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Herpes in a pill to heal?

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Has anyone ever heard of capturing the secretions of your herpes breakout in tiny medical jar so that the virus can be collected and put into pills so that you can take them on the daily as a way to prevent recurring outbreaks?

I had a naturopath suggest this option to me as a way to decrease outbreaks. He even gave me the jar to capture and bring back to him whenever I have my next outbreak. Something about reintroducing your own herpes virus into your body helps build your immune system? Anyway someone there testified to it working for them for the past 6 months so I'm actually considering it. What do you guys think?

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I wish we could post gifs on here because.....WTF! 

Please I beg of you do not capture your secretions and use them in that manner you could potentially infect other parts of your body and make your situation. Do not be led astray.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • Ribbon35
      By Ribbon35
      I apologise if this is too detailed but I really need to know if this is to be expected every time I try to please myself. I was diagnosed with HSV2 in March this year. The outbreak happened right at the bottom entry of my vaginal opening. Originally I thought I had a vaginal tear from sex (well I did) and it turned into a herpes infection. 
      After my first breakout I have had two more small ones. Both outbreaks occurred after having a clitoral orgasm initiated by using a vibrator on myself. Never have I inserted anything in my vagina yet my outbreaks keep occurring in the same area near the bottom of my vaginal opening! I'm so confused as to why this is happening especially since I am not rubbing on the area where the outbreaks are popping up.
      This is so disheartening because now I fear that all intimate pleasure with myself or anyone for that matter) will result in an outbreak. How can I make this better? Of course I take valtrex when the outbreaks happen but I don't want to takev them on the daily. I've been supplementing with 2000mg lysine and 2000mg c-plus citrus bioflavonoids. I have been a big believer in holistic healing so any advice in that realm would be helpful as well.
      I'm just really curious if anyone else out there is having these same issue and if so did it persist or is this just going to eventually subside?
    • Resilience101
      By Resilience101
    • Resilience101
      By Resilience101
    • Resilience101
      By Resilience101
    • random7years
      By random7years
      I have both versions of the virus. (tested positive for them). Without any treatment any normal year will yield 7 to 15 outbreaks.
      I did Valtrex, would help to stop outbreaks but heavy symptoms of replication would be still present, did this for the first 3 years then stopped Valtrex for 3 years and tried everything else mentioned out there in studies and here in the forum with mixed results but nothing that would work 100% including Lysine (at the dose of 1000mg a day). 
      Last year on a trip out of state, i decided to indulge in heavy drinking, which we all know puts a heavy strain on the immune system and started to obviously have very heavy symptoms of replication, but ladies and gentlemen this one was coming strong. So I run to the internet and again, went back to visit all the studies re-read everything to find a solution I havent tried, then found articles more specific on the arginine function inside the virus replication cycle, such as (https://www.fxmedicine.com.au/blog-post/role-arginine-viral-replication) this article. 
      Lysine seemed a good option again but how to differentiate this new experience from the last time, I asked myself what can I do better this time? 
      I took 12 grams that day(divided in 4 doses of 4, woke up took one, then 4 with every food), still with the huge pain of the outbreak about to come but, something changed. It didnt come! as expected I had stomach cramps, bloating and discomfort but I continued during the week to the point that the pain subsided an the outbreak never came. No red skin, no blisters, no pain no nothing after a week, so that prompted me to start a little personal experiment.

      Lysine Dosage Experimentation - A years worth of personal experience with lysine dosages.
      Months one to three:
      1000mg with each food (3 times a day)
      -Replication (prodome) symtoms present: (4/10) ; on a scale of 10 being present all the time, 0 never being present.
      -Amount of outbreaks: 1.5 ; reduction from the usual 3 to 5 from the past year
      Held back one outbreak, and had a very small one that healed in two days two weeks later)
      -Cost of treatment: 3 pills per day x 90 days = 3 bottles of 100 pills x 10 dollars each = $30 
      -Side Effects: Stomach Cramping, Bloating,
      -How I mitigated side effects: At this point didnt try much, maybe some pepto but no big change. Still I held up the dosage experiment because of the clear reduction in symptoms and outbreaks.
      Months three to six:
      2000mg with each food (3 times a day)
      -Replication (prodome) symtoms present: (1/10) ; on a scale of 10 being present all the time, 0 never being present.
      -Amount of outbreaks: 0 ; reduction from the usual 3 to 5 from the past year
      All i felt at this point was faint jolts in the sciatica nerve (tigh and butt) but no mayor symptoms.
      -Cost of treatment: 6 pills per day x 30 days (3 months) = 6 bottles of 100 pills x 10 dollars each = $60 + dietary changes
      -Side Effects: Stomach Cramping, Bloating, Hungry a lot more often ( Gained weight (5-6 pounds) Happy
      -How I mitigated side effects: This was a little heavier on my body, but my body had gotten somewhat used to it in the past months, so I researched on how to combat cramping and bloating I found one common cheap way of doing it: Bananas, potassium rich food helps with bloating! So after adding bananas I would eat 2 to 3 bananas a day, everything seemed a lot more manageable. Also tried foods with stomach enzimes like papaya, yogurt (greekplain with the fruits added later), Pineapple and lots of water. Everything helped with the symptoms and made me eat healthier on the way which prompted more lifestyle changes like eating less processed sugary stuff like cookies, candy etc...
      Months six to nine:
      3000mg with each food (3 times a day)
      -Replication (prodome) symtoms present: (0.5/10) ; on a scale of 10 being present all the time, 0 never being present.
      The only reason I put 0.5 is because I know the virus is there, its been with me for years so my brain knows hes not going away but to be honest I had no symptoms at all.
      -Amount of outbreaks: 0 ; reduction from the usual 3 to 5 from the past year
      -Cost of treatment: 9 pills per day x 90 days  = 9 bottles of 100 pills x 10 dollars each = $90 + dietary changes
      -Side Effects: Stomach Cramping, Bloating, dropped weight gained, Super Happy, Confident
      -How I mitigated side effects: By this time I had eliminated Soda (aside from the once a week sprite with some junk food) and only drank water(tried as much to make it high ph but any water would do me good anyways), I was snacking 3 to 5 times a day fruits, my digestion was amazing but the 9grams of lysine felt heavy. Now this months came some main course dietary changes also, concentrated more on eating better, I personally love meats so I would go and eat meat with a salad, or rice, try to leave out things like bread and pasta (anything wheat made really).. 
      Months nine to twelve:
      0mg with each food (3 times a day)
      -Replication (prodome) symtoms present: (6/10) ; on a scale of 10 being present all the time, 0 never being present.
      Effects from the lysine intake lasted a good 7 to 10 days then the symptoms came back at least 60%, I suspect my dietary changes have a positive effect on keeping the virus at bay
      -Amount of outbreaks: Almost 1 ; reduction from the usual 3 to 5 from the past year
      (I stopped it with the 2 grams with food option) =)
      -Cost of treatment:  cost of newly found dietary changes
      -Side Effects: Happy, Energetic
      -How I mitigated side effects: By this time, I had begun excercising, continued to eat better, cut down my junk food eating to once every two weeks, kept my intake of fruits had energy all the time. i drank 4 to 8 bottles of water daily, 90% removed bread and pasta, but introduced more vegeteables to accompany my meats, 90% removed soda intake... no more sugar in exess.. my body didnt even ask for sugars anymore. 

