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HSV2 on palm, scarring and red line


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Hi all, 

decided to start posting as I could really do with some advice and support.

Six months after beginning a new relationship I started to get very painful blisters on my palm, with a red line travelling up my arm which was painful to touch. This would occurr every 6-8 weeks and after around a year my doctor took a swab which came back as HSV2. I was previously told it was shingles. My Dr told me not too read too much into the tests as they can be inaccurate, however this was around 16 months ago and since then I’ve been in turmoil. My relationship ended and I’ve decided to stay single for good as I feel too scared to talk about it or disclose (which I would of course do if I was dating).

I have constant disfigurement of the blister site and it can be very painful to the touch. I was on Acyclovir for about a year however I’m no longer on this and the outbreaks have calmed down a bit. I asked at a GUM clinic to have a blood test so I knew once and for all which type I had but they refused. I did obtain a kit privately however this was fairly useless (the lancets provided to obtain blood were not effective and a sample couldnt be collected) and costly.

I guess I’m just wondering if anyone else had this type in this location, with the red line and scarring and if anyone could reccommend the best place for a private blood test in Scotland?

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