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People should really stop quoting studies from almost 20 years ago saying condoms are 37, and 50 percent effective in stopping hsv... The latest most up to date research has condoms at 95 percent effective from male to female and 65 percent effective from female to male....for comparison condoms are 80 percent effective for hiv... Stop making people think they can never have sex again.. Condoms are VERY effective for men passing herpes to women 

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I have sex with a lot of girls using SKYN conoms. Anyway... Condoms protect good! The most german doctors tell me, that herpes only transmits when you have blisters or right after.


When I have no blisters for 1weeks+ and use condoms properly the risk is SO minimal! 


Just read THIS:



So if we look at the findings at the frequent end of the scale we would divide this figure by 120 (12 months x 10 sexual encounters per month). This makes the possibility of spreading the virus during any sexual encounter .0003%, or 1/3,000 (.04 / 120 = 0.00033333333333).



.0003%! That's the risk worth guys >.<

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That's a good site.  Also has good pictures and information on the progression.  

The big issues is we are taught that hsv is going to always be this big massive outbreak and when people get a minor outbreak and then t goes away and maybe doesn't come back for a couple months, it is dismissed.  

Somehow we need a better way to know what to look for and know when ts contagious.  

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Does the shared information for men only apply if your outbreaks are on your penis? How about in a case like mine where my outbreak (only had one so far) was on my scrotum. Is it correct to assume condom usage will offer little protection for transmission in my case?

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Testicles don't shed asymptomaticly very easily due to the thicker skin.  So when you do not have an outbreak the scrotum is safer.  You likely will shed asymptomaticly from the penis much more.  

Another option girl on top takes the testicles mostly out of play.  

You really ha E to watch for prodrome though since it can start to shed just before an outbreak.  But at that time I would expect the penis is also shedding.  

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • Trace67
      Who said it was hard to believe? It's possible that it causes some Alzheimer's but its also possible that herpes merely takes advantage of a brain weakened by Alzheimer's rather than being the causative agent. This theory is a well-documented by experts. The fact is that they have no proof either way. Links do not prove anything and are often proven incorrect as causative agents. To further complicate things, they fully expect that Alzheimer's may have several causes. Therefore, the best way to handle it at the moment may be to reverse the damage with a cure which would likely work for all causes or at least most. It may be easier to fix for now and then prevent later as they learn more about the various causes. They may be on the brink of that now.
    • Metalhead!
      I have to agree. Only American companies are under the jurisdiction of the FDA but why do they extend their influence over all treatments and medicines globally cos they are corrupt yeah. Makes sense
    • hsv2fighter
      Dear Mike, I have access to academic resources. If you would like to have a look at the original report, you can tell me your email. Note that it's only for personal use of HSV cure research survey.
    • Waiting4newlife
      I got it from my ex-girlfriend from India. Break up after that. Now moving to canada. 
    • BrittanyGators
      In my opinion the FDA are the biggest scammers out there. From my side as a mother who had to see my Daughter be infected because of the terrible misrepresentation of Pharmaceutical medications (Valtrex) I think that the FDA has a lot to answer for.  They take their funding and bonus's to approve dangerous medications which have later turned out to be deadly.  They approve and endorse sugar with no limitation or regulation although it's the biggest cause of heart disease, diabetes and obesity.  All because they are part of the bigger business scams out there to keep the population dependent on antivirals for life.  I know I would much rather a natural solution for my Daughter than the toxic medications the FDA endorse. 

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