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Constant Nerve Pain from Gential HSV 1

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Hi everyone! I’m a 24 year old female. I was newly diagnosed with hsv 1 gentially. I have been married for 6 months and my husband has been my only sexual partner (and I am his only as well).  I contracted it after he gave me oral sex at Christmas. Neither of us had any idea he had it and he showed no symptoms.

Around New Years I started to experience flu like symptoms and dull pain on the right side of my vagina only after sex. It would also swell and feel sore afterwards. There was a tiny red dot on the outside. The flu like symptoms and pain lasted a full month. 

I finally went to the doctor after a few weeks. I was diagnosed with hsv 1 which was a huge shock. The doctor told me it would heal and that I should just rest.

A week later I had my period and right after experienced horrible pain on the right, external side of the vagina and one lesion. I could barely walk I was in so much pain. I was put on antivirals. The lesion healed within days. The pain lasted almost the whole month. I had my period again and right after I had the same horrible pain, but no lesion. I’ve been to the doctor about 6-7 times and haven’t had any luck. I’ve done several rounds of antivirals. My pain is beginning to lessen but my period is this week again. I’m starting to worry the pain will come back again. I can handled an out break and the lesion but this pain lasting for weeks month after month is becoming difficult to cope with. Our sex life is nonexistent and it’s severely affecting my daily life. 

Does anyone with hsv 1 have such horrible nerve pain? How long did it last? What can I do for it? My doctors seem dumbfounded, any advice is much appreciated. I am on birth control pills. I’m wondering if hormones are affecting the pain as it’s been getting worse after my period. I’m also unsure if I should still consider this to be my first outbreak since I’ve only had one lesion. I’ve been feeling down and loosing hope. I’m wondering if this will go away....

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Chris Taylor

Do you get sunburned feeling behind your upper legs, and or hip or side leg pain , bruise or heat kind of pain?

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Was this a swab test or a blood test that showed positive for HSV-1? Has your husband had a test subsequently?

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You may want to talk to your Dr about Gabapentin/neuropathy medication. It is given for neuropathy pain. It has helped many members here. Another option is to go onto a birth control that lets you have fewer periods in the year and see if there is a direct correlation to the pain with having a period. Are you on suppressive therapy at all/have OBs regularly?

If none of these options work you may want to contact a female pelvic floor therapist. Pelvic floor dysfunction can be caused by infections (of all kinds) and can cause cyclic pain in some women. 

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yes i had similar genital nerve pains for 6 months constantly, but now it comes and goes, recently i have started noticing my legs have gone weak, also i'm experiencing knee pain :( HSV1 genital sucks 
it's better to have it in mouth.

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14 hours ago, Chris Taylor said:

Do you get sunburned feeling behind your upper legs, and or hip or side leg pain , bruise or heat kind of pain?

I actually experience all of those symptoms with ghsv1!

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Thanks for the input! It does sort of feel like a sunburn and it’s really bad when I walk and my clothes touch it. I was only able to do a blood test because I didn’t have a sore at the time and the blood test came back positive. I’ve only ever actually had one sore. The pain is really bad for half the month and then it seems to go away mostly but never completely. Then it stirs up again. These are some tips I will definitely be looking into. Right now I’m trying suppressive therapy only when I have my periods. We’ll see if it helps any. That may have to be adjusted. Thanks for the ideas.

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