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Possible treatment idea.


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I was going to wait a little while longer to post about this but I think it works so I'll just tell you now. First of all, when you consult the arginine-lysine food list, you'll see that yogurt tops the list as the food containing the highest amount of lysine. I also have done research on the importance of keeping good bacteria present in your gut and the implications this has on warding of disease and illness. So, combine theses two things together and you get yogurt kefir. This is a cultured milk product that tastes just like yogurt but has more good bacteria in it than regular yogurt. When I first started drinking kefir my body detoxed pretty quickly, expelling quite a bit of bad bacteria (I won't expose you guys to any detailed descriptions). I've since made the connection that during this time my constant outbreaks stopped. I neglected to continue drinking kefir during the holidays - I also ate lots of sugar and went out drinking with friends and managed to experience my first outbreak in over a month. I'm now back to drinking kefir every morning and so far so good. I don't know if it's the lysine or if it's the good bacteria that's helping - probably a combination of both. I've also started to eat a full clove of freshly minced garlic every night. I also take vit. c and e, as well as Lauricidin, which I'll post about soon. Another thing that supposedly does the same thing for you is eating cultured vegetables, like kim-chee (sp?) and sauerkraut. There is a lot of information on kefir if you search around the internet. Another benefit of it is that you feel really good after drinking it. Do your research on the brands of kefir too. Some are better than others. Finally, you can make your own kefir at home, which I'm looking into. This is one thing that passes the 'truly-natural' standard I have for anything that goes into my body. Hopefully somebody will try this with me and report back any additional findings. Thanks for your time.


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Thanks for all your posts. I have a very similar attitude as you have, try to beat this annoying virus with all there is and without a questions, a lot of these things really do work. Let's keep searching and sharing. Cheers.

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