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Anyone have advice for supplements to tame outbreaks that are safe while breastfeeding? I saw a thread about fulvic acid but apparently that is not safe to take while pregnant or breast feeding. Thanks in advance.

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Unfortunately the one I use, neem, I don't think is safe for breastfeeding. 

But Olive leaf extract taken in low doses can help. (Research into effects)

An ointment made of coconut oil, raw honey, and apple cider vinegar can sooth and is probably the most natural and safest while breastfeeding.

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3 hours ago, IamPositive said:

Why not take daily suppressant? They are safe for breastfeeding right?

If breastfeeding, I would research what I want to take just to be sure. 

I know the natural suppressants just haven't been tested for safety with breastfeeding. 

I wasn't on an anti-viral while breastfeeding, but the prescriptions I was on gave my baby terrible colic. I switched to formula and baby was fine.

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