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Recurrent Symptoms I'm Freaking Out Please Help

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Hi everyone. I just passed my 3 year herpes Hsv2 anniversary in May. I am a bit concerned as for 2.5 years I took Valtrex daily (or near daily) and I was fine and didnt even know I had genital herpes anymore, if it wasnt for that nasty primary infection I had back in 2015 w intense swelling, urinary retention, sores (the works). Except once in a great while once or twice a year Id see one bump with no other symptoms, and maybe itching. A few months ago, I had surgery to remove my gallbladder. My liver levels went up a few months and I stopped taking Valtrex to give my liver a break. Anyway, I got my meds refilled as I keep having outbreaks now starting the last 3 mos maybe. I am concerned, my outbreaks are getting worse and worse. Now my period isnt even coming, but I'm having another outbreak and now they start off with a bad migraine for 1-2 days, tired, dizzy, feeling unwell, pains going down my legs and left side of my butt, pain in the tailbone, anxiety, depression (before i knew an outbreak was even coming) and irritability, mood changes, today I am experiencing cramps and genital swelling to the point where I am having difficulty starting urination. I am paranoid that this is gonna get worse (i took 1 gram of valtrex today and will tmrw too) and i worry I will swell like my primary and need to get a catheter again.. I am also paranoid reading what if because my outbreaks are getting more maddening, will I get herpes meningitis???!! I got myself all worked up and sick over this and I am wondering the odds of meningitis with recurring symptoms this bad, as I read online recurrence is often the cause of herpes meningitis. Also has anyone this far in (years) with genital herpes had worsening occurring symptoms when off the Valtrex? Is this normal? Or is something wrong? I am very very very scared :'(    

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Feeling Normal Again

I'm one of those rare meningitis cases. I had all the symptoms you list, (except for urinary difficulty). My symptoms did get worse and worse, until it developed into full blown meningitis. But I found things that really help me, and I've had minimal to zero pain and zero outbreaks for two years.

Even with the extreme complications and problems, that are super rare with hsv, most can be controlled by treating the symptoms. 

All the treatments I take are all natural and no side effects for me. 

I posted my story under introductions (new to group) called "after nightmare, finally living again." It's a long detailed list of what I tried and what worked for me.

I post it, hoping to help others going through the really bad, not typical, havoc this disease can wreak on a lucky few!

I do have more frequent UTIs and urethral pain since contracting. When I feel any odd sensations, never ending streams or pain associated with urinating, I guzzle organic cranberry juice for a few days. I have to mix with apple juice or grape juice for taste. But it seems to stop UTIs. 

PM if you have any questions or just want to talk or vent!

Also milk thistle helps the liver from getting overloaded when taking any medications natural or prescription. And my gallbladder removal led to its own complications and problems! 


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    • WilsoInAus
      Hey @Fernie hope you are going well. The doctor is spot on here. Many people with HSV-1 end up with slightly elevated results for HSV-2 that does not indicate infection with HSV-2. This persists from test to test for some people. The Westernblot would be useful to you, but will just confirm what is being said to you. Most people actually with HSV-2 test above 3.5 on those sorts of tests. 
    • Fernie
      Just got off the phone with a doctor and they said based off the history of my tests, it’s most likely a false positive.    they also said that because I have hsv1 that that could be causing the false positive 
    • ChattyB
      How do you know you have hsv-2 orally.  I read that having hsv-2 orally is highly unlikely. 
    • Fernie
      I’m so confused and don’t know what to do.    Sorry for posting here so much but I’m just lost.   I’ve tested normal on these dates 7/14/2020 0.72 IGG , 10/28/2020 0.89 IGG.    Then I tested low positive 6/6/2021 1.11 IGG.    I went back after that test to confirm the abnormal results on 7/29/2021 0.78 IGG were the results which led me to believe that the first abnormal results were just wrong.    Fast forward to now I just got my results back this morning from 11/27/2021 1.17 IGG, were the results. I’m just so confused, don’t know what to do. I’m going to have a consultation over the phone with a physician today and I also reached out to Terri from Westover Heights.    At this point I’m considering a western blot and I’m so paranoid I also signed up for another full panel std testing. I’m just so confused and stressed out.  Hope my buddy @WilsoInAus sees this  
    • ChattyB
      Did you find out what's going on. I'm having the same exact shit
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