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Pure lemon Balm(Melissa)& Lavender Oil

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I have had more than 10 outbreaks a year since my first year.  My first year it was every 2-3 weeks.  Mine is directly effected by my period.

I have tried many supplements, salves, herbal remedies.  But the best one by far is this.  You may be even one of the lucky ones that over time stops having as many OB's.

100% pure Melissa (lemon Balm) essential oil.  They call it liquid gold if it is less than 80 dollars it's not pure Melissa.  It lasts over two years as you only use a few drops.

100% pure Lavender essential oil.  Get only the highest quality.

Now buy a small dark essential oil dropper bottle.

2 drops of melissa to 10 drops of Lavender oil.

Never use melissa directly by itself.  It is very potent.

The best time is to use it before an outbreak happens during the warning sign time apply one or two drops where you think it will occur.  You may be able to catch and fully prevent it if not. Apply to area 4 times a day especially before bed.  

My outbreaks rarely last two days using this method.  It can be used on cold sores but oddly it worked better for HSV-2.

Unfortunately I still get fairly regular outbreaks but this helped immensely.  Do your research essential oils have shown in studies to help.

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I’ve used Melissa with little to no success. Finding a supplement that relieves all symptoms and stops the progression of the virus is ideal, look into fulvic acid as that is what it does. I’ve been outbreak free for 5 months now, zero symptoms.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • HSV-1
      Immediately after it clears Phase 3, they might price Pritelivir in an exorbitant fashion and only prescribe it to immunodeficient patients (AIDS). I'm also curious how fast HSV is expected to evolve resistance against Pritelivir.
    • AnonF
      So I disclosed for the first time last week. I was feeling confident after reading all of the positive disclosure stories out there. I was armed with the stats and presented the information in a calm manner as recommended. I was happy to find out that the guy already had a lot of knowledge about it because had an ex w the same issue. It was nice to have sex without having to worry about harboring a secret, I felt normal for once   I got a text from him in the AM and I was hoping for the usual "had a great time, can't wait to see you again" but instead he was blithering on about being paranoid about the contact. We exchanged one more message that day, and today I sent one, no response..... pretty certain I've been ghosted.  I am back to that dark place where I feel like I'm unlovable / unfuckable dreg of society. I'm a single parent which doesn't help, nobody wants a relationship w someone like me... add the herpes and I might as well be a 400 lb amputee on welfare with an IQ of 70. I feel like I am going to have to eventually "settle" for someone that is willing to be with me, but I don't really like them. I feel that a man that is willing to accept this is probably an unwanted outcast himself.  So ultimately I fear I will have nobody, or settle for a guy that disgusts me
    • jxc1337
      Maybe I should up my intake of olive leaf? 
    • Wtfisthisplease
      I'm pretty sure I have ghsv1 but it's not confirmed as I test negative via igg blood test but I probably would not fully disclose even if I had 100% proof. Right now I have disclosed that I think I may have had a coldsore and that's it. Turns out the two girls I've disclosed that to said they get coldsores too so it's a non issue. Hsv1 is a little bit different though in terms of prevalence. If I were in your position (assuming you have hsv2) and took antivirals I probably would not feel the need to disclose during hookups. However in a long term relationship I think it's important. When I disclosed that I may have had a cold sore in the past to a girl I was about to get intimate with she disclosed that she had an oral coldsore before and was positive for hepatitis B. I'm glad she disclosed the hep B because I wanted to make sure I had hep b titers. If the same girl disclosed she had hsv2 I would just make sure she's taking antivirals and wear a condom. 
    • Everydaypeople
      Has anyone ever used this ??

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