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New CRISPR company - Beam Therapeutics

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Feng Zheng is starting a company called Beam Therapeutics that’s going to focus on even more precise CRISPR. Please see the link below. There are many more articles if you google Beam Therapeutics.



Company website - https://beamtx.com/


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5 hours ago, Taintedgirl said:

Cool but will they be doing any herpes research?


They have not stated what they will be working on yet. Don’t be discouraged by that, this company is very serious. They got $87 million in series A funding.  Feng Zhang who has been a huge part of CRISPR.  I’ve edited the original post that includes their website. 

I am not a scientist but maybe someone else can elaborate from what I quoted from Beams website below.  It seems that if they are able to more precisely edit the genome it’s better news for HSV

Beam Therapeutics website - Science section. 

Our groundbreaking CRISPR base editing technology allows us to make permanent, specific edits to single bases in DNA and RNA. Base editor therapeutics represent a new class of “precision genetic medicines,” combining precision targeting of the genome with precision control of editing outcomes.

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They probably won’t have anything to do with hsv 

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