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What to do after kissing someone with Labial herpes (medecine to take, immuno boost?..)

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Hello Everyone,

I would like to get some feedbacks regarding my case...

So I have been seing this girl and we got to kiss and have unprotected intercourse. I haven't really paid attention (I had few drinks) but the day after I got to see that she had labial herpes on her lips.

Considering I got to kiss her and surely where she had her blister, I am pretty sure I have been in contact with her Herpes.

My questions are below:

- Is there any medecines I can take so I can get ride of the virus before it spread?

- Do I just have to wait and see if I am in the case of :

* the virus will be handled by my immune system and nothing will happen:What is the% of the population in this case?

* My immune system will not be strong enought and I will become a potential "giver" of herpes?

* any other


Thank you very much for your help.


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once you infected then it will be for life long ,for to confirm that wether you infected or not ..do the igg test  after 12 weeks

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There are no treatments of any kind to keep you from HSV infection. Now there is no guarantee you WILL get it either. There is a needed volume of virus to cause infection and it is not always present, even with active sores.

If in 10 days you have not had any sores appear then you should be fine as the median range for an outbreak after infection is 2-10 days.

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Posted (edited)


Thank you both for your answer.

- Is there any addeed value to already start Famciclovir?

- If no sores appear within 2 days to 1 month: does it mean that my body well handled the virus and I will not spread the virus (I am therefore an Asymptomatic carrier)


If in 10 days you have not had any sores appear then you should be fine as the median range for an outbreak after infection is 2-10 days.


Thank you

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one more detail

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • Blanca2018
      Has anyone tried Longdanxiegan (LDXGFG) as a treatment? There seems to be scientific evidence of great results in animal trials. This is the link to the study https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1028455916000322. It is a Traditional Chinese Medicine formula that now has won some scientific attention. I have previous experience using Traditional Chinese Medicine for improving symptoms of another rare diseases I suffer and, seeing this has been backed by some research, I am considering giving it a try. Thanks to all contributors to this forum for all the valuable information shared.
    • tayelle
      Wow this is very sad that this man committed suicide from hsv. We've all been there with depressive states. I think the numbers are accurate...no more than 15% have hsv2. Every forum I join, its low numbers compared to other diseases. 
    • theuniversesucks
      yep going into my sixth year , constant constant scrotum tingling , when i say constant i mean 365 for the last 5 years , been living on autopilot , dead inside .
    • theuniversesucks
      thats amazing , sign me up for a shipment , can you use your transporter to ship the goods ?
    • KG303
      Me either. I got it from someone I truly cared about and in my experience it’s been hell because I was so hurt over the fact that he put my health at risk without even caring of the consequences because I was so good to him. He was in college starving so I would offer to buy him groceries, I would always be there when he was having a tough time and give him encouragement, and in the end he ignores me but still can go out and party. So maybe I was better off catching it from someone I didn’t care about. Maybe then i wouldn’t be as emotional over it. I feel like if I would’ve just got it from a one night stand I could be like oh yeah well shit happens, but getting it from someone I would’ve done anything for just ain’t fair because I was good to him and I know some people may not know they have it but he was sleeping with multiple women but acting like he wasn’t. If we’re having sex you should care about me enough to let me know what’s going on so I won’t sleep with you anymore if you’re wilding out that crazy but whatever. 

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