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A few basic questions- newly infected hsv2

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I just found out I am hsv2 positive. I have a few questions. Yes I have googled the questions but some sites contradict others. 


1) I had hsv1 since a child and somehow I just got hsv2 which I was told was very had to get one after having the other. If I have no lesions on my hand or arm, can I transmit the virus to my kids by touching them with hands or arms?

2) I have experience VERY oily skin since outbreak and have been hitting zits on face. Is oily skin or zits normal with breakouts?

None of my outbreaks have had the blisters you see online or at least not noticeable blisters. Just tiny bumps. I have bumps on the top of my head. Not sure if acne or eczema. Can you get herpes rash outbreak on your head in your hair?


3) should I cover up my outbreak bumps with a bandaid to keep them from spreading?


4) I don’t have genital breakouts but my pubic area and scrotem can be very itchy. Is this common? If you have an itchy public area does that mean you have or will have genital herpes? I just haven’t seen any bumps there. I’ve been looking every day for weeks  


5) my girlfriend also just got tested and is positive. if her hgg herpes test  (I think that’s what it’s called) was just barely over the top number( .9 I think), does this mean she should experience light outbreaks  what does the higher or lower numbers mean?


6) if you touch an infected area, how long before the virus dies on you hand or how long if you touch an infected area then touch the tv remote does the virus last on the remote  


Thank you for the responses. 

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Hey @nowwhat2 these are all good questions and provide a lot of opportunity for some thoughts and discussion.

I’ll go through things using your numbered questions.

1. Note that having HSV-1 does not necessarily give you additional protection from a HSV-2 infection. You decribe lesions on your hand or arm however these are very unlikely to be related to HSV. If you have concerns then it is best to obtain a swab to detect the cause of the issues. HSV will cause lesions on your lips or vagina in most circumstances.

2. Well the relationship is the other way around. IN the sense that if you are stressing your body with foods or even emotional or physical stress then you are creating the right conditions for a lot of things to occur, such as oily skin and pimples as well as cold sores. You are again describing issues outside of the typical herpes lesions zones and this dramatically increases the chances they are related to something else.

3. I am not sure these are herpes lesions if you can apply a bandaid (little harder to apply in those areas I mentioned!) Please think about seeing a doctor for a swab if you have concerns.

4. Without genital outbreaks, I think it is best to return to your testing and examine exactly what test you had to indicate a HSV-2 infection. Was it an IgG or IgM test? What were the specific values for each of HSV-1 and HSV-2?

5. This does not sound like a positive at all for your girlfriend. Often results are shown as <0.90 which means negative, a firm negative! Like you, some closer examination of the test is needed.

6. It doesn’t really matter how long it lasts, but whether it is viable to infect someone this way. Evidence suggests this isn’t the case. It just isn’t he virus that needs to survive (and in copious quantities) but there are other elements as well that need to survive and even be present, not to mention the right conditions for the virus to find a nerve ending and infect it by avoiding defences. Again though, whatever is on your hand is probably not herpes.

Hoipe this starts things off for you. I get the feeling your next best step to to confirm the results from the tests as HSV-2 has some question marks here.

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Thanks for the reply. A lot has happened since this post. This is my first break out from hsv2. I have hsv1 for years but nothing bad except a cold sore once a year. I get red dots and rash on arms and hand. I think it may be side effect of the Valtrex. Everytime I bet them they go away before o can see dermatologist.  Usually non swabbable after a few days. I also think I have an outbreak rash in my buttocks. Hard to tell it’s been burning for a few days. Looks red and irritated.  My out hsv outbreak has gone on for about a month. I’m stressjng over it so it’s prob making it worse. My girlfriend is experiencing body aches.  This really sucks!  

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Has your genital herpes infection been confirmed?

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Yes and I think my rashes are a mild form of eczema herpeticum caused from hsv.  Some photos look identical. 

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@nowwhat2 Sorry to hear about your recent experience bro.

How did you confirm your HSV-2 diagnosis though? Was it a type specific IGG blood test? And if it was, what was the value?

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