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Confused after diagnosis?

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Hi there. So I went into the doctor after getting a rash on my genitals that got a little irritated. I thought it was just from an infected razor burn. I had no other symptoms except the bumps and a little bit of swelling. The doctor took a swab and told me it didn't seem to be herpes, but she took a blood test to be sure. She put me on antibiotics for another infection I had, and it cleared everything up in less than 48 hours. I got a call about a week later and they told me over the phone (which are they even allowed to do?) that I tested positive. They gave me no other information or anything but just told me I was getting prescribed an antiviral. I called my boyfriend of 3.5 years after that and he was just as shocked as I was. I asked if there was any way he had herpes since he's the only person I've ever been with, and he said no. He was tested a couple weeks before I was for everything and it all came back negative. These past few weeks have been an emotional rollercoaster, and I'm completely lost. I haven't had any issues since all of this and I'm wondering if this could at all be a false positive? I'm thinking I should go somewhere else and be tested again. Thanks in advance!!

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The only thing you can do is get hold of a printout of the tests. You had a swab and blood and it is critical to know which one is positive.

As for your partner's testing, did it include IgG type specific for HSV-1 and HSV-2?

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I believe his was tested for both 1 & 2. The swab was negative, blood was positive. I should've asked more questions when I was told, but I was in complete shock and didn't even know what to say. 

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OK I think that is starting to clear things up.

The positive blood (I am assuming that is for IgG) would mean that you have had herpes of the identified type for at least a little while. You would not have been infected recently with the type identified. For example, if it was positive for HSV-1 (this is pretty likely) this would almost certainly be a childhood HSV-1 infection). Do you get oral cold sores?

If you are quite confident your partner's test was IgG for HSV-1 and HSV-2 and negative for both, then it is game over. This is most probably not a genital herpes infection. This is supported by a swab.

Hence please do get a copy of the results. As mentioned, I think you might see IgG HSV-1 positive.

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I've never gotten a cold sore, but I know typically most people have HSV-1. I'm going to obtain the lab results and probably get tested again elsewhere to be sure. Thank you so much for your help.

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      Hi all,
      If you have flu/cold (i.e. fever, coughing, sore throat) and you have an Igg test, is there a possibility of a false positive? I.e. can antibodies reacting to the flu affect the outcome of the Igg test (cross-reactivity?).
      If you do have to wait between having the flu and taking the test, how long should you wait for? Thanks
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      My only sexual activity has been with a virgin and it was oral (started April 27th and ended June 8th). I've never seen a cold sore on this guy's mouth so I am unsure of what it could be. I'm on holiday for the next 2 days in a humid tropical country (indonesia, where the hygeine levels are appalling) so I don't know if the climate (dust, shower water) could have irritated the skin, as I've been here for 2.5 weeks already.
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      Hi there. I just got my hands on my test results, but I have 5 different papers and they all say something different (I'm guessing for different test types?) but I'm confused by what I should go by. I'll attach the different pictures in the replies. 
    • Elsa
      By Elsa
      Okay I will provide a brief back ground then would just like opinions or advice. I had been extremely ill with a bad head cold for about 3 weeks that antibiotics were not helping. Even now 5 weeks later I still wake up with mild throat pain. I started feeling burning in my vagina and automatically assumed this was a yeast infection as I have been with my daughters father for 9 years now and have had 0 other partners during this time. About 4 days after the original vaginal symptoms I noticed small white ulcers inside my Labia (looked exactly like a canker sore but on my vagina). I immediately went to gyno who told me that it was herpes and started me on valtrex. I had taken a fluconazole 2 days prior as I had assumed yeast infection. The next day my symptoms were gone and the Ulcers were practically healed as well. I don’t know if I can attribute this to fluconazole or valtrex. I had cultures done which were both negative, and igm which was negative both 1 and 2. Then an igg negative type 1 and positive type 2 at a 1.11. I was devastated to get a result 0.01 over being equivocal or negative. Also of note my partner got tested and he was negative for everything and has never had symptoms. So I believed I must have got this over 10 years ago when I was in high school and carried it this whole time and even had it when I had my daughter. I decided to go to my previous gyno (went to a new doctor first time as I had just moved). He ordered another hsv2 igg. And this one was NEGATIVE at a 0.84. I am conflicted as to what I should do. I did not think my “outbreak” looked like herpes personally, but I had an expert telling me it did. I was just so extremely sick. The second test was only 3 weeks after the first. This has been extremely emotionally exhausting for me. Especially as a mother because my mind was spinning thinking I could have hurt my child at birth or given it to her in her short life so far. My partner doesn’t think I need more testing and I am leaning toward just waiting till my next pregnancy and doing another blood test then. Is that crazy? Thanks 
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    • Quest
      They did a hole punch as a swab for me, requested a PCR and it was not done. And they don't swab with cotton my other was swabbed with a rough surface to pick up skin. 
    • 35hope
      that was for the latent virus
    • normakiut
      Well, if I were you I would totally tell him. It is important that he knows what he has and gets tested, that way he can be more careful in the future and avoid transmission to other partners. It's true that you can't stay mad at him forever and I thinks it's very mature from you to put the cards on the table, it's the right thing to do.  You don't have to accuse him, you just have to hit him with the facts, I think handing him your test results is a good idea, that way you can see how he reacts, maybe he knew he had it, maybe he didn't. When you dated a few months ago did you guys use protection?  I got it from someone who knew he had it but "thought" nothing would happen to me because he was asymptomatic at that moment.  Best of luck!
    • Atrapasueños
      @Cas9 In vivo inactivation of latent HSV by endonuclease-mediated mutagenesis
    • WilsoInAus
      No, genital HSV-1 transmission from genital sex to an uninfected person does happen, it is rare in its own degree. It happens to about 1% of couples in the discordant situation described each year. If your partner suggests he didn't know he had genital HSV-1, then I'd suggest he told a porkie pie! This compares to the 0.0001% or lower annual chance of reinfection! So no, there is no need to feel sad at all. You also seem to make out that having HSV-1 is some form of death sentence. It is usually the opposite. The cohort of people with HSV-1 are as healthy if not more so than those without HSV-1 and have similar or less morbidity (aggregate symptoms, pains etc.) than those without HSV-1. There is nothing impaired about a person having genital HSV-1. No shame, concerns, health deficiencies etc.  No fate but what we make! Choose a good fate!

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