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Just angry...help

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I was diagnosed with HSV2 in July of 2017...almost been a year and I swear I can't take it. I have had about 5 outbreaks in that time and all of them except for the one that angered me this weekend have been in the same location. I have some questions...I am an uncircumcised male and all the outbreaks have been in the same spot on my foreskin, I have immediately used valtrex (acyclovirand it seems to minimize the impact of the OB but I cant keep doing this. It seems i go a few weeks clean then another pops up. I eat pretty well and exercise, i left my job last Sept and have been unemployed for the past 8 months but it was for good reason. I was so stressed that I had to leave and I have been traveling the world and enjoying life since...now actively looking for work again because well I am running out of money and need insurance lol. Sorry for rambling...but my main questions are, since I am uncircumcised and all my outbreaks have happened on my large foreskin, can i just get circumcised and that would rid me of herpes? God i hope so, i will go this week if i can. The recent OB I am currently experiencing is massive, never had one like this before...I haven't done anything major the past week to warrant it other than go in the ocean, at a few more pizza slices then normal....any suggestions? I have been a bit stressed looking for work again but not major. I stay pretty healthy and even in terms of mental health but this OB has about 6 little blisters and it is now on a brand new spot on my foreskin...so that is worrying me. Again, I have only had the diagnosis for a little under a year. I just want some advice and help. I'm very close to putting wart remover or honestly the thought of burning them came to mind...i hate it that much. Someone please talk me off the ledge or just give me some advice or a remedy that could help me :( does it get better??? Thank you in advance, hope everyone has a great weekend. Any over the internet medicine I can grab?

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Circumcising will not rid you of it unfortunately. A few people on here have had success with topical applications such as oil of oregano and lemon balm perhaps you can try those? 

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I've tried almost everything...have heard of oil of oregano but havent tried it yet. I'll give it a go but I've just lost hope on anything helping...just wondering if my symptoms are normal. 5 or 6 times in 9-10 months since I've been diagnosed? 

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Feeling Normal Again
Posted (edited)

I was having horrible reoccurring OBs. I tried everything: oil of oregeno, tea tree oil, acv, colloidal silver, coconut oil, etc...

I finally found something that actually works, Neem capsules and Neem oil. Surprised at how very affordable they were, I started off taking Organic India neem capsules twice a day. And rubbing daily NOW brand neem oil, anywhere I'd ever even had an itch, tingle, or sore.

Almost immediate results, within a day or two, no pain or itching. Between 1-2 months, I cut back to taking neem one week on, two weeks off, and only rubbing on the neem oil once a week before bed. 

Outbreak free for almost 2 years now. If I ever even feel the slightest itch or tingle, I apply neem oil for a couple of days, and the blisters never even surface!!

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • Carguy
      I wish you luck my friend! It’d be nice to find something! The only two things I’ve ever tested positive for during this whole mess was a fungal infection in the groin creases, found by biopsy, and the nerve biopsy found nerve damage. I just hate thinking I’m unluncky enough to have HSV1 which is suppose to be the most tame where supposedly people have few if any problems with it, and mine have been endless! Do you have extremely sweaty scrotum and inner thighs when you wake up and periodically throughout the day? That’s been driving me nuts!
    • Thomas29
      This was about 10 mins ago I tried squeezing it to see if anything came out of it, it also didn’t hurt sorry for the pics I am also on my period so it isn’t going to be nice, I’m sorry for this !:(
    • Thomas29
      Pic of half hour ago 
    • Thomas29
      Sorry to bombard your post hun but I’ve got a cut too on my vagina (labia) I shaved the night previous and the next day I had an itch so I itched with but I didn’t put my hand down their I used my knickers and all of a sudden I felt an irratation so I went to go have a look and I found this, it doesn’t hurt when touched and doesn’t hurt when I pee I can sit around and stuff, is this the same thing as yours? I’m going insane right now I’ve got health anxiety I want to cry thinking I have herpes 1st pic is what it was like when I looked first  2nd pic is when I got out the shower  3rd pic is now  and 4th pic is when I tried squeezing it to see if anything came out of it ( it never hurt either)  After shower pic 
    • Peonyrose
      That is exactly what mine look like (on one side of labia anyway) and the rest are kind of dark red flat pimple bumps 

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