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Need reassurance doctors wont give me an answer

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My long story March 27 had sex with a new partner for a very long time condom broke 2 days later outside vagina was itchy felt like pins and needles and was redo also had a few pimple like thingd on my buttocks.... where i had shaved got cream for focullitis within hours pimples were gone and no itch. Few days later itchy vagina and it was swollen and red had mild yeast infection took medication noticed it was itchy at night. Middle of April started to get buttocks pain right underneath tailbone it went out to the side of my bum and disappeared by this time i had cleared the yeast and had a watery grey discharge doctor gave me medication for bv this didn't help so during these few weeks i have been to 6 doctors and went to the std clinic nothing there to see. Couple days later got my period April 27 and my bum was killing me it radiated to my thighs both side and my skin was sensitive almost felt like it was burnt. After my period nerve pain went away and had wierd crawling sensations in skin down legs and numbness in ankle during then my labia minora started to burn it and looks very irritated still very red everywhere burning on the minora labia  will not go away its been 14 days and still there. I recentlt seen my gyno she said wveything looked fine but dhe said she thinks it viral either genital herpes or hpv and wanted me to take valtrex I haven't though. The burning is there all the time and today  my butt cheeks have started to ache again and i have a wierd quarter sized rash on butt cheek doesnt hurt or itch. Also i tried to get an igg test done but canada they don't do that and only igm which came back positive i do get cold sore and have since I was a kid it was also positive 2 years ago and said past exposure. Not sure if i should order a test online or take the meds and see if they work any thoughts? 

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Based on what you describe in terms of symptoms, herpes is pretty low down the list of possibilities. You do not describe a typical herpes lesion for example.

If you have concerns about your status, then it does seem as though you will need to seek type specific IgG HSV testing from a private clinic/doctor or online isn't too bad either. Do wait until 16 weeks after the 27 March episode.

I don't see the point of taking antivirals as it is far from clear what the issue is let alone herpes, nor do I think they'll do you much harm in terms of a single course.

As you said, a non type specific IgM test is as good as useless for an adult, especially one with an oral HSV-1 infection which is most of the population!

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Thanks for your reply, i have had so bad anxiety lately. Whats a good at home test to take? 

Can i take the test earlier with good results or shpuld just wait?

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Im not from that neck of the world so cant help with a reputable online test.

Best to wait until 16 weeks, its highly likely that you’re negative and its costly. Any sooner and I feel sure questions in your mind will surface.

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If you are from the USA, stdcheck.com is a good online private testing service. A Full 10 panel STD check is $189 which will test for the 8 most common STDs + HSV1 and 2.

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No i live in Canada they do igm and swabs only but i just had a mystery bump arrive had it swabbed having alot of aches in my legs and bum. Hopefully will get the test back shortly. 

