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Pressure in vaginal area..?


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Hi everyone,

Its been a week since first outbreak cleared up, I still am getting weird nerve stuff, like tingling in feet, hands, thighs and butt. And random body aches/fatigue. (I am not complaining because i am grateful the sores cleared up so quickly once i started meds.)

The main thing at this point thats bothering me is the pressure I'm feeling in my vagina, almost like i have to push something out of it lol. If anyones ever had a bad UTI, its KINDA like that. Its such a strong pressure that it makes me want to curl up in a ball. I am not having any pain when i pee, or problems peeing.  Nor do i have any sores or open wounds in my vaginal area. It does get more intense if i have to pee, or if I've been on my feet all day. Like the weight of my day is in my vagina. (lol). I know this is not funny.. but at this point all i can do is laugh at life:weary:

So my question is just about the pressure in the vagina. Does anyone else have this? Any newbies? Vets, will this go away?


Also ps... We are all going to be ok. I promise.:heart:

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FYI My timeline & what has worked for me:

-Sunday sex with ex from highschool (I'm 31 now); great.
-Tuesday we attempt to have sex again; painful and start bleeding, yet no blisters or clue of herpes.
-Sunday end up at the gynecologist after experiencing itching all week, and realizing its not BV or yeast.  :unamused:. World shattering   Herpes diagnosis from DR after she inspects my 4 flat sores (i guess the blisters popped). I start on Acyclovir as soon as i leave the office. I also google every possible tea, vitamin, supplement, etc, spend 200$ at whole foods, and began all of these on Sunday as well.
-My painful sores clear up completely by Wednesday.  



=I am completely back to normal in my vaginal area.  FYI, i stopped eating sugar, processed foods, most carbs, and coffee, the day i was told i had herpes. I actually walked into the Dr's with a cup of starbucks.:sob:.

-I applied a magic potion lol, of tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar, alkaline water, coconut oil, manuka honey, and lemon balm oil to my sores. I applied it all day by pouring some on a witch hazel wipe (recommend), and setting on the sores. I also was applying manuka honey & tea tree oil every so often to just sit there on a small cotton round.  Yes the potion burned. But it worked, for me. I know everyone is different.

-I also researched the shit out of herpes supplements so heres what I'm taking:
          -Multi vit, Probiotic, Lysine, Zinc, Ginger pills, Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C, Olive leaf pill, Elderberry, cranberry. I also take a  dr schulzes digestive pill, Wellness Formula Herbal Defense Complex from whole foods, and blood builders iron pill (I'm anemic),

-Ive been taking 1 scoop L-glutamine powder, mixed with water 3 times a day. 

-Drinking immunity teas also found at Whole foods or any grocery stores (echinacea, licorice, and two other "immune plus" teas) 
          -I mix one tbs of coconut oil inside one of my cups a day.

-Im taking one shot of Braggs apple cider vinegar a day in the morning.

Hoping to reintroduce working out this weekend. A little nervous. Also nervous because this was my first outbreak and I'm well aware another could be coming. Determined to give my all to fight it though. 



ALSO, PS.. im fully aware I'm going a little crazy with all of this stuff, and i do plan to relax a little bit with it all eventually, but right now and at least for these first few months, I'm doing any and every thing i need to fight this until my body builds up whatever immunity cells it needs to fight it (and praying it does).


OK THE END.  i hope this helps someone.. message me if u have any questions!

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    • FirstTimeUser
      @WilsoInAuswould appreciate your thoughts as have seen you comment quite a bit before!
    • Marlena
      Good morning. My name is Marlena and I come from Poland. Sorry, my English is average. For two years I have been in a relationship with a man, for a year and a half I have been struggling with intimate problems. On average, my intimate condition is getting worse every month. Then I feel itching, redness, swelling around the entrance to the vagina, small blisters (not always). Most often it is only red and swollen, itches and then disappears. This state lasts 3-4 days. I come from a small town, doctors don't know what it is. They say it's 'skin irritation'. They prescribe moisturizing creams with lactic acid, probiotics. It doesn't help. I did a blood test for HSV on my own, which is very expensive in Poland, but it does not separate HSV1 from HSV2. The doctor, when he shows these results, says that it's not herpes, but irritation. I would like to add that in the past I suffered from herpes on the lips, then it was a 'scab'. There has never been a scab in an intimate area. Sometimes there are blisters that last 1-2 days, but not always. So what do high blood test results mean? I would like to add that in Poland people do not talk about the HSV virus. It's just that sometimes someone has it on their lips and that's it. Results translation: IgM HSV 1/2: questionable IgG HSV 1/2: result above the measuring range https://files.fm/f/4cpu7uee4  
    • FirstTimeUser
      This is my first time posting here. Im generally pretty anxious when it comes to anything to do with health conditions etc. For context I have had jock itch and fungal infections previously on my buttcrack. I have had 0 new sexual partners and I am not concerned about my girlfriend cheating at all. 4 days ago my balls began itching and red pretty much all over, as you can see some general flakeyness and what looks to be a lesion I noticed on Monday when I checked them out. My partner and I do get cold sores from time to time so the anxious part of me is concerned this could be herpes, but at the same time could be some sort of fungal infection. My doctor cant see me until tomorrow so I just have to worry until then. There is no pain and nothing on the penis or anywhere else, just general itchiness. Any ideas if this is herpes or not?  
    • Jeremy Spokein
      Yes, but every married person who I found out about that has this waited 6-8 months into the relationship to disclose it. But maybe you're right. If I had told her 6-7 months in, she'd still have Googled it and flipped out, and maybe it would have been harder then. I don't know. I don't see myself going through this level of pain and rejection so easily next time. I really don't. I'm taking the meds. I use protection. It's been almost a decade since I've had it so I'm not worried about shedding or passing it on so easily. British studies confirm that the first 2 years are the most contagious and we're passed that. I'm just over this. I've never been in so much emotional pain in my life.
    • Possiblehypercon11
      @WilsoInAus would really appreciate your input please. Kinda freaking out lol. 
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