you elaborate a bit on the research or maybe post a link to it? Definitely could be a little light in the dark 🙂
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