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    • Jesusislove777
      By Jesusislove777
      I was diagnosed with hsv1&2 earlier this year. I was prescribed 1g of valtrex (valacyclovir) a day for suppressive therapy.  Valtrex helps greatly with my symtoms, but I recently had to leave my job for health reasons and will no longer have health insurance to get prescribed valtrex. 
      Does anyone know where I can purchase valtrex (valacyclovir) online without a prescription?
    • HSV2sucks
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      I am experiencing a lot of nerve pain, numbness, shooting pain, back pain, leg pain, pain in my butt cheeks... and I found some studies on nerve pain & HSV... 
    • Freefalling87
      By Freefalling87
      I contracted the virus anally 2 years ago without a primary outbreak, just the fever like symtpoms. Only had my first visible outbreak 4 months later and took valtrex for a few days. Only afyerni was done with the meds, that's when the nerve pain started. Ever since then, I never used any meds again and only have a small red dot outbreaks in my inner left and right thighs near my dick. 
      However, the nerve pain is constant on my left inner thigh in the crease and it sometimes moves to the head and shaft (nerve tingly pain). This pain has been constant for 2 years. Just wondering if I'm the only one with this problem, but are there any guys who have constant nerve pain from hsv2? 
    • Kwaminadhadley
      By Kwaminadhadley
      I had a potential exposure about 12 days ago with a random (not my gf). The lady gave me protected oral however prior to putting the condom on she had masturbated me and at some point took saliva from her mouth as lubrication when rubbing my penis. Almost immediately within less than 24 hrs I started to feel tingling in my genital area. Not continuously but once every few hours.  At first I thought it was just psycological. I started to monitor my penis daily to see if there were any changes. About 7 days after the exposure I started to notice very small red bumps in the gland area. Tingling had increased but I had no pain and no itchiness sometimes the sensation would be coldish almost numbing like. I went to an sti clinic and was told the reddish area was not indicative of herpes and that it looked more like an irritation. I was told there was no sore or blister to swab for culture analysis. Additionally I was asked to come back in a month for blood testing. They said my chance of getting genital herpes from such saliva transmission was low?? They never explained why the tingling though. 2 days later the tingling still had not stopped and now I could feel tingling occasionally in my but cheeks and tailbone..very mild tingling sensation. On day  10 the swelling increased slightly and I thought I could see a bump in my urethra . I went to a walk in clinic and the doctor also dismissed it that it isn’t herpes.  I’m now on day 12 since exposure The redness and swelling has reduced significantly hardly noticeable now but tingling in genital area and buttocks has not subsided comparatively. Additionally today for the first time I felt tingling and slight pains in my feet. I’m not sure what to do. Is this herpes. I have a girlfriend and I’m praying I have not infected her. It would break my heart if I had she doesn’t deserve that. She hasn’t mentioned any symptoms and she is the type to say if she did. But I can’t ask her to get checked yet cause I’m not sure if it is or isn’t ? Are my symptoms indicative of herpes or not with  redness and tingling but no sores or blisters ?? Also is the prodome phase of tingling in feet and buttocks indicative of herpes initial exposure ??Wishing everyone here answers and happiness through their journey 
    • concernedfem
      By concernedfem
      This week I went to an Urgent Care with the complaints of vaginal itching.. Today I just so happened to look at my visit summary and noticed that Herpes Virus 8 DNA Real-Time PCR was ordered. Is this test normally used for genital herpes??? I’m confused 
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    • Lucy29
      @CHT I am not sure what country you are in but I am in the U.K. and they don’t do blood tests for HSV at the standard sexual health clinics maybe at private ones where you have pay they do.   What would checking my anti bodies confirm ? And she didn’t swab the area as she said there was nothing to swab and no lesions but I am sure there was. She seemed quite inexperienced.  I have had an lesion swabbed years  ago  to confirm HSV2 but no swabs  since.  I would like  to know if they are HSV or my excema as I never know which is which so I just don’t have sex when I get these feelings as I don’t know if I’m having a Outbreak.  I will have a look at the link thanks. I wouldn’t want to go on the implant again as I don’t want 3 years of birth  control in my arm. I may consider the mini pill which is the same hormone as the implant as I can easily stop this it I have a bad reaction. I have an appointment with a specialist at the sexual health clinic next week 
    • WilsoInAus
      Hey @PlainJane what a thoroughly nasty piece of work! Im afraid it is the waiting game for you, having said that, there seems very little reason for you to suspect herpes.
    • PlainJane
      @WilsoInAus Thank you so much for the reply! You did before I even asked lol. I really didn’t want to talk to her about it. The last time we had spoken she was really mean and nasty to me. Threatening to beat me up because she was drunk. I don’t want her going around telling people I asked her if she has herpes because I have it. Which she absolutely will. Or she does and then I will be her scape goat for her to tell people I’m the one who gave it to her. I guess it’ll be a waiting game to get blood work to confirm or deny the presence of HSV2 antibodies. 
    • WilsoInAus
      Hello @PlainJane I think I recall your partner's post and would suggest that what he had as revealed in the photos was almost certainly not herpes - and reaffirmed above! The first thing to note is that you cannot be infected with HSV-1 and then test at a level 43.5 a total of 9 days after the incident. That's not how your body works. It would takes several weeks and possibly months to reach that level. Undoubtedly the HSV-1 infection is old and highly likely an oral infection from your childhood. The next thing to note is that toys or any object are not a great way of transferring herpes. Typically the rubbing of the skin area that is shedding the virus against the recipient's skin is needed. Transfer any other way is somewhere between infeasible to impossible. Your pictures do not look like herpes to me in favour of folliculitis - your partner's thigh shots are almost certainly folliculitis. Also note that this female friend must have HSV-2 for this to even warrant the vaguest notion of herpes being a cause. Can you ask her? If she does have HSV-2, then you will need a 12-16 week IgG test in order to have a conclusive answer (with a strong expectation of negative).
    • PlainJane
      @WilsoInAus Could you review this? You replied previously on my boyfriends post of his butt rash. I guess all I can really do is find a facility who will swab when I have a suspecting bump, since my doctor won’t for some reason and then redo the blood test for HSV2 since it’s now been 4 weeks since possible exposure. 
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