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My life seems pretty ruined......

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Hey world...

so... i recently had my first 'cold sore' outbreak... at first I didnt know what it was, i just thought it was some kind of a minor rash or just some temporary symptom of eating unhealthy for a while. But someone told me that it was herpes and that it was a STD. I was shocked, went home and did A LOT of research about it... and it is herpes.

The thing that bothers me the most,,, is that the internet 'says' that more than 2 thirds of the world has herpes... but where I come from, (a country in asia) this virus IS NOT COMMON. I searched the entirety of the internet in my country, there are hardly any cases/ posts/ forums etc. about it, only some 'theoretical' medical informations about it for 'studies'. Even when the internet world in my country is enormous. Now that I think about it, I have never seen ANYONE in my 25 year life in my country with herpes. (I am now living in EU, where I probably got the infection.) So I asked a couple of people that I know in my country about herpes. NONE of them even heard about it...

A handful of posts that I did find, all had comments saying how disgusted they were, how sexually-opened the world has become, how they are now insecure... and some copy pasted 'text book definition' of herpes.

I know now through searching, that herpes is not fatal, and that its common...

But I have to go back to my country soon... and will have to live there... 

If herpes is that highly infectious... what do I do...??? In a place where herpes would be taken judgementally and opinionated. I feel devastated right now. :(


I have a couple questions:

Will I never be able to kiss without passing it on? Or differently asked, when CAN I kiss without being absolute certain it wont be passed on.

Can you pass on oral herpes by just having normal sex? 

I want to know if there are any cases out there, where your partner or yourself is herpes-free and the other is infected, but have been together for quite some time, and hasnt got the other infected? 


I would very much appreciate for some replies. 


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First thing first did you get the lesion swabbed tested? Or did you do any test to show you have hsv?

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