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How bad was your 1st OB? What should I expect based on my primary

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I am newly diagnosed with GHSV by visual diagnosis, waiting for test to see which type.

It is relatively bad with about 12 sores total in my pubes and base of my shaft. Some turning into one big one and others being tiny. It is now coming on about 2 weeks since I think caught it and wounds are healing and the other blisters that spread from the wounds have not ulcerated since i've been on medication past 2 days and seem to be healing opposed to busting open.

I have not had any other symptoms outside of the ulcers and swollen groin lymph node. No fever or flu symptoms. Have been going about my day no problem outside of my lymph node being painful.

I've read that the primary outbreak is a good indicator at how it will effect my body. I just wanted to read some stories of people who have maybe had similar symptoms to me and how it has been over time. Did you need to take daily meds? What precautions do you take to help preventing to uninfected partners?

This could have also been caught from my previous girlfriend, who I've not slept with in a few months who told me she had HSV1. She said it started out on her genitals and spread to her stomach and legs and face, so badly that she had to be hospitalized. She said she has never had another outbreak like that and only gets cold sores now. Never a sore in her genitals. Is this possible? Does she still probably have it on her genitals even though she said she doesnt? How likely to be infected randomly months later?  I also tested negative for both types in Februrary. Slept with her May. Slept with another girl 2 weeks ago for 3 days, symptoms started before the girl left.

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I had my first outbreak in June, very close to the date of your post. I healed up before the end of the month and it was about as many as you mentioned. I have gHSV1. The test was done on the left under the head of my penis because I had mostly healed by the time I made it to the doctor. There has been pain ever since in that one spot, but there hasn’t been any outbreaks. There are visible red spots that seem to linger forever. I’m a little concerned about this. Overall I’m lu it it is bite type 2 and I am doing my best to manage it. I hope you are doing well also since June. My wife and I (who I think I got it from) use condoms to prevent her from contracting it genitally. It’s a much more serious problem for women than men, as it can be internal for them and affect childbirth. Condoms are critical until a cure comes around, and there looks to be promising research. Hope you are well.



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