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So I have been diagnosed with Ghsv 1 and I was wondering far as sex goes should I use condoms for now on ? I know I shouldn’t have sex during any breakout of course. But after everything heals (far as breakouts) will I still need a condom ? Can I still receive oral or what? I tried looking up things online far as Ghsv 1 goes but didn’t get the answers I was looking for.

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This was my first outbreak on my Genitals I just got diagnosed 

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How long after the exposure u got lesions? Did u have unprotected sex? Oral or vaginal? 

I heard that genital to genital hsv1 is very very rare and almost 0

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Genital to genital transmission without an outbreak is rare.  There are proven cases where it has occurred in literature. However it's not sure if that was from asymptomatic shedding or not.  

What's below is based on a lot of AVERAGES.  You could be higher or lower.  You will need time to see how your body reacts.  

What we do know is that hsv1 sheds on average 3-5% of the days of a year.   That's  11-19 days on average.  Also it was shown that some shedding events could be as short as 6 hours (hsv2 study) and some were at such low copies of virus that it is doubtful that it could result in a transmission (speculative based on animal studies with Hsv2).  I also believe it was shown that some with HSV1 never showed shedding at all (can't recall if that was a study or a statement I read somewhere).  But best to stick with the averages because you never know.  

This proves that the times you are contagious outside an outbreak is relatively low.  

We also know that 40-60% of the population has HSV1 already and so is highly resistant from getting it again in a new location.  

So roughly half the population is not likely to contract (and remember hsv1 blood tests are false negative up to 30% of the time).  

What we really don't know is how likey it is to transmit.  We can make some assumptions based on the shedding rate comparison with Hsv2 studies.  Hsv2 sheds about 15-20%.   Or in other words hsv1 sheds from the genitals about a third (1/3) less than hsv2.  

In a transmission study of hsv2 discordant couples (one has H, the other doesn't).  After approximately 100 sex acts over the course of a year without condoms or antivirals the transmission was about 10%.  They abstained during outbreaks or prodrome.  

If we equate then that 10% received it in a year from asymptomatic shedding with the higher shedding rate of hsv2 we can make a leap and say if hsv1 shedding is a third of gHSV2 then the transmission percent would also be a third or about 3% after a year of sex (definitely not proven). 

We also know female to male transmission is lower than male to female.  So  probably a bit less than 3% for you.  Antivirals were shown to cut transmission by about 50%.  So that could bring yu Down to 1.5%.  condoms would virtually eliminate the risk.  Or at least bring it to below 1%.  

Also know that you can be more infectious in the first 6-12 months while your body suppresses the virus.   Keep an eye out.  If you don't have any more outbreaks or maybe one in the next year you would be in the average.  Have more frequent and you could be higher than above.  

Hope this helps.  