      I decided to stick with the 2 grams with food every single day or 6 grams a day, sometimes I take it 3 grams in the morning, 3 grams before sleep.. After a year of not having almost outbreaks I look forward to more years like this, I felt responsible to share this information. One thing I want to say from my personal experience and as advice.. Biologically, Im not a normal person anymore, I accepted it. I can lead a normal lifestyle just like any other human, but If I understand the Biologically ive changed I must do whats best for my new standard. Thats why initially I made the changes to my diet, made the changes to my lifstyle and im always looking forward to better myself mentally, and physically. I do not provoke the virus as a test, I do not eat high arginine foods like nuts and chocolate "for nostalgia" of how I once was, that is detrimental to my new biologic state. To me, accepting is understanding that the food I used to eat before, i cannot eat anymore, being sad and depressed is not an option anymore, that i had to change my character to a point in which it  affects positively my choices from now on to protect my new wellbeing. Today im a new person, regained my confidence, my happiness and all not because of lysine but because of understanding and accepting that for me to accept the positive lysine changes in my body I needed to change my life. 
      Change is the treatment I offer you guys today.
      Any questions feel free to ask, I dont log in often.. usually always looked from the ouside, but I will try to answer any questions you have.
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    • LWestCoast
    • BPKU
      Ok. That's true. I would def. use protection but i was just thinking I should say something. I haven't made an decisions yet so nothing has happened. And also thanks for your response.
    • Xmk224
      Im thinking alot of one night stands are usually ppl you dont know. So i assume alot of ppl take the risk and have protected sex or even unprotected sex knowing they will never see thst person ever again. Especially if the transmission rate is low while using protection
    • BPKU
      I mean by that same logic anybody would be crazy to have sex with us ever  lol ppl we end up in relationships with are at risk the most aren't they? Since that would mean regular sex...  I'm asking to see if anybody has ACTUALLY disclosed to a one night stand because I've read on other sites that ppl have done it but most are blogs like the one here https://www.emilydepasse.com/eldsoul/2018/3/25/ask-emily-dating-with-herpes where basically the writer is responding to a question vs me actually having the ability to talk to the person who actually has the experience 
    • 2kroc
      http://www.eligiblemagazine.com/2013/03/14/lube-up-with-coconut-oil/ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10813049 https://www.drgonzalezmd.com/avoid-secondary-herpes-infections-with-coconut-oil/   Coconut Oil has been shown to contain alot of antiviral properties. Herpes simply cannot survive in it, however I'm curious at how effective it is at preventing herpes transmission during sex, and if it'd make you near invincible. Herpes during sex is transmitted through skin to skin friction which coconut oil significant reduces.  Also if the virus were to leave the carrier's body it would get caught up in the layer of oil and killed. But how fast? Also, The lube drys out as you rub against each other, so you'd have to keep re-applying every so often.   Depending on the intensity of the sex, the coconut oil will get thoroughly rubbed into the persons skin layers, which'd mean the virus undoubtedly be on the persons skin and flesh. But, Theoretically, The virus should be dead/inactive due to being surrounded by the anti viral coconut oil, so it wouldn't even be able to crawl into their body to infect.   We need to get a bunch of lab mice or monkey, Infect 2 with herpes (Control and Test groups) , cover the test group in coconut oil, and let them have sex. If the test group shows less herpes transmission rates than that means that Coconut oil decreases STD TRANSMISSION!   Why hasn't this been done yet? Even if it didn't reduce transmission by 100%, 50% would lower std rates significantly.

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