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oral sex with herpes.

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new person

hey, it has been a one and half year since I have been diagnosed with herpes. But I also want to say that, I haven't experienced an outbreak for 6 months. Even while I am eating loads of sugary items. I know my herpes hasn't gone but I have come to this stage where I have to no longer take medicines. 

I have a question in my mind. Can someone perform oral sex on me if I take medicines? This is the major question. 

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Someone can perform oral sex on you regardless of if you do or do not take Antivirals. However that person needs to be aware YOU are a carrier of the HSV virus. Antiviral medication when taken for 7 days+ in a row offers reduction of asymptomatic shedding and reduces OB risk.


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new person

no, my question is they will not contract herpes if I will take antivirals? 

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There is always a risk of transmission, all that can be done is minimise the risk. The risk of genital to oral HSV-2 is already very low, of the order of 1 in 5,000 episodes - the odds may be longer. 

The practical measures and conditions that reduce risk are as follows:

  • No symptoms of any kind that carry a suspicion in your mind of a possible outbreak genitally
  • Your partner's mouth and lips healthy, not dry or cracked, sores, cuts, abrasions etc.
  • You taking antivirals
  • If the partner has oral HSV-1 (or genital HSV-2) this significantly reduces the risk
  • Barriers, dental dams

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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