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Female on Mirena dealing with third OB. HELP!

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It’s been a while since I’ve been on here! So long story short, I was diagnosed in June. The doctor ran blood tests, came back negative. I have not gone back for further testing since my herpes was confirmed by two different doctors. But since I haven’t gone back for testing since June, it is unsure whether I have genital or oral herpes on my lady bits.

I am currently going through my third OB and wow is it a whole lot worse than my second OB!! I am on mirena, I have been for a couple of years, and am noticing some weird discharge. So this third OB started as my second one did, I thought I was getting a yeast infection then came the awful bowl moments which lead to what I thought were cuts from wiping too hard. THEN the “cuts” took too long to heal and that’s when it occurred to me that I was in the midst of another OB

Now that this OB is in full effect, my discharge is beginning to range in colors. I’m talking brown to almost purple! I have no idea what could be causing it. I’ve been on over the counter yeast pills and have not had any itching. I’ve just been suffering through the awful lesions right at the entrance of my vagina. 

Has any other woman been through this?! Please help because I’m starting to freak out!!

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How do you know you have herpes if blood test were negative?

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@Soscared94 I know because of my initial outbreak. It was very clear I have herpes. 

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May I ask what your first outbreak was like?

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@Soscared94 it was AWFUL. I had sores and lesions all over my labia, perineum. It burned if urine made contact. Took weeks to heal. 

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Posted (edited)

Is that progesterone based ? Sometimes progesterone fuels outbreaks. Are you on a suppressive dose of antivirals? You should try it if not. Don’t suffer alone — go to the doctor 

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • Hellothisisjerry
      By Hellothisisjerry
      I had a mildly risky encounter. The girl had a bf for 1 year so that's a good sign. After they broke up we slept together a few times. Always using a condom. But on aug 26 we did not use a condom for sex. A week later I was moving into a new house and I legit wore the same underwear for like a week and also didn't wear underwear and wore tight jeans. 
      About a month later I developed a rash. It was painless. Hardly itched. No blisters or ulcers. Like red rash and partially inflamed skin.  This rash all occurred under my foreskin. (I am uncircumcised). And then it went away a day or so after showering. But before it went away it was getting redder and redder. 
      Another month later a less severe rash returned in the same area. I got std tested and all came back negative. The doctor did not do a herpes test, because there was no ulcers. And he did not do a herpes blood test because I have oral herpes when younger so it would show positive. But he looked at my penis rash and said it's just irritation or something. And gave me some cordrison (or whatever 1%) cream. 
      This is is the third time that this rash has appeared in the span of 5ish months. It's never painful itchy or whatever. 
      Gove me me your thoughts please. 
      Symptoms experiences  
      smegma more more than usual. Sometimes dry skin peels off (very little)
      no itch, no burn, 
    • blackgirlsrock
      By blackgirlsrock
      I just got diagnosed with genital herpes (idk which type) this August-september ish. I’ve been on Valacyclovir for almost 2 months now, but i still experience itching, & weird discharge, which i think may be caused by an outbreak. Any suggestions on what i can do? 
    • dancingmoontj
      By dancingmoontj
      I´m adding to pics : one from wednesday Dec 5th and today Monday Dec 10th.
      Went to consultation and doctor  gave me a prescription right away : with local aciclovir and valtrax .
      I haven´t get my blood lab or swab test yet. I´m still confused the way internet explain how herpes symptomps are, and all of these does not applied to me.
      this appear a day after having sex with my boydriend and that night we didnt even practice oral sex. 2 days before I shave with an old razor and the hair still short. I know it could be herpes and I´m accepting it but there´s many pics and symptoms out there on the pages that make me feel confused.
      Thanks for reading


    • Fernholly
      By Fernholly
      A few weeks ago I thought I felt a yeast infection coming on. It made sense because I had a throat infection ( which appeared to be strep but tested but negative — could this be related?) a few weeks prior and started but didn’t finish amoxicillin since the strep came back negative. So I was in a ton of pain, 3 days of Monistat and nothing, so I call my primary care to get something and she says “could it be herpes?” I said no way, there are no bumps, just discharge, and itching, pain around the clitoris, plus I’m just thinking of how long I’ve been with my BF. So she prescribed me something and I hope to get better. The next day I felt a small sore on my lip near my anus, and had my boyfriend check it out. He said it just looked like a little cut but my heart sank because I remembered the doctor suggested herpes. I scheduled an apt with my OBGYN. By this time I had multiple small sores and she told me I had herpes. She swabbed the sores around my clitoris that had been causing me so much pain, it felt like sandpaper and I just cried and cried and wanted to die. I told her I had been with my boyfriend for 3 years, it didn’t make any sense. He never had visible cold sores anywhere. I was worried he cheated on me. She explained the shedding and suggested he likely passed it on during oral sex if he’s had cold sores in the past. My test came back positive for HSV1 a few days later. Its been almost a week since I’ve had any visible sores but I’m still in shock. I can’t enotionally process this still. My boyfriend acts like since it’s “only HSV1” I won’t have many OB’s and that I’m lucky. I’ve been having lots of nerve pain even after the sores have cleared up, I worry it will bother me not only during OBs but all the time, just not as intensely. But I can’t help but still be angry that he gave this to me, and never even bothered to tell me he had cold sores in the past. I never imagined this happening to me because I thought I found my person forever and would never have to worry about catching an sti. I’m just so concerned since stress is a major trigger and I am going to medical school next year, so I will have many many years of stress ahead and I’m not quite sure I can balance the stress, and the pain and emotional toll of an OB. Can anyone with gHSV1 talk to me? I’m feeling pretty alone. 
    • emz
      By emz
      Hi All,
      New here and was recently diagnosed with ghsv-1 six weeks ago. 
      Sort of coping, good days and bad days as expected and going through the motions as everyone does. 
      Did anyone experience health anxiety when they got the news? I'm barely sleeping knowing that my body can't fight this off and worrying that I will catch an additional or more serious illness in the future I'm getting the oddest sensations all over my body too and the anxiety makes it worse. 
      I caught this with low chances (with a condom and the guy was on suppressive meds) so I guess I'm feeling 'unlucky' in that sense. 
      If you guys have any thoughts, suggestions or experiences I'd be grateful to hear  
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