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Herpes & fatigue


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I was diagnosed with HSV 2 roughly about 2 years ago and since then I have had chronic outbreaks, sometimes multiple outbreaks one after another.  This has caused a lot of frustrating symptoms (like general insomnia, fear of having sex with my wife that it will cause an OB) - some weird symptoms (like extreme sensitivities to medicine and supplements that I didn't have in the past ?) - but the worst of all is the chronic fatigue.  I know the outbreaks cause chronic fatigue because when the sores start to crust over I start feeling totally normal for a period of time, and then something triggers and causes the virus to reactivate and then the fatigue starts up again.  Also I have noticed a few days before the sores show up I will feel really down and depressed, not because I have the virus, but there is something happening physiologically that causes me to feel low.  On the worst of days I will feel so bad that I feel drugged up (even though I do no drugs or alcohol and take no other medication other than the antiviral famcyclovir) and I feel unable to think clearly.

1) Does anyone else experience the side effect of chronic fatigue from herpes?  If so, how do you help to combat it?  Often times it strikes at the worst times - like when I have to do public speaking, have an important meeting, or am traveling for a special event which can be very embarrassing.  When I have talked to doctors in the past they are totally worthless.  Given that the fatigue will sometimes last for several weeks, this has affected my ability to properly interact with others and to even focus at work, which is also affecting my confidence in many different areas of life. 

2) I know that something else has either weakened my immune system causing the herpes to be very active, or the herpes virus alone has weakened it to the point that it is suppressed.  I have had my thyroid checked and the results came back normal.  I have bad side effects with the anti-virals so I only take small doses which may help a little.  I recognize that exercise is a trigger, but man I have always been so active and love exercising and that is so hard to give up.  I drink no caffeine and I eat fairly healthy (and try to limit nuts and peanut butter), but I may try to go more extreme and start cutting out sugar.  I just started taking probiotics to see if that helps.  I am very limited to taking supplements because of my sensitivities (I tried Lysine and experienced side effects).  If you have suffered chronic outbreaks please share if you have found something that really helps you, or if you have any advise I am all ears.  Or if you just want to say "me too" that would be appreciated as sometimes I feel very isolated and alone.

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I had constant outbreaks for over a year and a ton of atypical symptoms including fatigue.

I've posted links to studies done on neem and neem oil under herpes treatment zone --managing outbreaks and pain relief.

Zero side effects in adults. Haven't had an outbreak or other symptoms for two years now.

For fatigue, I take Gotu Kola and apple pectin.

Could also try a couple of cups of graviola tea a week for EXTREME fatigue. I drink it for my lymphnode pain associated with my hsv, but it really increases my energy and is listed to fight fatigue. 

(Also on Neem, I eat and drink what I want. I drink coffee and teas, eat spicy foods, organic raw sugar, grains, peanut and cashew butters, eat organic or European chocolates, grassfed and free-range meats, and organic dairy. And I workout regularly). 

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i experience extreme fatigue and had not had my hsv diagnozed until the last few months. Drs cld not explain the fatigue so maybe it is linked. I just push on but feel so exhausted and physically struggle . Good to know maybe others are hetting this symptom but dont know what can be done ... ive also taken lots of vitamins

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