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My wife has been diagnosed with genital hsv2 for five years. She told me as soon as things started to get intimate between us that she had it. We used protection for the first year we were together, but the last three years we haven’t used any protection at all. Things have always been really good in the bedroom. We perform oral on each other and have sex very often as long as she doesn’t have an outbreak. Then we just wait however long it takes. I have never shown any type of symptoms at all of having hsv. My dilemma is that all the sudden my wife doesn’t want anymore oral sex between us. She thinks if I do have hsv that she could get it on her mouth. I’m not a doctor or anything but  I kind of think if she has already had it for five years that it couldn’t move to her mouth. I don’t know lol. Someone help me? She has told me she feels like a horrible wife for not giving me anymore blowjobs so I try not to push it or even mention it anymore. Someone educate me please

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You are correct that she can't get hsv2 orally for two reasons.  

1 it is almost never found as an oral infection (virus just doesn't take hold there easily, and if it does rarely if ever shows symptoms).  

2. She already has hsv2.  She has antibodies to prevent reinfection.  So it would be incredibly rare to get it in a new location.  In further because of point one above.  

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Thank you! What do y’all think is the best way for me to convey this to her? I love this woman more than anything. I don’t want to come on as being selfish. I just want our good sex life to be back for me and her. 

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Terri Warren I believe has talked about this issue on her forum over at Westover Heights.com You could direct your wife to threads on her site. Her credentials as a published HSV researcher and STD specialist are on her site if you think that would sit better with her. She can also pay to ask Terri questions directly on said forum.

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