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I don't get it. Diagnosed 4 days ago, and finding myself in a world of hate. Why Me? Why us? I'm sure the majority of you are not terrible people. I just experienced the worst time of my life over the summer. I lost my brother/bestfriend. I took care it all, funeral planning and cost so our mother had no worries. After math I went through a bout of depression where I blamed myself for his death. Months of depression I found true happiness by myself. Finally met a man. Fall head over heels in love. Silver lining, I would of never met him if my brother didn' die. 5 days ago I was queen, I was literally on top of the world. Than 4 days ago my life was flipped upside down. I no longer feel sexy, I no longer feel happy. Ive looked up ways to die. I never will go through with it I have 2 kids, but I still want to die. Why You? Why Me? Will I ever find happiness again?

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It’s the hardest when you first find out but it does eventually get easier if you don’t let it consume you. Do you think you got it from your new man? Did you have physical symptoms or did you just decide to get tested? 

Yes it sucks for all of us who have this especially ghsv2 & ghsv1. If you got it from your new relationship maybe you two can stay together and support each other. Let yourself mourn, it may take a while to feel better. But you’ve got two babies who need their mom so please don’t give up!

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I'm sorry to hear anyone else feels this way too.   I am in the same boat.   I have lost lots of my family but yet I've overcame and tried to be a good person and mom and now here I am..  feel like I've wasted all my time to end up here...   I don't know how we can have normalcy ever again.   I'm in so much pain and have so many questions.   So not fake.  .  I am here to talk if it helps any.   Prayers to you dear. 

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I can feel what you feel now because we all was in shock and felt in the same way at our first times. But i just want you to dont think about it too much. There is not a cure for it yet true but you will lower your obs and will live normal life. You are mom of 2 beautiful kids and never think about death or smthg else. People are living with lots of worse diseases. We are hopefull and waiting for cure or better treatments and it will be in several years. Keep your mentality high. What made this virus not bothering me is taking daily valtrex and using zinc oxide cream. First when i have ob i use zinc oxide cream and it dries it in 3 days. I was afraid before because i was thinking that i could spread virus if blisters get damage. But this cream when you apply always keeps that place dry so my fear gone away. Now i am living normally like before only i have a cycle and having a 3-4 days period only think it affected is my sex life. I am not doing it because i dont want to get other stds as well. Thats my only fear. Whenever you want to talk and share your ideas and experiences  you will always find people who will support you here. Please only focus on your normal life dont be scared. 

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    • Rockster
      Thanks Wilson! [mistaken posti don't get how i can delete it again, sorry]
    • Rockster
      (For my case: i am not diagnosed herpes. I had genital warts. 
      I can tell her a sex partner was diagnosed with HPV, and i pretty surely have it and that's why i do it with boxer short the next months. Hm.)   https://herpesopportunity.com/downloads/herpes-opportunity-disclosure-handout.pdf https://www.cdc.gov/std/herpes/stdfact-herpes-detailed.htm
    • IloveCoco
      How long after diagnosis did you start to have sex again? How did he get it on the lips?
    • Albert1988
      Hi,  I was wondering if you could describe your outbreaks or how much time it passed before you where correctly diagnosed. Or your overall experience. I am freaking out and just wearing my underwear feels uncomfortable.  How did they diagnosed you? Thank you in advanced 
    • Voyager2
      I THINK this will benefit us. If the FDA allows more aggressive research in the deadliest virus programs, such as HIV gene editing, then off-targeting and other safety issues might already be solved before Dr. Jerome  starts editing hsv in humans.

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