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    • Learningtolivewithhsv
      By Learningtolivewithhsv
      Hey guys and girls,
      Yesterday I was diagnosed with genital hsv-1. I’ve been taking medicine for this since Tuesday though. Last week Saturday I had my first outbreak, I realized it on Friday, but thought it was an ingrown hair until the guy I was dating staring moving funny on Saturday morning (I haven’t received oral or penetration from him in like two weeks though). I went to urgent care on Saturday morning. When initially went to the DR he said it just looked as if my skin was irritated and gave me some cream to put on it. I know my body though so I failed to believe it was just irritated skin. He drew blood because he felt as if I didn’t have enough for the culture (he still performed one though). Anyway, I started researching to figure out how I could soothe my pain and decided to go to the free clinic where I lived. The obgyn looked at my outbreak and told me it was herpes. She also took a culture, but put me on medicine right away. I’ve been taking the medicine twice a day, have been using Dermoplast to numb my vag so I can use the bathroom (I haven’t used it in a couple of days though because it’s easier to use it without having to deal with it burning), taking epsom salt baths multiple times a day, using tea tree oil, and placing an ice pack on it at night. When i first thought I had HSV I wanted to die...like literally wanted to end it all because 9/10 I used condoms during sex and can literally count how many times I’ve had sex. But then I decided to just educate myself. Yesterday, dr #1 called me back for my results and told me it was genital hsv1. I feel like a lot of us forgets the danger of having unprotected oral. I’ve contacted all the partners I’ve ever had and told them to get checked for hsv 1 and 2 so they won’t infect an innocent girl. How do you guys deal with gHSV1? How often do you have recurrences? Are any of you on suppressive therapy?
    • ThoughtsBecomeThings
      By ThoughtsBecomeThings
      Hey everyone! Okay so I’ve been wondering for those on the site that may be alkaline vegan or have given that diet a try, how does the lysine/arginine thing work? I was looking up recipes and doing calculations and I noticed plenty of arginine in these diets and felt a touch frustrated. But then I thought: do people that are alkaline even have to worry about the arginine? I’m curious. Or do you just up your lysine supplements when you’re about to have something with plenty seeds and nuts for example? I’m not a vegan just yet, but seriously thinking about switching over. Now I only eat fish which is high in lysine but still acidifying. 
    • chrisrcrc
      By chrisrcrc
      My brother 38 years old (married) was drugged forcefully and sexually abused in November 2018 by two men. He didn't disclose this to anyone till last month. So we gave blood samples for STD. Not all results came but HIV is negative, Hepatitis is negative but positive for herpes igg test. But he never has any kind of blisters or sores or pimples or anything related ever on his body. Not before that incident and not now.
      He has nasal polyps and pneumonia so could be HSV test is wrong because it looks for antibodies for herpes and maybe some other condition make similar kind of antibodies and test maybe false positive?
      Is he positive or if it maybe a false positive? Its been 5 months since the incident so window period for testing is enough I guess. I didn't tell him yet because he is suffering from pneumonia and already stressed. But I am myself very stressed. Been reading on internet and read mix comments from doctors that blood tests are not a true way to test for herpes.
      Please let me know your thoughts. What I read is that if there are no herpes symptoms on body than the tests doesn't mean anything but I am very very very worried. Please help me. Can herpes mask itself for 5 months without any symptoms? Or maybe its a false positive? Some doctors say it is useless to test for herpes unless there is an outbreak. Is it possible that herpes virus stay dormant and he may feel it at some later stage?
      Dear reader I am crying so much. I love my brother. I hope its a false positive. Please share your opinion and suggestions.
      Attached the result that arrived. Please help me. I can't stop crying. I suffer from anxiety and depression and on pills for years and this result made my anxiety very bad.

