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I was diagnosed about 7 months ago, I take some really long named medication that starts with a V twice a day every, every day. I have not had another outbreak since my primary. My primary outbreak was on my anal area. I have read online that just because you have your primary outbreak in one are doesn’t mean it will never show up in another ie; vaginally or orally. I’ve also heard the virus does not travel throughout the body which sounds weird to me. Has anyone found this to be true or are most/all of your outbreaks in the same location as your primary or are they everywhere? 

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The virus does not travel through the body due to the nature of how it infects. Unlike most viruses which move through the blood system, HSV attacks specific nerve branches and remains in them. There have been cases of systemic herpes but they involve infants and people who are immuno compromised (think late stage AIDs, Cancer patients.)

Due to the fact HSV lives in nerves it does not really move around much. It picks a branch and stays there. It can break out on any surface of the body that that particular nerve branch ennervates. This is why you can have an initial outbreak on the vulva but later have outbreaks on the anal area or even the buttcheek, as that nerve branch serves the whole genital area, the buttocks and the thighs.

The virus HEAVILY favors it's initial 'entrance'/ initial OB area. As to specifically why I could not tell you. There may be some scientific literature out there on it.

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