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What is the % of spreading HSV-2 with no outbreak?

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Hello all

I am currently in a relationship with a girl I truly care for.  I am having an anxiety attack where I think I have given her some sort of STD.  I got tested for STD but everything came back negative.  I didn't know you had to ask for HSV 2 as well, so my status to that is unknown.  Anyways I've never had an outbreak or initial outbreak.  I don't know about my status.  Personally I do not care if I have HSV-2, I just don't want her to get it.  We are currently in a long distance, and our last contact was 2 months ago.  We had unprotected sex twice and the rest were protected.  But since I am always anxious about STDs, I make sure to check if I have any lesions or anything prior to having sex.

Today I got a single bump on the head of my penis.  No pain, no itching, no scabbing, no clear fluids.  It looks either like a pimple or molluscum, as it has a central depression.  I went hiking a week ago and wasn't able to shower for 5 days.  So who knows.  Now I am freaking out that I could have given her something.  What are the chances I might have given her something? Is there any data on this?  I will get it checked out.  But I am more concerned about possibly giving the girl I care for something.  It's been 2 months and she hasn't had an initial outbreak either.

Also while I monitor this lump, what are things to look out for?

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