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Confused after diagnosis?

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Hi there. So I went into the doctor after getting a rash on my genitals that got a little irritated. I thought it was just from an infected razor burn. I had no other symptoms except the bumps and a little bit of swelling. The doctor took a swab and told me it didn't seem to be herpes, but she took a blood test to be sure. She put me on antibiotics for another infection I had, and it cleared everything up in less than 48 hours. I got a call about a week later and they told me over the phone (which are they even allowed to do?) that I tested positive. They gave me no other information or anything but just told me I was getting prescribed an antiviral. I called my boyfriend of 3.5 years after that and he was just as shocked as I was. I asked if there was any way he had herpes since he's the only person I've ever been with, and he said no. He was tested a couple weeks before I was for everything and it all came back negative. These past few weeks have been an emotional rollercoaster, and I'm completely lost. I haven't had any issues since all of this and I'm wondering if this could at all be a false positive? I'm thinking I should go somewhere else and be tested again. Thanks in advance!!

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The only thing you can do is get hold of a printout of the tests. You had a swab and blood and it is critical to know which one is positive.

As for your partner's testing, did it include IgG type specific for HSV-1 and HSV-2?

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I believe his was tested for both 1 & 2. The swab was negative, blood was positive. I should've asked more questions when I was told, but I was in complete shock and didn't even know what to say. 

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OK I think that is starting to clear things up.

The positive blood (I am assuming that is for IgG) would mean that you have had herpes of the identified type for at least a little while. You would not have been infected recently with the type identified. For example, if it was positive for HSV-1 (this is pretty likely) this would almost certainly be a childhood HSV-1 infection). Do you get oral cold sores?

If you are quite confident your partner's test was IgG for HSV-1 and HSV-2 and negative for both, then it is game over. This is most probably not a genital herpes infection. This is supported by a swab.

Hence please do get a copy of the results. As mentioned, I think you might see IgG HSV-1 positive.

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I've never gotten a cold sore, but I know typically most people have HSV-1. I'm going to obtain the lab results and probably get tested again elsewhere to be sure. Thank you so much for your help.