    • Antoinette63
      By Antoinette63
      I have only had sex with one female since finding out I have HSV2. 
      I’m interested in continuing to have sex with women, but every woman I approach says “You’re bi, you didn’t get that from a woman, keep that shit over there.” 
      If I do find a woman who is okay with the risk, how can we protect ourselves when tribbing/scissoring? I know for oral sex we can use dental dam  or cut a condom.
      Most websites give information for protecting yourself if you’re in a heterosexual sexual relationship, but not homosexual.
    • Missingmynormal
      By Missingmynormal
      All I have been doing is research over the past three weeks and I still don’t even know where to begin this post because it’s still so shocking. This post might be long but I hope someone will read it and help me.  I feel like the doctors don’t really truly know about this topic in depth and I have no one to learn from and I’m so so scared.
      My first outbreak was 10 months ago. I had just had sex with a new person and started my period.  The doctor said it was BV and a yeast infection.  I knew that it couldn’t just be that.  My labia was terribly swollen and cut up that it was so painful to go to the bathroom.  Got better but then was cut up again about 2 weeks later and I think after antibiotics really had a yeast infection too.  About 3 weeks ago I felt really itchy one day and the next day I had a cut on my inner labia and started my period that same day.  After closely inspecting it I realized that maybe it could be a blister.  I got the doctor to swab it and they confirmed it was hsv2.  From the time the doc saw it my labia did get a little more raw but def not as bad as what happened 10 months ago.  Of course at that point my stress levels are high and I went back to the doctor a week later to get tested for everything else to make sure I was ok.  So of course high stress again.  Once my initial cut was healed I shaved and ended up with what I think was another outbreak but this time next to my outer labia.  I went back and forth if it was from shaving but I feel like there were two spots and they had itched and were painful. Those spots are not fully healed but no longer hurt.  This morning and for most of the day I felt a sunburn type feeling on my right butt.  When I’m looking at it now I swear that I can see these small bump patches that might look like little blisters ... I don’t think they look like regular little butt bumps. They are so small and it’s hard to see but it does feel tender.  So this makes it seem like the 3rd little outbreak within 3 weeks.   I have always had very dry sensitive skin and I have been very super aware of every little thing since this diagnosis.  I’m supposed to start my period next week and I’m terrified that with it will come a 4th little outbreak.  This is not as painful as that first outbreak but it’s more upsetting cause it feels like it’s lasting longer.
      1. Does any of what I’m describing sound normal.  Can you get it in 3 different spots within 3 weeks like this? Why does it keep restarting and it didn’t last time.  Is it ever going to end!? 
      2. How can I figure out what this is going to be like for me if every single circumstance has had different symptoms.
      3. I thought it was mostly supposed to be in the same place so why does this seem like 3 different places? Also, the spot on my butt if it’s hsv2 is this just a place where it can show up or did I spread it there?
      4. If this is a spot on my butt does this mean that I can shed there? I’m so terrified of spreading this to my family.  The spot on my butt is in a place that could be potentially touched by someone as it’s on the top and wouldn’t maybe be covered by s bathing suit. If I’m holding my niece on my hips and her legs happen to rub against that part of my butt and I’m shedding could I pass it to her.  
      5. I went 10 months between these outbreaks and I’m hoping that I won’t have to deal with this often but I’m not understanding why all of the sudden for 3 weeks I’m having something new pop up each week.  I’m so scared that this is going to be my new normal.  I just want to feel like me again and comfortable in my own skin and for the last three weeks all I’ve felt is uncomfortable in my skin.  
      I’d appreciate any help that someone who has been through this can help. I feel hopeless
      I’ve been taking everyday
      a. Probiotic
      b. Vitamin c
      c. Vitamin d
      have periodically used coconut oil, lavender, rosemary, and have taken lysine a handful of times.  
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    • oneday
      Sorry @Voyager2 it's such a garbage thing and you don't deserve that sort of treatment. I am hoping something comes out of the woodwork in the near future. I want that party in time square and I am sure @Sillybrain2 would be there too, We'd probably party all year, we've been waiting too long for this. 
    • WilsoInAus
      There’s a lot of what looks like bro science here, can you point to any studies or views by experts that support this? Lets get a few facts on the table and see where that might lead us. Does HSV 1/2 generally cause nerve damage? Experts say no. Not even the likes of Terri Warren, Anna Wald and William Halford have isentifed this. Does an infection cause nerve and other complications at the time of primary or initial infection with HSV-2. Experts say yes. It is well researched. Plenty of examples explained as Elsberg syndrome for example point to particular lesions on the spinal column that cause issues. In nearly all cases healing occurs within a few months. Note that this is not to be confused with CMV/VZV caused Elsberg which is generally more serious and sometimes permanent. All herpes related issues will respond well to acyclovir. There are also related issues with the immune system that can be triggered by viral infections, most of which are also self limiting.
    • WilsoInAus
      Keep asking away @thebrightsidegirl You’ll get some good answers from experienced folk here, mostly! For a person with genital HSV-1, yes they can get genital HSV-2 although the chances appear to be somewhat reduced. No one knows by how much. People with both types identified in the one location are very rare indeed, although there’d be under-reporting. For your boyfriend, it sounds like some testing would be a good idea. Can he get a swab if the sores?
    • WilsoInAus
      He was referring to the hijacking by @Sanguine108 you got the wrong idiot
    • WilsoInAus
      Do you? I think people can read your story and decide for themselves, please pay that respect to people to understand your full story, don't our readers deserve that?   That's mice!??! On the basis of mice you pretend that what I write is wrong? I am relaying research into humans that is far more progressed than these papers on mice. Publish one paper that shows HSV-2 has caused nerve damage (I mean damage) to genital nerves. And given that there are 4 billion people with HSV-1, show us one documented case of nerve damage conclusively from HSV-1? The problem with mice models is that their immune system does not produce human immune response interferons and natural killer cells, not to mention the enhancements to neural density that accompanies the immune response.
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