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What is this bump on the right buttock?

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Can someone check this and tell if I need to see a doctor today? I just found this pimple this morning on my buttock. Hurts a little though when I touch or sit. Hope it is not herpes. Please see the left corner of the pic 


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No one is a doctor here and herpes presents itself in many different ways so just go to a doctor and get checked out 

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It sure doesn't look like herpes at all.

Mate, you've not had lesions, your testing is negative, you're able to let this go.

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Thanks for reviewing mate. I m not sure why am I having these issues. Just sick and tired of these concerns with the red bumps in my genitals. 

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • faultygundam
      By faultygundam
      Hi people,
      I'm particularly reaching out to those who are affected in malaysia or Singapore. Due to not many support is there in our region and talking about sex or STDs is a taboo.
      I've just contracted HSV2 more than a month ago due to my negligence. It was really a tough and rough time I had at the early stages. I didn't know who to look for and talk to. 
      Google wasnt helping either. It was just scaring and killing me at almost every search. 
      I know it can be very lonely and frustrating. But I would like to help the community in my region. Which the topic Sex is a taboo and not to be spoken easily in public.
      So, anyway If you think or know that you have contracted this virus. Know the signs.
      Nerve pain : burning sensation on the skin / itching or pain
      Tiny bumps (cluster) on your side of lips or around your genital area.
      Ulcer on your genital area or anus.
      Ultimately, go and speak to your most trusted doctor. Which is very important.
      Or if you would want your check up to be anonymous. You can kindly go to 
      For anonymous & confidential STD check ups.
      Make sure to get the right medication prescriptions.
      The most common meds in Malaysia are acyclovir. 
      For affected skin area, you can get the brand Virless which is for external use.
      Extra Virgin coconut oil does help to ease the skin. But it won't help much of killing the ulcer or bumps.
      It is available at most pharmacies.
      For antiviral pills, (acyclovir) it comes in 200mg 400mg & 800mg. Please do not simply take these without getting a doctor's advise.
      There might be other types of antiviral pills out there too.
      Normally the doctor will prescribe you to take it in a 5 day course. 
      Do not abuse these meds unless your doctor says that you need more meds.
      As you need to let your immune system to build up and fight against this virus to dormant.
      Start a healthy lifestyle and diet. 
      Drink more water, more fruits and veggies.
      Stay away from fried, spicy, or sour food. It triggers it.
      Take more vitamin and supplements.
      Vit C, B, E and L-lysine 
      Treating nerve pain
      A traditional method and doesn't cost much. 
      I can't guarantee it helps. But everything is worth the try. 
      It doesn't cost much either. 
      RM22.00 for first timers.
      RM15.00 for next
      Thai Herbal Sauna
      Also, I can't guarantee it works. But what the heck. Just give it a try. 
      And don't feel alone. We're here to kick the H Ass!
      Sorry for my not so professional English.
      Correct me if I'm wrong in certain areas.
    • Jrjayy22
      By Jrjayy22
      Hi sorry i know i posted already but i have this bump that has been on my mind lately.  I have a picture of it but it wont let me put it on here.  If someone can look at possibly through email or something it would be very helpful.  I believe there is a hair inside it.  Or maybe its just the flash on my phone?  Idk i just want a second opinion.  Sorry for posting again.  To describe it, the area around it is red and the bump itself is yellowish and it looks like there is fluid.  It kinda hurts when touching not really, just enough that i feel and know its there you know?  It doesnt itch either and i believe it didnt tingle or itch before.  But the thing is that i had another bump there idk if its the exact same spot but it is in the same area.  That bump i first noticed like 4-6 weeks ago and disappeared without blistering in maybe 3 weeks.  I can send a pic however way is easiest.  Any response is greatly appreciated!
    • Maryslamb55
      By Maryslamb55
      Ive known him all my life we grew up down the street from each other and began dating as freshmen proposed a couple months after graduation. We never had sex with each other all those years.....but we did for the first time 3 monthes ago
      I found out throughout our relationship hes been cheating with several girls because i wouldnt have sex with him due to my religion...the most recent was 5 monthes ago i found out the day after we had sex and was heartbroken he then confessed he might* have hpv 
      A week later my whole pubic area/genital was burning like Fire ! it burned 24/7 for about a week
      The 2nd week i had frequent urination it didnt burn i just had to go alot which was annoying thin watery dishcharge with curds in it also
      3rd week i swelled up like a balloon down there :< and had the thickest dishcharge i have ever seen in my life like toothpaste  as well as super burning and a mild itch i had to sleep with my legs with open! i also got cold tingles in my hips
      4th week the burning was bearable now and it only itched if i thought about it pain when i urinated began on the last sunday of the month after church i got these teeny tiny bumps on my bottom lip that were orange and and began to feel terribly dizzy  my lower abdomen ached i went to the er
       I was diagnosed with a Bladder infection a Yeast infection Cervictis and a Potassium deficiency
      Since then ive been to my obgyn 4 times in 2 week everytime she takes a swab and does a exam and says i still have a yeast infection ive take 5 diflucans the itching and burning went away but the swelling and discharge are still there i had tingling in my legs and pain in hips
      But 2 days ago i woke up to a painless bump it was small the first day.. hard to see really 
      Then the second day it looked like a mosquito bite or a wart???? And now today it looks orange??? and small is it possible to have a herpes outbreak bump be so tiny im not sure if it has a head because of its size but it didnt yesterday
      Does anyone have any idea what this is???


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    • Quest
      They did a hole punch as a swab for me, requested a PCR and it was not done. And they don't swab with cotton my other was swabbed with a rough surface to pick up skin. 
    • 35hope
      that was for the latent virus
    • normakiut
      Well, if I were you I would totally tell him. It is important that he knows what he has and gets tested, that way he can be more careful in the future and avoid transmission to other partners. It's true that you can't stay mad at him forever and I thinks it's very mature from you to put the cards on the table, it's the right thing to do.  You don't have to accuse him, you just have to hit him with the facts, I think handing him your test results is a good idea, that way you can see how he reacts, maybe he knew he had it, maybe he didn't. When you dated a few months ago did you guys use protection?  I got it from someone who knew he had it but "thought" nothing would happen to me because he was asymptomatic at that moment.  Best of luck!
    • Atrapasueños
      @Cas9 In vivo inactivation of latent HSV by endonuclease-mediated mutagenesis
    • WilsoInAus
      No, genital HSV-1 transmission from genital sex to an uninfected person does happen, it is rare in its own degree. It happens to about 1% of couples in the discordant situation described each year. If your partner suggests he didn't know he had genital HSV-1, then I'd suggest he told a porkie pie! This compares to the 0.0001% or lower annual chance of reinfection! So no, there is no need to feel sad at all. You also seem to make out that having HSV-1 is some form of death sentence. It is usually the opposite. The cohort of people with HSV-1 are as healthy if not more so than those without HSV-1 and have similar or less morbidity (aggregate symptoms, pains etc.) than those without HSV-1. There is nothing impaired about a person having genital HSV-1. No shame, concerns, health deficiencies etc.  No fate but what we make! Choose a good fate!

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