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    • sm0519
      By sm0519
      Hi there. I just got my hands on my test results, but I have 5 different papers and they all say something different (I'm guessing for different test types?) but I'm confused by what I should go by. I'll attach the different pictures in the replies. 
    • Elsa
      By Elsa
      Okay I will provide a brief back ground then would just like opinions or advice. I had been extremely ill with a bad head cold for about 3 weeks that antibiotics were not helping. Even now 5 weeks later I still wake up with mild throat pain. I started feeling burning in my vagina and automatically assumed this was a yeast infection as I have been with my daughters father for 9 years now and have had 0 other partners during this time. About 4 days after the original vaginal symptoms I noticed small white ulcers inside my Labia (looked exactly like a canker sore but on my vagina). I immediately went to gyno who told me that it was herpes and started me on valtrex. I had taken a fluconazole 2 days prior as I had assumed yeast infection. The next day my symptoms were gone and the Ulcers were practically healed as well. I don’t know if I can attribute this to fluconazole or valtrex. I had cultures done which were both negative, and igm which was negative both 1 and 2. Then an igg negative type 1 and positive type 2 at a 1.11. I was devastated to get a result 0.01 over being equivocal or negative. Also of note my partner got tested and he was negative for everything and has never had symptoms. So I believed I must have got this over 10 years ago when I was in high school and carried it this whole time and even had it when I had my daughter. I decided to go to my previous gyno (went to a new doctor first time as I had just moved). He ordered another hsv2 igg. And this one was NEGATIVE at a 0.84. I am conflicted as to what I should do. I did not think my “outbreak” looked like herpes personally, but I had an expert telling me it did. I was just so extremely sick. The second test was only 3 weeks after the first. This has been extremely emotionally exhausting for me. Especially as a mother because my mind was spinning thinking I could have hurt my child at birth or given it to her in her short life so far. My partner doesn’t think I need more testing and I am leaning toward just waiting till my next pregnancy and doing another blood test then. Is that crazy? Thanks 
    • EnidS
    • pseegs
      By pseegs
      So 4 weeks ago I tested positive for HSV 2. igg levels 1.36
      took test about 1 maybe 2  days after my risky exposure which I suspect is where I contracted it I started taking Valtrex.
      Anyways I was taking 500 mg of Valtrex since once a day. Also taking an assortment of l-lysine ginger root, oregano oil topical and pill vitamin c list goes on. I have always eaten very clean but for that month I really tried to fast primarily on vegetables and fruits. I also decided to work out a lot of cold showers etc..
      So one month goes by I get tested Igg comes back igg .92 HSV2   that's a low positive right?  would the Valtrex have made it go down to .92?   Then they do a retrace test which I want to find out some more details on pretty sure that means they just run the blood through again and it came back negative this time I think its an igg negative.
      So yeah I'm obviously very glad, this whole situation has made me change my life and it wasn't easy still isn't. I am thankful for that.
      The doctor says she wants to run some more test again but said I should still be considered positive.
      Also could have been exposed to this a few months ago as well just was thinking it was that time because of the burning urination. I got tested one day later after that exposure within 24 hours. would igg even come back 1.36 if it was from then?
      Also if I have tested positive twice both being very low 1.36 and.92  should I get a WB.
      Thanks for reading excited to hear some feedback.
      I will get more testing done next week should know more then and share
    • Pixie28
      By Pixie28
      Hi all. I’m so glad I have found this forum. I have just been diagnosed with genital herpes. I’m currently so damn sore and itchy. I feel ashamed and skanky. I was with my husband for 17 years. We split up 4 years ago. There was a gap I had a few sexual relationships but always used condoms. I then met my boyfriend and we’ve been together nearly 3 years. I am still friends with my previous sexual partner and contacted him and said he doesn’t have it. And has had a sexual health check in January all ok. So is it possible my current boyfriend is the carrier? He has no symptoms. Again we use condoms but he performed oral on me. I’m finding the whole thing very confusing. The dr seemed adamant it was my most recent partner but I think cos I was in so much shock I didn’t take all the information in. If anyone could help that would be great. I’m going to go and have a read around the forums now for advice on pain . 
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    • Jane79
      This is my first post. I need an honest unbiased perspective on this situation concerning my current partner. I was diagnosed with herpes during a marriage in which I was faithful but he was not. It was about 7 or 8 years in that I found out about the infidelity and got tested for everything. I was + for herpes. The doctor told me there was no way to tell just how long I'd had it. To this day I dont understand why but after the doctor confirmed the diagnosis it seemed like the outbreaks got worse. I eventually went on medication. The cheating husband told me he didnt have that sh#! And treated me as if I somehow got it someother way. He eventually left me. At the age of 32 I got involved with a man several years younger than me. He showed me hiv negative status papers on our first date. I told him that I didnt have Hiv either. We later had unprotected sex several times. I did mention but did not insist on protection. I neglected to tell him about the herpes. As embarrassing as this is to admit; I didnt see a future with him, didnt really know him, and was pretty much rebounding from a 10 year long terrible marriage.  Afew weeks into it as things seemed to be getting more serious I fearfully told him that I have herpes. He was a little concerned but said it didnt matter. He wanted to pursue the relationship. Afew weeks after that he got an outbreak. We went to the doctor. He tested positive for it. He was angry with me. He was furious and to this day he feels betrayed. It's been 7 years now that I have been with him. Seven hard years. He is controlling, and abusive. He claims that he loves me- I feel that he really doesn't because of the abuse. He has honestly hurt me in some of the worst ways imaginable but everytime I try to leave or express how hurt I am he brings up "the herpes". I have apologized to him several times but it seems like no amount of apologizing will do. He says that I never "really" apologized. He says this because I have told him that I shouldn't have had sex with him period. That i regret having gotten involved with him not just because of the herpes but because of the way my life has gone down hill in many ways since he moved in. He wants sex all the time. Nearly every morning and night and it can lasts for hours. And there is no saying no. It has been this way through out the relationship. Before and after the herpes became an issue. He goes down on me even when I tell him not to- even when I tell him that I have an outbreak. He says it doesnt matter. That i shouldnt care about that since we already both have it. Its like at times it doesnt matter but at times he hates me for it. He even told my 12 year old daughter that I gave it to him once when I'd tried to end the relationship. I am sorry that he contracted this from me. Terribly sorry. My question is what am I supposed to do now. I am so confused. I have gone through so much with this person. Should herpes even be a factor in such an abusive situation? I honestly dont know how to handle this situation. He's here now. I have to go. Someone please give me some input. Thank you. 
    • Honey22
      I was just diagnosed yesterday. I’m 27 years old & as soon as I told my boyfriend he said we need a “break” which I know means he blames me & we are done. I feel completely alone and not at all optimistic about future relationships. So I understand how your feeling. 
    • Sadhiker
      Hi Lillian, I just tried sending you a pm but it didn't work out  
    • Honey22
      I just got my non official diagnosis yesterday & I completely understand where your coming from with the suicidal thoughts. I do think this disease is going to ruin a lot for me. If it wasn’t for my son I think I would be worse then I am. All I can do is cry but I know my son needs me to get through this & live as normally as I can. I’m sure u also have people who need u
    • doh!
      According to the National Institutes of Health in the USA, about 90 percent of adults have been exposed to the virus by age 50. If I recall correctly, around 80% have no symptoms. According to World Health Organisation  about 67 percent of the global population are infected with HSV1. More stats: About one out of five people in the United States has genital herpes. That’s more than 50 million people in the United States who have genital herpes. 85% of people with genital herpes don’t know they have it. So... is God mad at you, or is it just part of being alive on this planet? Life is a test.
      And you have it to deal with. So? So many people have much more trying tests. 
      It's not your circumstances that define you, it's your attitude to them. Think of people in concentration camps who found joy and looked to God. My God is one of love. Enough love to let me, to corrupt a book title, slouch towards Bethlehem. If I fall but pick myself up, that's what counts. If I wallow or wither, that brings to mind the story of sowing seeds in Matthew 13. There two forces in the universe. One is Love, the other Fear. Which do you choose to work with? Embarrassment is fear, self-loathing is fear. Just don't be an ass...

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